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CatholicMatch Review

CatholicMatch Review
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Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can be sure that all the profiles on the platform are real.
  • Browsing is fast, and there are many search categories for the ease of use.
  • You can find great chat rooms with excellent topics' discussions.
  • Unfortunately, the mobile application still hasn't been created.
  • You can not text somebody you like if you haven't bought paid subscription.
  • The prices are quite high.

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The CatholicMatch Institute grew out of CatholicMatch, the largest online community for Catholic singles in the United States, born in 1999 and today with more than 1,300,000 users. However, CatholicMatch is not a dating website like the others. It has a peculiarity: it fosters courtships whose foundation is the Catholic faith.

This means that when the user fills out the profile, in addition to the usual questions about their hobbies or work, they have to answer questions about their family and their faith. But, in addition to targeting Catholics looking for another Catholic to marry, in recent years, the portal has gone one step further.

The creators of CatholicMatch observed that, although its users found through their website people who could become their partner, some were still single. So, they concluded that if they were not helping them to use the tool with the goal of marriage, they were helping their users to accumulate more frustration than they already had.

The website has a modern twist. The home page is not crowded, and space is wisely designated. You’ll find most of the features you need in advance; there is no need to click as many tabs. The functions are easy to use and can be accessed by users of all ages. You will hardly find annoying ads, and if there are, they are from religious organizations as well.

Sign up process

CatholicMatch Review

Before signing up, you can see a preview of some members available in your area. If you like it, you can go ahead and sign up. The application process is very detailed. After entering your marital status, gender, the nearest city, and date of birth, the website takes you to a series of questions about your appearance, your habits, and whether you would be interested in a long-distance relationship. There are questions about piercings, tattoos, diet, exercise, the ideal number of children, who raised you. As well as questions about extensive details about your Catholic faith, how much you practice your religion, how many times you attend Mass, and what doctrine and teachings it’s your Church.

The profile can be created manually or automatically through Facebook. Its description must be no lesse than 150 characters. They give you an automatic username.

All fields are required. You will find one question on each page, so registering can take a long time. Unsurprisingly, many of the items are about the beliefs, religious practices and, of course, faith. You can upload your profile photo from the folder on your computer or Facebook.

Profile photos are visible to everyone for free. Profile details are various, you can specify your favorite saints along with your favorite movies. You can upload no more than 50 pictures, they will all appear at the bottom of any member’s home page. To see the results of your temperament, you must perform a test. You must create an account to accompany him on temperamentquiz.com before you can answer the questionnaire.

Community structure & activity

CatholicMatch Review
  • 1,500,000 members worldwide
  • Fewer than 50% of male members ages 40 to 60 do not accept Church teachings that premarital sex is wrong
  • More than 50% of women between the ages of 40 and 60 do not allow the Church’s teaching that premarital sex is wrong
  • The website mainly has female profiles, and a considerable number are online at any time. Members are most active in discussion forums where different topics such as prayer requests, divorces, current events, teachings for Catholics, and more are welcome.

The fantastic community atmosphere that exists in its magazine, chat, and forums make Catholic Match an appropriate place to find Catholics online from all over the world. The ones who share your vision of religion and life. And it is easy to make friends or to have the opportunity to find your Catholic soul mate. The patron saint of the web is the Archangel Saint Raphael, patron saint of singles and happy encounters. The fact that the sections of the forum have names of saints also serves to promote the Catholic faith, so you can feel confident that Catholic Match is an official site, and that it cares about your interests at heart.

Catholic Match tries to make sure that all its members are sincere and committed Catholics to their faith, through specific profile questions, such as whether or not you agree with essential teachings of the Church, abortion, contraceptive methods, etc. However, you will still be able to join even if you disagree with any of them, so if you are looking for a person that matches your opinions on these matters, be sure to read the profiles well.

The only thing that might disappoint you while using the platform is the fact that blocking of the user is not allowed. If you find someone who is a fraud and trying to deceive you, the only option is to write an email to the support team, and the company will investigate this case and give a closer look at a person’s profile.

What Are The CatholicMatch Features?

