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Plenty Of Fish Review

Plenty Of Fish Review
About Site
Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Texting system of Plenty of Fish is convenient to use so it is pleasant and simple to operate
  • Texting service, as well as instant reviewing, are available without any payment
  • Application for phones
  • Up-grade of a profile needs to be done, so you could look at the accounts` full version, dispose of the entire advertisement, and discover whether she viewed your text

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Many websites have a tendency to disappear after several years of being on the market. In comparison with these sites, Plenty of Fish (POF) has existed since 2003 and has had twelve million members from around the world. The site is especially proud of its successful reputation on achieving over a million new interrelations yearly. Plenty of Fish has worked in this sphere for a while; it has expanded and advanced so they can add the increasing number of the alternatives asked by their members. Over time, the site has turned into a fast-moving service with extremely proactive participants who look for the services, starting from one date, ending with lasting relations with a perfect match. According to the questionnaire on Plenty of Fish, dated from 2016, it placed the website the fourth, regarding its client experience among other Internet sites for dates. Taking into consideration the fact that the dating sphere is full of resembling websites, such as Grindr, Tinder, and OkCupid taking the fourth place is indeed an achievement.

How does Plenty of Fish function?

Plenty Of Fish Review

To sum up, besides the site`s provision with viewing files of their accounts` database chargeless, it also suggests to match you with members that are the most suitable for you. It will be better if you are direct about your preferences and desired achievements to help the process since it presents you with the accounts that you have much in common. There is an option of adjusting a placement and look for appropriate matches depending on your selected territory on Plenty of Fish. Alternatively, there is a possibility of viewing photo albums and pick the individuals you wish to communicate with.

Ultra Match is Plenty of Fish`s instrument for searching a match that considers your reasoning for a match and searches for 50 candidates that are the most appropriate to you. A supplementary feature named the Best potentials list, lets you view the persons that you have interacted with on the site that could be the most suitable for you. You have to specify your request for a match just when the procedure of up-to-date information is delivered to you daily, should a newcomer suit your criteria list.

Plenty of Fish suggests the customer cares for males and females` procurement that cover the entire category of ages, who have reached 18. The site`s database introduces the participants of both genders in about even proportions. The restriction, established by the website about age states that you could only date persons that are not older or younger than you for 14 years. The limitation must have been established to prevent being agents in doubtful relations that can be formed. This criterion of age appropriateness continues to be important on this site, yet should you want to have a lot of mature or younger partner, you must search elsewhere.

What is POF`s customer care price?

Plenty Of Fish Review

You do not need to pay absolutely anything to sign up for Plenty of Fish. Nevertheless, in case if you choose the premium service, there will be required payment so you can get supplementary service that otherwise cannot be provided to free participants. Your details are secured safely on Plenty of Fish, so the links to profiles on the networking are provided. There is a possibility of posting pictures from Facebook or Instagram or use the pictures, kept on your computer. Being a non-paying participant, you may upload eight pictures, but premium users could upload twice more photos. Despite this fact, the details provided in your social platform are secure and will be this way unless you decide to change it.

The registration procedure on Plenty of Fish includes a quite long registration survey, involving the questions about your lifestyle, dietary patterns, institutions which you have graduated from, and so on. These sets of inquires are designed only to get an exact idea about you as an individual, and your purposes. The details are substantial to search for a possible partner in life.

Excellent tools that can be spotted in Plenty of Fish

Plenty Of Fish Review
  • Having a chat and texting with members without any restrictions
  • Texting service that is convenient, pleasant and simple to use
  • Voce texting is available to be applied
  • Texting a member does not require any payment

Similar to the variety of websites and applications available on phones, Plenty of Fish depends mostly on advertising sponsorship. This factor turns it into a user-friendly service and lets its participants to gain an excellent opportunity to use the benefits that it offers. Nevertheless, sending pictures on Plenty of Fish will solely be accessible once you consider being a high- class participant.

The elaborated members’ account you may wish to interact with is seen only to its paying users, together with the information whether the individual you messaged to has read it. The features could help a lot on Plenty of Fish, however, in no way important for using the website. There is one more high-class feature, which is the presence of a golden star beside your first name and account photo. This peculiarity is rather great, and in specialists` view, your account becomes special among the other ones. It is you who must decide if this feature pays itself off. It should be noticed, that Plenty of Fish has both great qualitative aspects as well as cost rate. It is worth noting, that Plenty of Fish`s qualitative and cost rates are equally rated, which is much more advantageous, in contrast with the services in the same sphere.

