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AfroRomance Review

AfroRomance Review
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Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 20-29
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 9.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is easy to get registered
  • The platform is user-friendly
  • Members can browse through profiles free of charge
  • Free flirts and replies on messages
  • The support service is great
  • There is no AfroRomance mobile app
  • Messages are available for paying users only

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This dating platform happens to be one of the most popular services in the USA. There are real success stories, so it is worth to be tried out, especially if you are interested in interracial relationships.

Thanks to the development of technology, it has become much easier for people to find their life partners. AfroRomance is an online dating service that caters to African Americans from the USA and black-white pairings. African Americans can open accounts and find other black or white singles living in their area. This platform aims to promote cultural diversity and provide some potential partners with a chance to meet. These days, cultural, social, and ethnic differences are disappearing, and people are more supportive and understanding. That is why it is important to create a place where single white and black people would connect and build long-lasting relationships.

AfroRomance Review

The AfroRomance homepage displays the company’s motto regarding racial diversity. “Race does not matter when looking for love,” they state. This wonderful sentiment has attracted many people to AfroRomance as now it obtains more than forty thousand members. It makes a lot of effort to emphasize the value of understanding and connecting individuals from different cultures, places, and backgrounds. AfroRomance claims that people should see beyond racial stereotypes and understand the real beauty of the individual behind the profile. This website is not the only interracial dating platform for those looking for black or white users to meet and talk. Such websites as Tinder, OkCupid, and Match.com obtain members from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

At the same time, AfroRomance is mainly focused on the black and white relationship. It is clear that it wants to help the black and white relationship to blossom. The racial dynamic may make some individuals overlook a romantic relationship with a woman or a man of different skin colors. The members of AfroRomance know exactly why they are here, so there is no tension. They also realize what kind of people they are willing to meet, so the potential misunderstanding and awkwardness are eliminated. This happens to be very important for them to build good and long-term relationships. In fact, this is what the biggest part of members comes here for.

Membership types and price

AfroRomance Review

Just like any other dating platform, AfroRomance obtains a free basic account and subscription plans (users have to pay per month). The free account comes with all things which are necessary to open a new profile, search for members in the area, and send messages. Free users are allowed to send a limited number of messages per day. In addition to that, they cannot see when others like or send them a flirt. On the one hand, a free membership plan is pretty enough for people to meet and chat. On the other hand, it limits your possibilities. If you decide to buy a membership plan, you can pay for one, three, or six months. AfroRomance users can get promotional codes, discounts, and extra features depending on the plan they go for. Those who decide to buy a one-month subscription plan have to pay 19.95 dollars, so their basic profiles get upgraded.

The membership plans are automatically renewed every month. This happens on the date it was bought. Thus, members can check in the settings and decide for themselves whether they want to be charged every month. The three-month subscription plan upgrades a standard profile to the premium one for three months. In this case, AfroRomance members will have to pay 39.50 dollars in advance. This membership renews every three months. In general, it happens to be a bit cheaper compared to the per month option as it comes with a 5 or 10% discount, depending on the member.

The last option AfroRomance members can use is the subscription plan for half a year. It will cost 69.95 dollars and upgrade a standard profile to premium for 6 months. It is also set to auto-renew in another half a year. At first sight, this option can seem to be expensive, but the payment for a month, in this case, is cheaper.

If the members of AfroRomance upgrade their account to the premium one, they can benefit from additional features and tools which are restricted for free participants. Some of them are unlimited profile browsing, unlimited messaging, the ability to see visitors and users who send flirts/pokes, boosting profiles, and contacting members. It is worth to be tried.

Who You Can Meet at AfroRomance

AfroRomance Review

Many dating platforms feature a lengthy profile creation process, which includes questionnaires, tests, and exams. AfroRomance offers a much easier process. The default account makes stress on the user`s identity by including their profile photo with a short description of 20-30 words. Members are encouraged to be fun and creative and write something that will highlight their personality. Thanks to this system, people can understand who is indeed interesting.

