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Amor en Linea Review

Amor en Linea Review
About Site
Active Audience 62%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registered people from many countries
  • Amor en Linea belongs to the Oasis International Network
  • Quite a few options in the free version
  • According to the advertising, it should be 100% free, but it is not true
  • The high price of the Gold Account (premium)
  • Many fake profiles
  • Outdated, unintuitive design, highly upgradeable usability

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Amor en Linea is a 100% free dating portal where you can look for your better half among thousands of single profiles. The search is complete since it allows you to filter the results according to marital status, religion, ethnicity, language, and so on. It also allows searching for a specific hobby or interest. Someone from Amor en Linea must approve all texts and photos; this is positive since it prevents false profiles or inappropriate content. Its design is functional and straightforward, allowing quick access to any content.

To register, just fill out a questionnaire detailing the sex of the profiles you want to communicate with, age range, place, and a photo. After registration, whenever you enter your account, profiles matching your search criteria and interests are shown on the main page. You can check them to find out when was the last time they were connected (so you can see if people are active, or if they saw a message that you had sent them).

Unlike most dating websites, their method of communication is by sending a contact request, using one of the predefined texts they give us to choose from. Later, if a person approves it, you can start exchanging messages. In this way, the procedure is much more dynamic since you do not have to bother to write a lot of words, so that very few of them are later answered.

The page also includes an alert system, which informs us in real-time who has visited our profile or sent us a contact request. That system also provides chat.

Amor en Linea offers a series of tools to facilitate your search for singles in your area. One of them is Instant Messaging, which enables you to see who of your friends are connected and change your status to online, absent, unavailable, invisible, etc. A personalized search engine is one more exciting feature to customize your searches with the help of advanced filters.

Indeed, it has many benefits, such as an instant messaging service, photo gallery, user assistance channel. There are also lots of success stories, which tell us about the experiences of others and how they met the love of their lives on this dating network. The latter, by the way, has united thousands of people.

Members structure & activity

Amor en Linea Review

Amor en Linea is the brand of Oasis Network operated in Spanish-speaking countries. But, from any of these countries, it can also be accessed through the Spanish version of Oasis.com. Besides, the user database is shared, making it difficult to know how many foreigners are there.

Among all its different platforms, the company claims to have 18 million users and 150,000 new members each month. According to our research, Amor en Linea (only and exclusively) has around 120,000 users in Spain, although if you use company’s data, you will see more than 400,000.

The percentage of men and women is almost equal, somewhat surprising for a free dating page, where the prevalence of men is usually remarkable. Furthermore, despite the dominant age group being 25-34, the others are represented, showing that love is ageless here.

Being a free website gives Amor en Linea benefits, as well as drawbacks. The gratuitousness makes many people sign up to try and disappear after looking around, which does not make this platform one of the best sites for those who want to find a partner for serious relations.

Both creating a profile, that goes beyond the name and date of birth, and uploading photos are optional steps in Amor en Linea, which means that many users offer very little information. The platform is full of profiles without pictures.

When using dating services to find a partner and meet people, a profile complete as much as possible will significantly increase your chances of success. In Amor en Linea, your page is divided into two parts:

Information About You

Amor en Linea Review

Here, you can add information about your physique, lifestyle, personality, and your interests, choosing from a predetermined list. In the Your Identity section, you can specify your marital status, your nationality, and the languages you’re willing to communicate. Also, here you will find a box where a person can mark himself/herself as transgender. It is something that indicates that Amor en Linea is an inclusive and open community. However, the page clarifies that “this option will not be visible on your profile.” So, what do they put it for?

Information About What You Are Looking for

In this section (somewhat limited), you will establish your search criteria, specifying sex, age-range, and geographical distance of your ideal partner. You can also click boxes to exclude from your search: ‘users who do not speak Spanish’ (it makes sense because the communication can be complicated), ‘users who do not match my search criteria’ (logical, for that you put your search preferences). Finally, the controversial ‘do not include in’ ideal partner ‘users who identify themselves as transgender.’