It is possible to pick from a variety of alternatives of payment on Plenty of Fish, involving credit card, using your cell phone and PayPal. It depends on what period you choose from to become a high-class participant, so the payment is taken for three, six- or twelve-months periods up front. Once your subscription comes to an end on Plenty of Fish, it will be updated by default if you do not pick the other option. The remainder of the expiry will be sent to you two weeks earlier, so you have sufficient time to adjust your subscription alternatives or to cease being a paying participant. The specifics regarding the withdrawal on Plenty of Fish of being its participant bought form PayPal are given in the respective section in its phone and site options` desktop.

Members structure & activity

Plenty Of Fish Review

Plenty of Fish uses thorough data collected in the stage of registration to make up integral accounts involving the entire scope of substantial aspects of the possible member. By all means, you are liable to change some data afterward, should you believe that the initial account does not present your individuality or likings adequately. You could introduce additional data or change the section of the relationship with casual encounters into looking for a serious relationship with marriage possibility. Plenty of Fish is not designed only for appealing a great number of members to its service, yet mostly to suggest its participants a special chance of qualitative search. You may find the questions of your previous relationships or the sort of family you were raised in as extremely personal ones and if so you could omit them. Completing all the answers to the questions is not obligatory on Plenty of Fish and you could choose the amount of data that you are willing to reveal. However, take into consideration the fact that adding more information about you will give a better chance to select a perfect match for you.

The individuality evaluation of all the members who register is assessed by the help of a survey on Plenty of Fish, where a Chemistry estimate is compulsory to be accomplished. It includes over seventy questions inquiries that include a great part of your private life that needs to be filled in for about twenty minutes. The responses are presented on a rate measure than just ticking next to Yes or No, as the majority of life factors could not be rated by happening or not. There is also a neutral point on Plenty of Fish and you can show the rate to which extent something is substantial for you or how you favor it. It is your choice to complete the supplementary questions, yet should you have some time to complete them; the website will provide extra data of factors in your life. The presence of this field will facilitate the likelihood of finding you a great partner on Plenty of Fish.

Discovering a perfectly suitable partner on the ready for use application on your phone

Plenty Of Fish Review

Following the members` wish to have an available dating service not depending on their location and free time Plenty of Fish has developed iOS and Android options of the site. The applications for phones are rather simple to be applied and have a range of features presented on the website. Your PC may only be needed should you wish to remove the profile completely. This option cannot be performed on the cell phone application.

There are a few characteristics that distinguish Plenty of Fish from positively resembling websites:

  • Ultra Match: established according to the extended individuality survey you completed when signing-in on Plenty of Fish, the website`s complex program generates fifty members that are suitable for you. The number of accounts can be considerably less since there is a possibility to predetermine the list of five best choices. Yet from the psychological point of view, a member wishes to get as many alternatives as possible. As a result, the number of people is widened to involve fifty members to suit your preferences on Plenty of Fish. It allows you to choose the appropriate match by yourself, as people`s psychology is far more complicated than a special software that predicts the compatibility. You can rarely be aware of the reasons that can impact your ultimate decision to date, someone, so have a great variety of possibilities and allow your intuition to navigate you.
  • Best Options: it is an assessment feature that creates the most suitable individuals regarding the ones you interacted with throughout the recent month on Plenty of Fish. At the end of the day, it is your selection, and the website assesses your suitability to each other. The feature has shown to be significantly effective, proven by 50% of successful users, leaving the website in a relationship with a partner who was in the top ten recommendations.
  • Neighborhood; should you switch on your location feature on Plenty of Fish and you let the website to access it, there can be a possibility to search for the suitable partners.
  • You will get a direction on the proximity of a probable partner from your place of stay that is rather comfortable for prospective dates in real life.
  • Go to date with me: there is a chance that you are aware of this alternative so far, should you have an opportunity to apply Tinder. As the website presents you a person`s photo on Plenty of Fish and standard data, they request you to choose Yes or No if you like or dislike the user. Meanwhile, your photo is demonstrated to the members, whose photos you have seen and should you have a mutual tick Yes, the website forwards you to begin an interaction.

POF Frequently asked Questions

Plenty Of Fish Review
  • Is it needed to sign in to look through the accounts?

No, there is an option of being a visitor on Plenty of Fish, yet should you desire to reach someone, you will be requested to sign in. The procedure is a safety tool to decrease the number of spam and eliminating pranks.

  • Can Plenty of Fish, share my information on the network without me knowing about it?

No, the site does not have a connection with the networks except for using pictures from them and post them on the site.

  • Is it secure to apply Plenty of Fish?

Rather secure. In case if there is a text that you believe is inappropriate towards you, you could restrict this person from you. With this option, there is no chance for them to contact you on Plenty of Fish in the future.

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