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Adam4Adam Review

Adam4Adam Review
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Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Full range of services for free
  • Easy to navigate
  • Offers users vast filtering options
  • High volume of fake profiles
  • Interface
  • Security concerns

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Since people started treating other sexualities in a more tolerant way, the technology covered up the craving for communication. A huge amount of websites and applications emerged to accommodate the needs of the gay dating market. But among the first of the dating sites was Adam4Adam. It was introduced in 2003 and, for an unknown reason, survived and hasn’t drowned in the vast amount of other dating sites.

Adam4Adam calls itself the biggest networking community for gays that weathered all the storms through the times, and one must admit this is entirely deservedly.

As Hitwise reports, the majority of Adam4Adam clientele is from English-speaking countries like the US and UK. Moreover, signing up is free of charge, and people are not obliged to pay for any kind of fee, but voluntary contributions are more than welcome. Please note that the site will be asking you to pay any money for the membership or using the service under no circumstances. If someone happened to ask you money for using the website, the owners ask to report such cases because those are fraud ones immediately.

Adam4Adam was created for gays to allow them to see each other both online and in real life. It is impossible to neglect to mention that the interface on the website is completely user friendly, and even people with the basic knowledge in the computer will master all the features that the service offers. Even though Adam4Adam was created for brief flings and fun, it doesn’t mean you will not be able to meet a persona to love and to share your life with there. Though it would honest to admit that most people are looking for someone just to spend a good time.

Another thing why you should choose Adam4Adam is that nakedness is not banned on the website. So you can be completely certain that gorgeous naked men’s bodies will be the first thing you see once you sign up.

Some people may say it is shocking and wrong, but Adam4Adam users appreciate honesty and straightforwardness from the very first minute on the page. You can post whatever photos you feel like posting if you want people to your face only – sure. If you believe that only separate parts of your body speak the best about you – there is no problem in uploading only this kind of photo. Guys on Adam4Adam value this freedom of being yourself. And it is the most fantastic thing that nobody limits you, and there is absolutely no prejudice waiting for you there.

Members structure & activity

Adam4Adam Review

People from different countries are connected to Adam4Adam; however, the most significant part of the community is located in the USA or the United Kingdom. Please do not let this fact disappoint you too fast. Because Adam4Adam will only help you not to get involved in those irritative dating and chatting things that have only one purpose: waste your time. But Adam4Adam is meant to get you paired only with guys who are looking for no strings attached dates and feel like meeting up. This is probably one of the main reasons why Adam4Adam coped with the difficulties and succeeded in staying afloat for so long and gained ground among 9 million guys (according to the data as of 2018).

You can meet guys of various kinds on the website: muscle head, geek, bear, otter. In case you prefer someone of daddy, schoolboy, or smooth type – be certain that those preferences will also be met on Adam4Adam. The majority of the guys do not have an outstanding appearance and look like average men. You should remember that in these terms, Adam4Adam is quite similar to dating websites and apps like Tinder, Grindr, OkCupid, or other ones. Meeting someone extraordinary handsome, it is a matter of the luck of the chase. You should keep looking harder.

But the main thing that differentiates Adam4Adam in the marketplace is that guys there are more open-minded when it comes to dates, relationships, and of course, sex. They are not looking for long-term chatting rather for a one-night stand or just someone to hang out with for some time. There is nothing terrible in this, but this is how the website got promoted.

Features Functionality

Adam4Adam Review

Back in 2003, when Adam4Adam was just born, it couldn’t brag about the huge number of features and understandable and user-friendly interface than it has now. Many years of hard work and continual development shaped the website into its modern look. Luckily now a member of the community can fully enjoy on the Adam4Adam platform such features like the live chats, video chats, calls, watch different online X-rated shows, and of course, arrange hangouts.

It is worth mentioning recently added new features that will make you join the Adam4Adam:

Home And Visitor Profile

Adam4Adam Review

Depending on your purposes, you can create either Home or a Visitor profile. No other website doesn’t have this kind of thing, so there is a need for some extra info.

The Home profile is created for using the website on an everyday basis: chatting with local guys, when you’re staying in your home city. In this case, your profile will look like the regular one with your photo, some of your intimate and very personal details, etc.

The Visitor profile gives you the possibility to create a separate profile, for example, when you are somewhere far from home. It means you can keep using Adam4Adam when you’re traveling on personal or business purposes. There is no need to install some other apps or creating profiles on those websites you do not know or those you do not trust.

