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SPDate Review 2024 – Perfect or Scam?

SPDate Review 2024 – Perfect or Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 79%
Quality Matches 75%
Popular Age 19-30
Profiles 67 000
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • SPDate has many verified profiles to choose from. There are many profiles of desirable women to discover.
  • The site is accessible through mobile to enable its usage anywhere on the go.
  • SPDate allows you to swipe on the profiles and chat with them before meeting them for real.
  • Some profiles on the site are devoid of any details, which makes it challenging to choose.
  • Fake profiles lead to a poor experience.
  • The site shows many ads and external links, which is a huge interruption.

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SPDate website has an entirely different presentation style. The first page doesn’t have many pictures or any profile pictures but has a very systematic look. The page has several options in the form of tabs to select from. The site can gain the viewer’s confidence from the homepage itself, which is a great tactic to attract and retain the page’s visitors. The modern outlook of the homepage leaves the visitors curious about the website contents and tend to glance at different pages. The next page is registration, where you enter your details to have further access to the site. The additional pages of the site are filled with the contents of a typical dating site. The unpleasant thing about SPDate is that there are numerous fake profiles here. These profiles have a fake profile photo and are accessed by people who get paid for it. The people who own fake profiles receive payment from the site to attract newly registered customers. These fake profiles are given the responsibility to retain new visitors by engaging them in exciting conversations.

If you are a new visitor to the site, there is a high possibility that the majority of the people you are chatting with are fake profiles. Though you can engage in exciting conversations with these fake profiles, you cannot meet them for real. If you are looking to meet people through this site, be careful not to fall into a trap for these fake profiles. The other profile category you would encounter is fictitious ones marked as unreal personality “UP” next to their name. Apart from the fake profile glitch, the site perfectly fits people wishing to engage in casual meetups and sex. It is also ideal for those who are only interested in fulfilling their fantasies and needs through online conversations. The site enables the exchange of video content and stickers, enhancing the online dating experience and making dream fulfillment possible. So SPDate can be the best site for sexually adventurous people if fake profiles are tackled.

Expert’s Review of SPDate


SPDate is handled by a site called Digital International INC, which is a Cyprus-based company. The website was established with the idea of meeting the needs of single individuals looking for dates. Based in the United States of America, the site has gained immense popularity with its services catered. It is known to have over a hundred thousand members registered, and an average of ten thousand members are available online simultaneously. There are many members, which makes it easy for you to find a match soon after registering. The ratio of males to females is more or less 1:1, another critical feature of the site. So there is almost a date for every individual.

In the beginning, the site majorly supported heterosexual individuals but is now open to people with varied sexual orientations. SPDate is available for individuals of all ages, from young adults to mature ones. The majority of users are amongst the 30-40 age group on the site. Since the site is based in the United States, the majority of the people belong to the white and black races. The Americans and African-Americans predominate the number of members of the site. But with time, it has become a global one and includes people from other races too.

Website Design and Usability

The website design of SPDate is different from that of regular sites. The homepage has a sleek and modern look driving interest to the eyes of visitors. The homepage has tabs that you can click on to select and go to the respective pages you wish to. The site is accessible through mobile as well as through the Desktop. This dual availability makes it easy for the members to view the platform from any place. The next page that is displayed to proceed to any other page is the registration section. The registration page requires the user to fill in details like name, mail id, password, etc.

After registration, the signup page pops up for entry into the site’s profile page. Here, the user will be asked to enter their details and photos, after which they can quickly swipe through profiles and select their desirable match. The site is easy to access and is very user-friendly. The member can effortlessly go through tabs and select the required page. There is also a help option available where the site officials clear your query through chats.

Special Features

The unique feature of SPDate is that it has the qualities of both a regular dating site that is available in the online world and a hookup site. This site caters to the needs of both the lot, the ones wishing to have more casual sex and the individuals looking for longer dates. The site allows the user to swipe through profiles like a dating app and chat with your match. The level and type of conversation proceeds depending on what you are looking for in the app. The other notable features of the site include:

  • Sex request

There is a separate link where the users can request sex. The reviews suggest that this link doesn’t grant actual sex as promised but provides access to porn sites.

  • Discovery

With this feature, you can view the profile photos of individuals you feel are desirable and eliminate the ones you do not like.