The profiles of the AfroRomance members consist of a self-description section, photos, what a person is looking for, occupation, hobbies, and several general questions. Users are free to fill in all the required information while getting registered or do it later. When people start browsing AfroRomance, they can see that there are many different accounts. Some users provide full descriptions with all that they like and dislike, which happens to be more of an autobiography than a dating account. At the same time, others do not provide so much information specifying the most important details, such as favorite movies, food, and so on. It is advised to explore profiles on the AfroRomance dating website as you may find different and unique things there.

On the AfroRomance platform, people are encouraged to link their Instagram and Facebook accounts to import available photos from there. This feature is very handy and can save time. The thing is that they will not have to take new photos and choose a better one. When members log in to their dating accounts for the first time, they get a tip that pictures happen to be an essential part of profiles. The AfroRomance dating website does its best to emphasize that a personal touch is crucial. That is why you should never use fake pictures or attempt to mispresent yourself. It is also better to upload recent photos. Just imagine how your potential partner can be disappointed if you look different in real life. There are some cases when people wanted to look more attractive and used photos with younger and slimmer selves. In this case, the possibility of building a relationship is reduced to zero. There is no need to think that only female users of the AfroRomance dating website do that. Some males have also attempted to do so — never succeeded as well.

Promotions and Special Features

AfroRomance Review

Many online dating websites offer various features to their customers so that they can enhance profiles and get help while navigating the site. AfroRomance has done the same. Members do not have to use these tools, but they are recommended to learn what they are, what they can do, and how to apply them. Here are some of these options:

Unlimited Messages

Free users are allowed to send 10-15 messages a day. When the limit is reached, they cannot text anyone. Moreover, they will not be allowed to respond to others. The unlimited messages feature gets unlocked when a user purchases an AfroRomance membership plan. It does not matter much what exactly a person chooses; each of them will do. It may seem strange for a dating website to limit messages members can send, but this happens to be a common thing for most similar services. This is a method to encourage people to upgrade their accounts and support the service.

Unlimited User Browsing

Free AfroRomance users are allowed to use search options while the filters are limited. They can also see only a restricted number of matches in their area. As soon as the account is upgraded to one of the subscription plans, this feature gets unlocked. It allows premium AfroRomance members to see all possible matches in a specific location as well as those living in other towns or states.

Sending Pokes/Flirts
AfroRomance Review

Free users cannot use this feature, but they can get it. At the same time, they will not be able to see who sent them. If they are willing to use this option, they have to purchase any subscription plan. The thing is that AfroRomance flirts/pokes happen to be an excellent way to attract other members` attention without texting. This tool is just perfect for shy participants. According to statistics, those who make use of it are more likely to get a response.

Incognito Mode Browsing

AfroRomance members are allowed to “ghost” other members, which is similar to other dating applications like Tinder and OkCupid. Thanks to this feature, users can view the profile of a potential match while they will never know about that. It works like walking on a beach, leaving no footprints. Browsing invisible allows you to see the provided information and decide whether this user matches your criteria or not. Only those members of the AfroRomance dating website who purchase membership plans are allowed to use the incognito mode.

Profile Boosting

Profile boosting happens to be another helpful tool that increases the number of matches received by a member every day. If you boost your profile, you can be sure that it will be in the top 5% of all AfroRomance search results. That is how you can increase the chances of finding your perfect match significantly. The members of the dating platform get a free boost for purchasing a one-month membership plan. People also receive two free boosts for buying a two-month subscription. In a similar way, three boosts are given to buy a membership for 3 months.


AfroRomance Review

Сommon sense is crucial when communicating with people on any dating platform. It is advised not to share any personal details, including credit card information, phone number, passwords, or other important data. If you ever share this, you can put your life, your family, and your financial state at risk. Thanks to the anonymity of the internet, no one knows who is hidden behind a profile. There are many cases when people got into trouble because of their naivety and credulity. This is true for the AfroRomance dating website as well. Thus, you should be careful and smart.

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