Live Cams

Adam4Adam Review

Another new feature of Adam4Adam is the capability to stream right from the profile of your own. But in case you are not down to streaming or watch some amateur stuff – there are always the links at your disposal available for viewing where professional streamers keep you busy by talking or performing different things. Keep in mind that watching regular users’ streams is free, while professional performers should be encouraged with money. At the same time, for your donation, you will be rewarded with some extra show where streamers take off their clothes or do some enjoyable and fun things.

Personal Sex Shop

Adam4Adam is not limited to the online website. There is also a sex shop of its own with a huge variety of sex toys you can purchase. If you are an Adam4Adam user, then information from your account on the site will be used, and there is no need for additional registration. But you can also buy things from the store without signing up on the website – it is available for regular customers as well. Sex toys of a different kind, condoms, lubricants, and other stuff are possible to get. The goods can be delivered right to your doorstep.

Adult Films

It is not the first thing that bothers other hookup apps and sites. But there are no doubts that members of Adam4Adam will find its own X-rated gay cinema library quite exciting. The films are not some amateur stuff of questionable provenance, but a product created by only professional companies.

You can watch films online and pay for every minute, or you can just buy the whole movie and enjoy it whenever you want. Note that, in this case, Adam4Adam will ask you to use the credit card.

Underwear Club

Adam4Adam Review

Most people got used to the monthly delivery subscriptions of wine, bouquets, and other things. Adam4Adam came up with something more exciting and sex-related. The Underwear Club offers you a monthly plan that will let you receive a new pair of underwear every month. The service will pick the design and brand, so it leaves room for speculation. No need to worry though – managers of the Club choosing only the best for their customers, so the parcel is usually worth waiting. Since Adam4Adam respects the privacy, rest assured the packages are steadily sealed and prevented from random opening. The cost of participation starts at $10 per month. The price depends on the category of the brand (e.g., whether it is a mass-market or lux goods).

Plan a Trip

Are you planning a trip somewhere? Want to have fun while being away, hang out, or find a sex partner in another city or country? Using this feature will help you to notify your friends on Adam4Adam, where you’re going to be soon and will make your life and amusement in travel more comfortable. Only your friends on the Adam4Adam will be informed about your upcoming trips, due to the sensitivity of the information.

Party Commercial

This feature was created for people who desperately crave for new faces on their parties. By using this option, you can post an ad and let other people know about different events you organize or just invite them to join you. The post can be available on the website for up 30 days and will be public, which means that everyone (not only those on your friends’ list) will see it. The good thing about the feature is absolutely for free, so it is an excellent opportunity to set up a party and make some new acquaintances.

Health Information

Adam4Adam is a responsible and caring dating website, so there are plenty of articles that will tell you about your body, health, safe sex, STDs, STIs, and other important stuff to help you stay happy and healthy. All the articles and educating videos are free, and anyone can access them to find out about the essential things. It is a beautiful thing Adam4Adam urges to a healthy lifestyle.

How To Protect Your Privacy?

Adam4Adam Review

Dating apps and websites made our lives a lot easier, especially when it comes to different sexual orientations. But some people hiding behind the screens not always have sincere motives. Revealing too much personal information to a stranger online can put you at serious risk. Adam4Adam takes the privacy and security of its users seriously and explains in various articles and videos on how to stay safe online. Here are the significant points that are covered:

  • keep your password safe;
  • do not disclose any personal information
  • never tell strangers you do not trust your address, place of work, etc.;
  • always remember about safety during sex;
  • do regular health check-ups and blood tests;
  • do not communicate with people if something on their profile doesn’t match with what they say or do.

Adam4Adam is trying to keep its users safe, so they could fully enjoy the perks of the gay community and hang out without looking back. But one should remember that whatever efforts are made, there is always a room for people with ulterior motives, unfortunately not the best one. Following all the safety tips and using common sense as a precaution won’t do any harm for sure.

Adam4Adam does anything possible to maintain a healthy environment and feature people who think alike. But in any way, it is not responsible for potential identity theft, stolen information, fraud, or other safety issues. The way the users behave on and outside the dating site, the information they disclose remains their responsibility.


Adam4Adam Review

Summarizing everything that has been said, those single gays who are currently in search of a platform to find a good time, sex without any commitment will find the solution in Adam4Adam. Launched long ago in 2003 and survived through the hardships dating website proved to be a reliable place for gay hookups. There have become more useful features with time. The best thing about Adam4Adam that access to the majority of the elements is free of charge. The fact that the over nine gay guys are using the website only proves the fact that it is one of the best. People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so hurry up to check Adam4Adam.

Fierro Barrientos
Fierro Barrientos
Fierro Barrientos
MS, RD & Writer

I’m always trying to understand what my clients are dreaming about and what relationships do they want. I have 23 couples that truly happy and know what they want from life. Really proud of them and proud of my work!

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