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TSDates Review

TSDates Review
About Site
Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The design of the TSDates website is beautiful and user-friendly. They have used dark and intense fonts and the background is white. There is a lot of content, if you are used to social media, you will never have a hard time adapting to this platform. Apart from that, the pages load fast
  • The platform helps people who have small social circles to get access to a lot of people. This improves the chances of finding a match. And since the people on this platform are all interested in finding someone to have a romantic affair with, this minimizes ambiguity encountered when meeting people offline
  • With this platform, transsexuals feel comfortable about themselves. Society normally looks down on such people and this website is the perfect place to meet like-minded people enabling them to express themselves freely
  • Having access to many people has some disadvantages. Studies about decision-making have shown that whenever a person has too many options to choose from, the person will be less satisfied with one
  • Some users do not provide enough information about themselves. This makes it hard for people to know who someone is and whether they have good intentions or not. Users might even end up with the wrong people because of physical looks. Research has shown that people pay more attention to things like one’s education level and physical looks when looking for a match online. People should try knowing the person behind a profile better before hooking up
  • The platform also has so much sexual material which might be uncomfortable for some users. This includes things like nude photos and phonographic videos. But it is possible to change the settings to prevent seeing such content

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Based in America, the TSDates site is a transsexual dating place that started its activities in 1996. These days, it accepts straight people, couples or groups. The TSDates online dating platform is managed by Ventnor Enterprise, it has branches in America, UK, Singapore, and Australia and its users are from anywhere in the world. There are many features on this platform, some are accessed for free and some require users to pay. The paid membership may be costly but most people believe it is worth it. But there is so much content on the platform, this includes things like videos and blogs that focus on sex. But for now, TSDates Company does not have a mobile app.

Members structure & activity

TSDates Review
  • Presently, the platform has more than ninety-two million users.
  • Twenty-four million users are based in America.
  • Ten million users are active every week.
  • The majority of the people here are over thirty years old.
  • The platform targets transsexuals, transvestites, and transgenders.

The community at TSDates platform keeps growing constantly, they have a history of twenty years, this explains why there are almost one hundred million users. And most of the users here are trans individuals but there are also a good number of straight people. Because of that, we can say that this is a popular platform for all genders.

Creating a profile process

TSDates Review

Joining the platform is very simple. You can register as male, female, couple, group or trans individual either transvestite, transsexual or transgender. Next, you should you are supposed to choose the category in which you will search for a sex partner, soulmate, friend and more.

There are also questions about yourself you will be required to answer. You must also agree to the terms and conditions and also specify that you are of legal age (above eighteen). After that, an email to verify your account will be sent to you. After verification, you will start receiving messages from TSDates informing about Gold membership. You will also receive a welcoming letter that has crucial information regarding the platform.

Interacting with other users

TSDates Review

Communication takes place in chat rooms, email and there is also instant messaging.

  • Users can see other active users.
  • The searching filters for Gold membership can be very specific.
  • It is possible to search per region.

Interacting with other users at TSDates is easy and can be done in several ways. Unfortunately, in some communication methods, charges are involved. For instance, using the chatroom requires users to pay 9.95 dollars per month. Sending a flirt also costs one dollar per flirt. Instant messaging, on the other hand, has some risks, this is not only about safety but also because the chances of getting a match are based on luck. You are only allowed to send messages to 3 people per day and you don’t know who will reply and who will ignore.

The profile quality at TSDates website

TSDates Review
  • A lot of details can be included in the profile.
  • The details are broken down into parts and can be edited later.
  • If you do not have the Gold membership, you will not be able to see all the pictures and details in a profile.

Free membership allows users to see the profile photo and they can preview details included on the profile. You can only see a person’s photos and profile information if that person flirts with you. But without that, if you are curious to see other people’s photos and profile information, you will need to get the Gold membership.

There are a lot of ways to interact with your profile and make it a place full of private information. For instance, you can upload many pictures and videos, you can answer questions about you (this includes your experiences and sexual curiosities) and you can even share your blogs. You can even view your profile from other users’ perspectives. It is possible to edit your profile any time you want, you can even edit your preferences too. It is even possible to edit emails and usernames at the TSDates platform. You will even get suggestions on features that may make your experience at this platform more interesting. It is believed that a fully completed profile can make users more popular and the user can get free points to use for having little access to free services.

