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FirstMet Review

FirstMet Review
About Site
Active Audience 66%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Quick & easy signing up process
  • Free registration
  • Free unlimited browsing
  • A considerable number of users guarantees variety and ensures a company
  • Live chats
  • Convenient, thanks to the mobile app
  • Free messaging
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Website design- old and uninteresting
  • No customer support
  • Only two genders

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A dating platform with a vast user base, FirstMet is the first choice of many people looking for a partner either for a casual date or a long term relationship. The simple and easy to use dating website is the best choice for the singles to get a company for all sorts of likes. FirstMet is a website that connects all singles in a locality to help them know each other and set a date.

Launched by Snap Interactive, which now has become PeerStream, FirstMet first came to live in 2007. Although, then it wasn’t named FirstMet. The dating app, at its inception, was known to be AYI, which was the acronym for Are You Interested. But in 2012, the company rebranded the dating website with the new name a completely new look. The name says enough about the target audience. The rebranding has made it pretty clear that the dating website is for people looking for commitment, unlike other dating platforms where casual relationships are the main idea. However, it is not impossible to find partners for casual encounters or better-said hookups as well. All thanks to the 30 million user base FirstMet proudly boasts of.

Transition Of AYI To FirstMet

FirstMet Review

The rebranding of FirstMet or rather should say AYI(as known then) changed everything for the users. While one of the first noticeable things about the new and improved platform was the website design, it had other upgrades as well. From the look to the features, FirstMet became a lot more known, taking a lot of things from popular social media sites. This made the dating website more interesting and yet not difficult to decipher, given the known functionalities. One could even call it a second or third copy of Facebook considering the user interface and everything else abut FirstMet.

But, thanks to being a copy, FirstMet, like Facebook, even has a Mobile App both for Android and iOS users. But the apps are not the only feature that makes FirstMet such a convenient option for people, and there is something else as well. The direct facebook login has attracted over 3 million Facebook users to FirstMet. The easy user experience is one of the biggest reasons behind the overwhelming size of the user base on FirstMet.

Members structure & activity

FirstMet Review

FirstMet, despite getting rebranded with anew and cool look, the majority on the website belong to the age group of 35 and above. And that’s not the only thing to worry because most people use this platform to look for a relationship and not for casual dates. This is sad news because the idea behind the rebranding and the new look was to attract more young people. Neither has that happened and nor could it attracted people with the mindset of less permanent. The crowd on FirstMet can mostly be seen from the United States. The location matters because generally, people like to date someone living close by whom they can meet easily in case things take a serious turn. Although the majority is from the US, a good crowd of people can be seen from other countries as well, for example, Australia, the United Kingdom, India, and more.

Setting Up A Profile On FirstMet

FirstMet Review

There are two ways to register with FirstMet and both very easy and common. While one is setting up a profile from scratch using your email id and the second one is even easier using your Facebook profile to log in. The registration process with the email id may take a few minutes but not long to get annoyed with, but using the Facebook account doesn’t even take that much. The best part about using the Facebook account is that it does both the registration and profile setup together. This allows FirstMet to instantly start matching you with the interested people from your location on the dating website.

But the situation is slightly different when you register on FirstMet with your email id. You will need all the common information every dating website asks for- name, age, gender, sexual preference, and locality. Although adding up a profile photo isn’t necessary, it’s best you do it if you are seriously looking for relationships. There are two things to remember. First, there isn’t a verification setup which quickly allows you to the website but refers to the chances of finding spammy and fake profiles. And second, that you will need to set up a profile, in this case, filling up additional details. You will also need to choose three options from a list that you like the most. It is basically for the algorithm on FirstMet to match you with other people who have similar likes and tastes.

How To First Connect?

There are some amazing features available on FirstMet that makes connecting with a new potential partner interesting. Let us first introduce you with each feature one by one. To start with, we have Are You Interested. If you are used to with Tinder, then you will understand what the AYI feature has in store for you. FirstMet uses its algorithm to show you potential partners. If the person whom you liked like you back then, you get to text each other. The profiles which get shown to you are not just photographs but contains more information like age, name, etc. You may even choose to click on the profile to learn more details about the person.

