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Essential safety tips

Safety tips and precautions

Flings are a great way of getting to know someone. But remember that every adult hookup should be secure and anonymous. Violating the following rules might cause trouble and potentially put a member at risk. Never neglect the online and offline safety tips provided below.

Online Safety

Many members neglect their online safety, hoping that distance is the best savior. However, there are many ways to harm someone even online. Here are the essential precautions you should take:

  • Don’t disclose credit card information

It takes several digits to withdraw money from an online bank account. Never share that information with anyone. Avoid online transactions because it doesn’t take much to trace the address or phone number attached to the credit card.

  • Hold back on nude photos

Abstain from sending nudes or recording yourself if you don’t want to be blackmailed or exposed on the Internet. Scammers love exchanging money for privacy. Don’t give them that privilege.

  • Filter out spam

You don’t need to delete every spam letter manually. Simply select every copypasted message and send them to the bin.

  • Report and block malicious users

Remember to abstain from online fights and cease the bullying by reporting the user or contacting support.

  • Don’t follow suspicious links

Some attachments contain malware or phishing links you do not want to click on. Everything that leads to third-party sites or contains files should be reported for the highest good.

Offline safety

It’s complicated to stay 100% safe in real life, especially when meeting a stranger. However, you can avoid the most troublesome situations by following these tips:

  • Inform your closest circle about the date

Your friends should always have your whereabouts, such as addresses, phone numbers, and names. Don’t neglect that step because one time it might become crucial.

  • Do not eat suspicious food and drink liquids you haven’t seen being poured

Drugging is a common date-rape method. Remember not to drink at new parties or take any substances with strangers. Wine and dine at familiar public places.

  • Do not stay at someone’s house

Home dates are the worst choice for the first hookup because there are no safety measures at your disposal. Instead, ask your date to locate at a hotel or attend any public place.

  • Protection is key

To protect yourself from STDs, UTIs, and unwanted pregnancy, always carry around protection.

Help and support

911 is the main number you should call in case of an emergency. These are 24/7 essential hotline numbers:

Abuse, Rape and Incest National Hotline: 1-800-656 HOPE

Planned Parenthood: 1-800-230-7526