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Eliana Ordano

Eliana Ordano
Eliana Ordano
Eliana Ordano
MS, RD & Writer, RH Certified Senior Relationship Coach, Psychologist
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My clients say that I turned their lives upside down and I believe them. After my sessions, people realize that a crisis in a relationship is not the end. My mission is to make people confident in themselves and in their partner.

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Eliana has dedicated her career to helping those around her. She has previous work experience helping people overcome addiction problems, develop leadership skills, and manage emotional and social struggles. She appreciates the importance of human connection and how much of human connection has to do with the way we relate to one another, so works with her clients to reconstruct the way they connect to others in order to build healthier and happier dating lives and relationships. Loving, warm, and openminded, Eliana specializes in teach her clients about managing strong or overwhelming emotions to prevent them from controlling the way they approach relationships, and deciding whether to move on or work on the relationship after a relationship crisis.