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MyLOL Review

MyLOL Review
About Site
Active Audience 94%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • MyLOL offers a lot of interaction means;
  • All essential features are free of charge;
  • The platform obtains awesome design;
  • It provides a mobile app;
  • The website is rather cheap.
  • Age conflict: it is obvious that 13 and 19 happen to be different age groups with different interests and goals, even though they are teens;
  • There are several suspicious members and fake profiles;
  • Profiles do not get verified;
  • Many users post inappropriate things.

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People around the world have already branded the MyLOL website as a “playground for pedophiles.” Thus, it is recommended to avoid this platform, irrespective of the interactive features and free communication means.

The target of this platform is teenagers. It cannot be said that this website is about dating in the classic sense. It is rather a dating-related portal, which helps teenagers to make new friends, chat, and meet. In general, it is more like a social network for teens to make new friends, even though MyLOL is advertised as a dating service. The platform obtains several features exciting for teenagers. At the same time, some services can be accessed by paying accounts, while the majority of teens are not able to pay. Besides, MyLOL promotes itself as a free service, and nobody loves hidden costs.

It must be noted that the website does not take particular actions to verify user accounts in terms of age and identity, although it is meant for teenagers only. So, there are too many fake accounts. Let`s find out whether MyLOL can be used by teens to widen their horizons, or it is better to avoid it.

Registration process

MyLOL Review

Technically, only teenagers from 13 to 19 years old can join MyLOL. Since the website does nothing to verify identity, it is difficult to come to any conclusion regarding the actual member structure. According to the stats, most users come from English-speaking countries such as the UK, Canada, the USA, and Australia. But, as mentioned before, there are too many fake accounts. Many of them feature pictures from photo-sharing websites and have brief profile descriptions.

However, the registration process is simple. Members can use their Facebook or Twitter accounts to log in. They can also register manually using a valid email address — the only thing MyLOL checks. And again, one cannot say whether these profiles are authentic. Thus, it is not surprising that the platform is involved in several pedophilia-related scandals.

Profile quality

MyLOL Review

There is very basic information in MyLOL profiles as most of them have nothing but age and location. At the same time, there is an “About me” section, which is blank in most of the cases. It is not obligatory to fill it in, so MyLOL users do not bother to do that.

There are many photos on the site, though. Members tend to have photo albums featuring loads of pics, and many of them are provocative. These folders are visible to everyone, and the visitors can react to the photos. The available reactions are: “Wow,” “Cute,” “OMG,” and “Hot.” Profiles that have most responses and votes are in the “Popular Members” tab.

Many other perks that are designed for a teenage audience can be found there. For example, a person can send a paid subscription as a gift. Thus, the question is – who would do so? Premium users enjoy the same functions as free members. There is a minor difference, though, which is that paying MyLOL accounts can see other users’ online status.

Chatting With Other Users

MyLOL Review

There is a pretty advanced search system on MyLOL, which allows members to specify a lot of search parameters that include keywords. The good thing is that some of the inappropriate key phrases had been banned, but this policy did not work. Many people keep tagging pictures as “noods” instead of banned “nudes.” Thus, they ignore restrictions.

Any user can start a chat with another MyLOL member. The only accounts that are inaccessible are the ones that have chat function blocked. It is to be considered that no one can get in touch with other MyLOL members until they upload a photo. Theoretically, every picture is screened by website moderators. In practice, there are still too many fakes; it seems that nobody gets those photos checked. There is also a MyLOL app using which teenagers can contact each other even without a photo upload.

In addition to chats that support the major media types such as gifs, pictures, and videos, members can take part in forums. Most of the topics, though, happen to be alarmingly age-inappropriate.

MyLOL Review

The design and functionality of the MyLOL dating platform target the main audience. Both desktop and mobile versions are easy to use and sleek. Thus, it is not surprising to find MyLOL trendy and fun. As for functionality, the website considers that teenagers are not able to spend a lot of money on premium memberships. That is why its essential features can be used free of charge. The biggest difference between paying and free users happens to be that the premium members can see who is online. The rest of the MyLOL functionality is pretty much the same.

Meanwhile, the functionality of the desktop and mobile versions also barely differs. Those who use the MyLOL app can contact other users even without a profile picture. The application is free of charge and available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Special Services

MyLOL Review

Despite being mostly free of charge, the MyLOL platform does provide a few perks:

  • Votes

This one allows teens to vote on other members accounts. Profiles that have most votes are featured on the popular members section of the MyLOL service.

  • Shout

Thanks to this one post profile updates are visible to the community. For this purpose, a member needs to obtain an approved photo. As mentioned before, all photos get automatically accepted on the MyLOL platform.

