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BeNaughty Review

BeNaughty Review
About Site
Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 25-34
Profiles 500 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Perfect for casual dates
  • Interesting communication features
  • Women can send messages for free
  • Local casual matches
  • 3-days trial
  • Paid membership is needed to make use of the interactive features
  • Subscription is automatically renewed
  • You can’t view full size profile photos unless your upgrade to Premium

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If there is any dating website that can be said to be the most trusted and the most loved then it has to be BeNaughty. A name that almost everybody on this planet who has ever wished to BeNaughty recognizes. It is an indication of the site’s popularity, one of the first qualities a person visiting a dating website as BeNaughty looks for. Because it is the popularity of the dating website that refers to the number of people, one can expect on the platform.

More the numbers the better the variety and easier to find a hot match, a fact true for both men and women on the website looking for a hot hookup. But, it is not just the crowd of people that makes BeNaughty such an amazing place to find a suitable hookup partner. Although it does mean a lot, it is the additional features like a mobile app, customer assistance service, etc. that makes the experience on BeNaughty different.

Introducing The Naughtiest Place On Earth

BeNaughty Review

It’s sad that people still have to shy away from saying words like I am horny and I am looking for a partner to sleep. It’s still considered wrong and although it may sound a little rude, it is important to say those words out when that is what exactly you are looking for. Saying words like love in place of sex doesn’t help and rather creates a wrong notion in the minds of people reading it. However, that is what has been happening until now. Take Tinder for example. Its popularity is seeing no bounds and though most of the people are using the platform for casual relationships, Tinder still doesn’t come out to say the terms loud and clear.

This is where the confusion begins. So many people come out with a bad experience of meeting a partner online with only one thought. The thought that most men are associated with, the single interest of taking someone to bed. Although this is the thought of the Millenials today, yet it is being stereotyped. While many people complaint to meet sex addicts on some platforms while looking for a long term relationship. Others complain of having to spend too much time to convince the opposite sex for taking them to bed. It all becomes so complicated and long term because of the branding that the platform does for itself. Some people even treat dating platforms as a place to meet their loved ones or marriage partners.

Sex Focused! Nothing Else! No Confusion!

Websites like BeNaughty fill out this space. It takes advantage of the disinterest of today’s generation in long term relationships and the lack of hookup websites. Directly branding itself as a platform to meet interested partners in having sex without keeping any baggage, BeNaughty wins to become a real solution. The dating website screams out loud the words that people visiting BeNaughty are most eager to hear. Dirty talk, one night stands, horny women, hottest sex, casual relationships and more. It makes it very clear for everyone registering on the website, what the platform is built for. No confusion just real raw explicit content for a fresh release with nothing permanent.

This clears the air and makes BeNaughty a place for like-minded people automatically. No one thus is required to waste any time wooing people. Someone registering on the website can directly be on point and ask a woman to spread her legs and if she would like to drop her panties. But it’s the mood on the website of BeNaughty along with the time-saving factor that sets things on fire.

The Experience On BeNaughty

BeNaughty Review

Did you know BeNaughty is older than Facebook even? The dating website has been there since 2000. So if you have been in a dilemma that you should register or not then you should drop all doubts right away. Something as old as this is proof that dating websites and especially BeNaughty have been trusted for many years and many people. When a service has been running for so long then it is futile to waste thoughts on its safety. So although the crowd is what matters the most on a dating website, let us look at the other features that a new user is most worried about. The one thing that BeNaughty is most clear about is making the fastest hookup stories.

The Free Registration Process On BeNaughty

Based on the same thought, the registration process has been kept very short on the website and yes, it cannot be avoided. The process includes filling a small form that has a limited number of compulsory fields for fast registration. The fields require the user to enter his or her name, age, gender, location, email id, and password. Along with these one needs to also provide a real photograph that can also be taken with a webcam. There are other fields in the form as well but those are not compulsory and can easily be skipped, although it comes with multiple choice answers.

The non-compulsory fields are required to help the user set up his/her new profile on the BeNaughty website. As these can be skipped easily, many profiles on the website are incomplete. But, not without photographs. One of the main reasons behind the success of BeNaughty as a dating website is the authenticity of the profiles that have been maintained from its inception. A registered user has to upload a real photograph, which then goes for verification from the BeNaughty staff. The website offers a two-step verification process that keeps things real on the website without taking much time.

The Unfortunate No Nos

Despite there being some good qualities about the registration process on BeNaughty there are some bad qualities as well. A new user does not get the option to choose the third gender which truly poses as a limitation for the LGBT crowd. Also because of the verification, registering as a couple becomes impossible. This becomes a limitation to the experimental partners who look for a willing partner to try threesomes. And while BeNaughty allows the user to upload more than one photograph and create a sexy portfolio, even include a short video of 30 seconds max in it. The dating website does not allow nude pictures on the platform. It may sound unreal given the segment BeNaughty is in, but it is sadly the truth.