Amor en Linea Review

Amor en Linea registration and basic service is free, which is very tempting for those who want to enjoy the opportunity to have a system find a partner on the Internet. However, as with most dating portals, the free Amor en Linea version is limited, and the website also offers a complete alternative by spending a certain amount of money.

With the Gold Account, you can see faster results. The price is from $5 to $25 per month, and in return, you will get different tools that will help you improve outcomes. You also have the option to pay less with the Silver Account, which is somewhat more limited but also provides good results. Using a free profile, you will be able to know who likes you, and there will be a maximum of 10 contact requests per day.

Purchasing the Gold Account, you will be able to:

  • check who is interested in you
  • send 40 contact requests daily
  • send completely personalized contact requests
  • receive priority customer service
  • use Premium themes in profile and chat
  • know who visited the page

Moreover, you can also do more effective and advanced searches to look for an ideal partner, since you can save your search criteria, prioritize search results, and disable advertisements.

The free version is of little use, and what matters is paying a Gold Account. Therefore, it is not true that the platform is 100% free of charge.

How Amor en Linea Works

Amor en Linea Review

Using Amor en Linea is very simple. Also, the pages load quickly, and all the required information is clearly displayed so that you do not get lost at any time. After registering (it is not necessary to confirm the email to start browsing the site), a screen shows you what to do to meet people and make friends here.

On the first screen, you can edit your profile with a brief description of yourself and some personal information. In the top menu, you have alerts, where you will see the people who match your predefined search. Here they also notify you when a user likes you. The system consists of seeing profiles and indicating whether you like them or not, and in case of a match, you are both notified so you can text each other knowing that you have started on the right foot. The site also has a chat so you can talk to connected members.

Amor en Linea is a platform where the majority of members are from Latin American countries, but even so, if you reside in Spain, you will also find many people in your area. As the page encourages you to play the game of “liking” profiles, it’s recommended to try it with all the local users found and come back a few days later to see who wants to meet you, since everyone is notified. As always, take care of your profile and put good photos. This site is not as crowded as other similar services, so registered members will not receive as many messages and requests.

Special Features

Amor en Linea Review

Amor en Linea Amor en Linea does not bet on significant innovations when meeting people. However, you do have some special tools to help you in your process of finding a partner or any other type of relationship:

Send a Greeting

Theoretically, you can choose here a prewritten message (to select between five) and send it to your most recommended partners. In practice, this option does not work or, at least at the time of our test, the ‘send greetings’ option appears as disabled.

Who Likes Me

As its name suggests, in this section, you will find those people who have liked your profile. Keep in mind that if you match, you can start a conversation via chat. Knowing this fact, you already take the lead on your way to make contacts and meet people.

My Probables

Amor en Linea Review

Every time you open a user profile, Amor en Linea will ask you if you like it. Your answer may be: Yes, No or Maybe. Click Maybe on the pages that do not quite convince you at all, but that you would not rule out either. In this way, they will be saved in ‘My Probables,’ and you can always go back to the list to think better of it.


Amor en Linea Review

You have to take some precautionary measures when meeting people you have contacted online. Consider various aspects not to fall into the hands of storytellers, liars, or even scammers:

  • In order not to be disappointed by the age of the photos, ask to meet through videoconference (Skype, Messenger, or any other tools.) This is the quickest and easiest way to make sure that you are dealing with the right person. If he/she refuses with silly and varied excuses, it will be suspicious; you can suspect that something strange happens.
  • If a user does not answer your calls or messages for long periods, it is evident that he/she does not have much time for you. You can respond quickly if you want, otherwise, don’t waste your time here.
  • If he/she asks personal information or bank details or anything that comes out of the typical conversations of two people who are meeting, never give them. They are trying to trick you.
  • If the person makes an appointment in some strange place, with no people around, ignore such users.
  • There are no social networks mentioned on the page. Some people are selfish about their privacy and only give contact details when they have already known you well. It is not a definitive piece of information, but it can indicate that something may be hidden.
  • Tell your friends or family members who and where you are going to meet with, for them to control the situation. Let’s not go heroes using Amor en Linea.

Respect the rights of others and be responsible for yourself. Good luck with your searches!

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