  • Chatroom

This feature cannot be called unique, but the biggest peculiarity is that chats can be used by both free and paying members.

  • Forum Threads

This MyLOL feature acts as a group chatroom. The most popular messages and threads here are highlighted so users could find them easier.

  • Blogs

Every MyLOL member can obtain a blog page for other members to visit. Hence, it is possible to read through the blog posts of others.

  • Photo Approval

This MyLOL feature is not working definitely. The admins stated that they screened pictures, but even those accounts, which were obviously fake, leaked in. The same goes for nude photos.

  • Suspicious Keyword Detection

It happens to be another MyLOL feature that does not work. Theoretically, moderators are to sift through the messages to ban age-inappropriate topics. In practice, a lot of forum threads are still alarmingly age-inappropriate, and MyLOL participants invent new keywords to share revealing pictures.

Fees and Prices

MyLOL Review

It can be said that the MyLOL platform is rather cheap if compared to other dating apps. This goes even for premium members. The minimum subscription happens to be for one week and costs 3.95 dollars, and one month will cost 9.95 dollars. If you are willing to buy a three-month membership, it will cost you 20.85 dollars in total. For a six-month plan, you will pay 29.70 dollars per month, which means that one month costs 4.95 dollars in this case.

Users of the MyLOL website can pay with a PayPal account or a credit card. There are also taxes, depending on the user location. They can be deactivated with the help of a promo code found on the MyLOL website and social media accounts. Subscriptions renew automatically, but it is not hard to cancel them in the Payment tab.

At the same time, it is possible to use the application even without a MyLOL subscription. Free members can create and edit their profiles, post status updates, browse through the whole database of the MyLOL site, reach out to other users in a chat room, and take part in forum threads.

Paid membership includes:

  • Who views profile info;
  • Priority placement in search results;
  • Message receipts;
  • Notifications regarding members who want to meet.

In addition to that, the website offers members a chance to score some virtual MyLOL credits, which can be spent on paid services later. For this purpose, they need to take part in the following:

  • Vote on user photos. This one costs five credits per photo and is limited to five votes per day.
  • Find a match. It is possible to earn five credits per match, and the limit is five matches daily.
  • Reply to a quiz — five credit per reply, limited to five quizzes a day.
  • Daily login — five credits.
  • Reply to a message action costs ten MyLOL credits.
  • Add a new picture every day — 15 credits.
  • If you share the website with friends, you can get 50 credits.
  • Tweet the website — 50 credits.
  • Like the site — 50 credits.

This means that taking part in MyLOL daily activity can bring users a lot of virtual coins. Using them, the members can:

  • Be featured in the header menu. This will allow \ to get one hundred times more visibility than the rest of the members. It costs 100 credits.
  • Get a boost in search results — 200 credits.
  • Become the “first member voted.” This way, they can show up first in the MyLOL voting section, and it costs 150 credits.
  • Become the “first member matched.” Thus, they appear among the first profiles in the matching section. It costs 150 credits.
  • Become a premium member for 14 days and take advantage of all fee-based services. This will cost 1,000 credits.


MyLOL Review

We can say that the management of the MyLOL website should take Internet security more seriously and work hard to make the content more age-appropriate. Although it was a good idea to create a teen social network for communication, something went wrong in this process. Currently, nobody is certain who is behind the MyLOL accounts. The platform has already been involved in many scandals related to pedophilia. It is obvious to everyone that a website full of teenagers would eventually draw dishonest people in. Even though it is crucial to take more security measures, the management of MyLOL does not perform it.

These days even teenagers are creating threads to discuss their negative experiences with the platform, and petitions to ban the site appear every day. In addition to that, the whole dating thing happens to be a troubling concern, even for teens. Many legal-aged individuals have expressed their concerns regarding flirting with minors. When 18-19 people join, they expect to meet someone of their age and not getting “wanna meet up” messages from 13-15-year-olds. Website users have also reported this kind of issue.

In general, MyLOL experience happens to be very alarming. The application obtains a sleek design and many interactive features that make communication free of charge. Meanwhile, the whole idea of founding a service was refreshing. At the same time, the number of fake accounts is troubling, while the age gap problem remains unsolved on MyLOL.

Thus, the conclusion is to avoid this website, irrespective of how many features and free communication it provides. Even though the idea of creating a social media network for teens is great, it is better to avoid this one. It should be safer for teenagers to keep hanging around on such social media as Facebook and Twitter. Unlike MyLOL, there are fewer fake accounts.

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