The Verification Process

BeNaughty Review

If you were confusing BeNaughty to be similar to the other dating websites available online today then don’t. Because we are talking about one of the best and most trusted dating websites available online. Though strong words, they can easily be used to describe BeNaughty because of the efforts BeNaughty puts in to keep the website real. Although it respects and prioritizes the excitement and urge to meet and hook up with people looking for sex and get a good yet fast release.

It does restrict the users to verify their reality. Along with the photographs that a new person registering on the website uploads on the website, it is the website as well that is verified. It is generally done through a phone call or a text message. This is their way of stopping the crowding of fake profiles and robots that most other dating websites fall prey to. If you are worried about wasting time then leave all those worries because the process is so fast that it won’t even give you the time to think.


BeNaughty Review

BeNaughty is known to be the best dating platform for other reasons as well, you will want to spend your money on it. Unlike most other dating websites, BeNaughty does give you free access to a certain extent of course. It allows you to explore the website, join chat rooms, wink at profiles, add favorites, try the filter but not chat. However, women on the platform are not even barred from chatting with a free account. The thought may have come from the fact that while men on dating websites are more open, women shy away and need a bit more encouragement.

If you are a man you wouldn’t be jealous or feel any wrong because of the privilege given to the women on the website alone. Because BeNaughty now boasts of many more profiles of women than men and that is exactly what you are here for, isn’t it? So for men to connect with their potential date of the night they have to pay the subscription fee to be able to chat with them.

After Subscription Experience

BeNaughty Review

This is when you get to experience the amazing atmosphere of BeNaughty. Although there are many profiles on the website with incomplete bio, because of their over excitement to hookup, you will never come across a fake profile. First, because of the verification and second, because the website is only a platform that helps people meet their hookup partner for an interesting night. It does not give you a forum to have long conversations with a partner. It works because it becomes difficult for fake profiles to launder money out of users with their emotional stories and false promises. All you need to spend on is the subscription fee, the date, and the transport if you don’t have your car.

Also, the other most satisfying thing about BeNaughty is the instant blast of messages from horny and excited people. For a woman, it might be common but for men to receive messages from girls with wet pussies eager to jump on your manhood is unreal. If you have already experienced other dating websites, there are chances of you being skeptical about the authenticity of these profiles. But with time you will realize that this is why BeNaughty is preferred so much.

The Unique Features

The website boasts of simplicity and yet gifts the users with some interesting features to make their online search a thrilling experience as well. But, sadly these features are not available for free and come with a price tag.

Blocked Profiles: Using the feature protects the user from suspicious profiles, blocking them right away.

Only Verified: Another safeguard, this feature only allows verified users to message you.

Like to Date: A feature similar to Tinder, a user can browse through photos of different profiles and like them. The other person gets notified about your interest and may decide to connect with you. This feature saves time and makes the search process way more amazing than the usual search filters.

Automated Winks: To use this feature you first mention the type of women you like and set automated winks. This sends automated winks and likes to all the profiles matching your criteria.

The Mobile App

Unlike most dating websites, BeNaughty comes with a dating app that makes the whole experience better and more convenient to use in the times of smartphones. The app is available to both android and iOS users thankfully. Default settings may annoy you, pushing all notifications on phone and on email which might need a change. You may reach out to the customer service for help.

24X7- Customer Service

BeNaughty Review

A feature that a very few dating platforms offer is the all-time available customer service. The website truly works for your complete satisfaction and addresses your concerns almost instantly over a phone call, email, and even a physical mail.

BeNaughty: Subscription Plans

  • 1 day – Cost/Day- $0.99, Price – $0.99
  • 1 month – Cost/Day – $0.91, Price – $27.30
  • 3 months – Cost/Day – $0.51, Price – $45.90
  • 6 months – Cost/Day – $0.41, Price – $73.80

Their cost per day is a good marketing strategy that is used to make the plans look very cheap. BeNaughty accepts credit cards only similar to other dating websites and goes for auto-renewal as well. This is a thing that you may want to change from the settings or call the customer care for.

Also, as mentioned before, there are additional packs for special features to avail which a user needs to purchase them separately. Features like Premier Dater, Extra Security, etc. are not included with the subscription plans.

*The prices on BeNaughty are dynamic.

BeNaughty: Final Take

BeNaughty Review

Before coming to the final verdict about the dating website let us count all the demerits you will come across as a new user.

  • The absence of the third gender
  • Couple registration not allowed
  • No nudity
  • Privacy Issue: BeNaughty reserves the right to use your personal information including your uploaded photographs on its sister websites to bring you more attention.
  • Virtual dating: Many users on the website use the platform for sex chats alone. It breaks the morale and interest of the people looking for real hookups.

After considering everything, tagging BeNaughty as one of the best dating websites would not be saying too much about it. Despite there being demerits, they seem inconsiderable when compared to other dating websites.

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