Membership types and price

TSDates Review

Free membership services:

  • See when users are live.
  • Use instant messaging.
  • Chat with people in live chat rooms.
  • Engage in voting and commenting on contests.
  • Add two hundred users to your Hotlist.
  • Access the magazine.
  • Reading and writing blogs.

Paid membership services:

  • More advanced searching filters.
  • Able to access other user’s full profiles, videos, and images.
  • Start any communications, send as many flirts, likes and friend requests as you want.
  • Watch live users at the same time.
  • Add one thousand users to your Hotlist.
  • Get access to the Sex Academy.
  • Priority user support.

There are a lot of features at TSDates platform. You can use either free or paid membership. And the good thing is that it is not a must to get the Gold membership in full, you can buy per feature.

For instance, you can purchase points and use them to send tips and virtual gifts to the members that you like. With this, you become the person’s top fan and follow his/her live broadcasts. To get one thousand points you need ten dollars.

If you want to enhance the popularity of your profile, you can do that using the searching highlights service. This will enable you to appear first in searches; your name will be shown in bright colors and so you will never go unnoticed. To enjoy all these, you will need to pay 9.95 dollars per month.

The Private Chat Room

TSDates Review

Users who wish to have a group chat with the people they like should buy the private chat room service. You can protect this using a password. But ensure you don’t use a password similar to that of your account because the people who will be using the chatroom will know it. Getting a private chat room is simple because your profile will have a direct link for guests to click and join. This feature costs 9.95 dollars per month. But if you want to use it for long, you can get it at 5.95 dollars per month through a half a year plan. You can also consider a whole year plan that costs 4.95 dollars per month.

The Gold Membership

This membership allows TSDates website users to access all the available features on the website. Users with this membership are regarded as VIPs. They enjoy priority user support and all their issues are fixed within twelve hours. The users on free membership wait for more than 2 days to have their issues solved.

Gold membership costs forty dollars per month. But there is a yearly plan that will cost you twenty dollars per month. Unfortunately, free users cannot communicate with the VIPs on this platform. But the platform gave a solution to that through the Standard Contact service. This service allows any user to see another person’s whole profile and can send messages. But this service also comes with a cost, it costs twenty dollars per month and there is a yearly plan that costs nine dollars per month.

What is special about TSDates website

If you have not checked out this platform or you are still not convinced about the features we have talked about so far, here are some more.

The Homepage

This is the place where people find a lot of information regarding users. You will see what you have been doing on the website for the past three months. You can even write a status about what you are up to and see the activities, comments, and likes of other users. You will even get previews of other users’ broadcasts and live shows of nude models.

Besides all that, information about active users, new matches and nearby uses is shot from everywhere. Lastly, you will also receive suggestions for other similar dating platforms that might interest you.

My Stuff

TSDates Review

This entails a user’s preference and anything that concerns the user directly. To begin with, this is the section that shows a user’s top fans. Top fans are the people who always flatter you with attention.

This is where you will also find your Hotlist. Whenever you notice a profile that interests you, you can add it to your Hotlist and receive notifications whenever you need to post something. Lastly, on this section users can check tips and gifts, both the received and sent ones.


Some ways and filters can be used when searching. The basic ones include searching the people who are online or those who are using messenger. You can search using their region or your matching criteria. You can even search people by their names, their sexual likes or VIP status. You can even have some fun by playing Hot or Not.


All kinds of shows are offered at TSDates website. They are performed by models and other people; some are nude and others are not. Also, some of the shows can be viewed by everyone. In this section, you can also find live messenger and chat rooms. Users can join chat rooms by region or topic.


TSDates Review

There are many ways for users to communicate with others and join the platform’ social like. For instance, a user can start a blog and enter groups, both at the international and regional levels.

This platform also has a magazine whereby members sent their stories, advice, tips and any other content. Any person is allowed to comment on what other people say. Those who love reading should look at the section that contains Erotic stories.

There is the Sex Academy feature at TSDate website. This is where real co courses are undertaken. Anyone looking to enhance his/her sex life and erotic knowledge can undertake the courses. Upon completing a course, a person is given a badge. The badge appears on the profile informing other users that you are an expert in a certain sex-related field.

The website users can even be part of contests, many of the contests are based on the sexiest images.

What is Hot

Members at the TSDate website are allowed to browse content regarded as the hottest. This is in terms of photos, albums, users and videos. This platform also has a movie database, there are two thousand films there. To access the movie database, users must pay two dollars per three days, 18.95 dollars per month or should have the Gold membership.

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