Although, AYI works on the FirstMet algorithm that matches you with all the singles in your area randomly. You can change the recommendations by using the advanced search filters. The search filter on FirstMet is typical. It gives you the same fields to fill up that other websites offer you. You may filter out the recommendations on the Are You Interested section with people having specific physical properties, the kind you like.

FirstMet also has a section called Intros, where the dating platform introduces the user to a new potential match. But despite the options to connect with new people, not many are good at starting conversations. FirstMet has got a solution for that problem as well in the name of icebreakers. Icebreakers are questions that users can ask the potential match to begin a conversation.

And that is not all, FirstMet has even more to offer. Members can participate in various chatrooms to find and connect with their better half. And finally, the Facebook integration allows you to check mutual friends, if any with the person you are interested in getting connected with.

Users Impression

The philosophy FirstMet uses while pairing users is interests. The dating platform’s preference towards different likes and passions can be easily understood given the amount of space it reserves for each person’s tastes in the description area. The idea is good because speaking on things that both the person likes becomes much easier. FirstMet ensures that choosing interests despite being an important task on the dating platform remains an interesting thing to do. It gives multiple-choice sets to choose from and keeps on refining on the selections. For example, if you choose games first and then Football, you will be shown Lionel Messi and Ronaldo to chose from next. The algorithm is pretty sorted not to make any user feel out of place and disinterested.

Also, free users get a lot more access than possible on other websites. Free users on FirstMet can easily message and browse through profiles and also see when the person was last online. An interesting thing on FirstMet is that most of the patterns are very well described and also frequently updated. It means that the infomation once entered can easily be edited and changed on the FirstMet profile.

And although the availability of information for free is amazing, it also attracts fake and spammy people. To curb this FirstMet doesn’t allow the use of a VPN at all. It studies the behavior of every profile and tracks the location as the location is one of the criteria FirstMet uses in the pairing process. This is why it is easy to track malicious behavior of profiles changing locations frequently with VPN. FirstMet is very strict with its regulation and thus bans the profile caught going against the rule.

The Mobile App

FirstMet Review

The FirstMet app is one of the factors that gives the dating platform edge over its competitors. Although many mainstream dating websites are developing their apps to be compatible with the changing times, the options are still limited. FirstMet app is no different than the website, just more convenient to use because you can take it anywhere easily on the phone. Available both to the Android and iOS users, the FirstMet app has been able to attract a lot more young audiences than the website could.

User Interface & Experience On The App

The UI or the user interface of the FirstMet website and app is kept very simple and nothing fancy. The priority is kept on the ease of experience and not the look. There ain’t any use of bright colors or fascinating design, but the layout does ensure easy navigation both on the app & the website. The clean look and the choice of font may initially look old but later will feel well arranged.

The social media extension is another feature that adds to the user experience value making things extremely easy to operate. Despite the several features, the design makes everything look seam-less both on the app and the website. FirstMet makes sure that every user gets three things right at the front without any difficulty because that is the purpose one is here for. One being the list of connections, second is the messages and third advanced search filters.

FirstMet Review

Although FirstMet does allow many features for free, not everything is offered at no cost for the obvious reasons. Features like chatting on video, browsing, and registration is allowed to everyone. But other unique functions like Ice Breakers and unlimited messaging has to be purchased. Also, with the paid subscription plans, one gets to see the list of all the people browsing your profile. And like all other dating websites, the subscription plan pricing on FirstMet follows the same rule of getting more affordable with the increase in the plan size. Check out the prices below:

  • 1 month – $24.99
  • 3 months – $49.99
  • 6 months – $74.97


FirstMet Review

FirstMet is a simple and fun dating platform that comes with both an app and a website. And despite the majority of the crowd being middle-aged, FirstMet is a fun place for the youth as well. And given how almost everything about the platform smells of ease and great user experience and nice, there is one section that is not very impressive. It is weird, especially when all other things on FirstMet are made considering user experience first.

It is the customer support system that we are talking about. Yes, everything on the platform is indeed very easy and hassle-free to not have a problem but because there is payment involved, there might be rare cases as well. Also, it is not uncommon for people having complaints on other users or certain app or website functions not working even after paying for it. FirstMet does not give any platform for the users to place their complaints.

However, as alternative solutions, FirstMet has a complaint form that can be filled. But, the form is not easy to find. Also, there is a long descriptive list of Frequently Asked Questions that may act like the rays of sunshine.

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