CatholicMatch Review

The site has all the main features of a social networking site in addition to some very different characteristics. You can see who viewed your profile and see what other members are doing with the activity stream. CatholicMatch also has chat rooms, forums, and blogs where you can read stories, make friends, and discuss your life and faith with like-minded people. Besides, you can create or participate in personal interviews, with up to 20 questions, it is effortless, the person asks a multiple-choice question, and when answering, the members are directed to the page of the interview creator. The Catholic trivia game, whose goal is to pass content related to the Catholic faith to its members, is also a new tool. The personality test allows users to get to know each other better and even to know more deeply who their potential partner is.

A sober and straightforward interface characterizes the website. It contains a lot of text, from passages in the Bible to quotes with user opinions. It is well structured and simple, and despite a large amount of content and tools, it is elementary to navigate. The first image that appears is always the users who visited your profile. As with most sites, the left column contains the menu, a search button, and information about your profile. The right column of the screen is dedicated mainly to the display of texts, blogs, and research.

Searching for a compatible profile is standard. There is a quick search, which uses the following parameters:

  • member identification number (if you know who you are looking for)$
  • sex;
  • age group;
  • and location.

You also can use other filter criteria, such as physical appearance, lifestyle, and, most importantly, questions related to faith. Although it goes a little deeper than most dating sites, these specifics not only help make it safe for genuine Catholics only. It also allows CatholicMatch to find the best dating and save your time with people that are not fundamentally compatible. However, this feature is not available to non-subscribing members (you must purchase a subscription to use it). You can save your search criteria for later use.

You cannot send messages to other members unless you upgrade to premium. If you are a free member, you can send them Emotigrams, but you cannot add a custom note. You can only read the messages that are sent to you after ten days, which seems counterproductive. Members can set up 20 multiple-choice questions that generally don’t appear in a small chat. You can reply to these in their profiles so they can get to know you better.

Support service

CatholicMatch Review

To make it easier for you to navigate the advanced features of the site, its developers have created a section with frequently asked questions. If you did not find the answer to your question, feel free to contact support. The only difficulty that may arise is that the site does not have a hotline or phone number. You can reach only by sending an email.

Is CatholicMatch Safe?

CatholicMatch Review

Given the nature of its user base, CatholicMatch.com has strict profile guidelines that you must follow to be accepted. These include restrictions on profanity, abusive language, and content contrary to Catholic doctrine. There are also strict rules that you have to take and follow before using various features on the site, such as chat rooms.

Membership Types and Prices

CatholicMatch Review

The subscription options are obvious, with only one type of paid subscription. The free subscription is a bit limited, and you can see profiles but not contact other members or reply to their messages. To truly enjoy the web, it is worth paying for your subscription. If you decide to test the platform for just one month, it will cost you $ 29.95. It is rather obvious that the more extended subscription period will allow you to use the best price, for example:

  1. You can subscribe for three months, and it will cost $ 59.95 overall and $ 19.95 for each month.
  2. Half a year of paid usage will require $ 79.95, which means $ 12.49 per month.

To minimize the risks and prevent frauds, the platform accepts only the credit cards from major US banks: MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and American Express.

One fantastic thing worth noting is that if, for some reason, you will not find a suitable partner on the website, CatholicMatch will reward you with another 6-months free subscription.


CatholicMatch Review

CatholicMatch keeps all its promises. You will get exactly what you register for, as everyone – creators to members – is candid about this dating site main purpose. A particular focus is put on the Catholic faith by the entire system to help users finally find their suolmate. The community there is supportive and very active and is based on a crucial Catholic identity.

The CatholicMatch Institute trains users to understand that the objective of any online meeting – and also that which takes place in the neighborhood or the supermarket – is to lead them to discern their vocation, whether it be marriage or religious life. In addition to its videos, articles, and podcasts, the CatholicMatch Institute offers users free downloadable guides: The Catholic’s Guide to Being Single and Purposeful Dating Guide. With purpose.

Catholic Match is a unique site, quite transparent, that seeks a pretty good end to create more united communities and courtships and relationships based on the religion and values it teaches. So you already know what you will find here. If you are from another religion, you are welcome, since you can still make friends quite easily. Remember to respect so that they appreciate you. The notable drawback for people who don’t speak proper English is that the platform is mainly focused on the United States, do not be discouraged by this, go in, register in Catholic Match and see how it goes.

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Betty McMillan
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