  • Top-users

In this feature, the most desirable and popular profiles are displayed. Users can view these popular profiles and chat with them.

How does SPDate Work?

SPDate, a hookup dating site, works to bring together people who wish to engage in sex for short-term or long durations. The site has an approximately equal number of males and females to ensure a partner for each individual. The site caters to the need for sex and fantasy fulfillment of their registered customers. It has both a paid and free version with increased access and other privileges to the paid members. However, the free, as well as paid members can both send unlimited messages to their matches. Once you match the desired person, you can chat, send sexy messages, share photos, stickers, and engage in hot conversations. Once the vibe of your match goes well with yours, you can escalate the chat to a meetup; what is more interesting than being able to find your casual partner just by a few clicks!

Sign Up Process

The signup process of update is straightforward. As a new member, you will be asked to register yourself and create an account before moving to further pages. The first thing you need to enter is your name. Be careful not to enter any fake characters, as your profile can be marked unreal in such a case. The second detail which the site will ask for is your mail-id. Enter a valid email ID to link your email to the site. Several site communications are conducted through mails, such as password recovery, new match updates, payment acknowledgments, etc. So make sure to enter your correct, valid email ID. Following the mail ID, the next detail is the password. Create a unique password that is strong and secure; it will be the key to accessing your profile every time. Next, you will be asked to enter your gender and age. Gender and age will help in providing curated profiles for you to swipe on.

User Profiles Quality

The users of this site are people from different backgrounds and have joined here to enjoy either online or actual sex. The quality of members is otherwise good except for the fake profiles, which are cumbersome. The fake profile is a massive setback in the realm of this dating site. These fake profiles are created by people who are paid for the same. These members who are paid upload counterfeit photos in their profiles to attract the members. They trap especially the newly joined members as the reach of the just enrolled individuals is comparatively less, and this might lead to loss of their interest in the site. The fake profile individuals engage with the new members and start interesting conversations. The topic of discussion is chosen wisely to entice these new members and lure them to use the site furthermore. Even though you can have a great conversation with these fake profiles and can use them to complete your fantasies online, the chances of meeting these people in real life are zero. The best recommendation is to be careful with exciting profiles in the initial days of joining the site. The profiles that seem extremely interesting and engage in hot conversations in the initial days of joining the site can mostly be fake. Choose wisely and try to look at their genuine nature during a conversation. There is no harm in matching or avoiding conversation with matches you feel are fake. Avoid falling trap to counterfeit profiles if you wish to meet all your partners in person.

Mobile Application

There is no mobile application for the SPDate site yet. The site can be accessed through mobile using the browser created for the same. All you get to do is register your profile on the mobile version and have internet access. After the registration process, you can access the profile and perform activities like matching and chatting from any place and time. The mobile version of the site is similar to that of the Desktop one and has all the features. The mobile version is also free to use and is easy to handle.

SPDate Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps


There are many alternatives to the SPDate website. Following is a list of similar sites:

  • meetwives.com

This site consists of wives who are not satisfied with their marriage. To fulfill their sexual needs, they engage in this app. The user can browse through profiles and find their ideal hot partner for dates and meetups.

  • Match.com

It is an old website that is backed by over twenty-five years of experience. It helps in finding an ideal match for you by understanding your preferences and choices.

  • Match2night.com

This site is exclusively built to find partners to go on dinner dates with and spend the night together after that.

  • Dreamsingles.com

Dreamsingles is known to be a popular dating website for singles to find their partner. The site has received several recognitions and is used globally.

  • Citysweeties.com

Citysweeties is another dating platform that helps you find potential matches in your locality. It makes meeting the partners easy, and there are higher chances of both parties catching up.

  • Browsesingles.com

It is another site for singles to find their partners. All you have to do is browse through profiles and find an ideal one that matches your dreams.

  • Asianmelodies.com

Asianmelodies is a dating site primarily developed to find Asian partners.

  • Ourtime.com

Ourtime is for mature individuals who want to enter the dating game. The site provides an excellent platform for mature adults to meet.

  • Jucydate.com

Jucydate is another popular dating site to find your casual date partners.

  • Dateyou.com

This site helps in finding genuine and friendly dates in your locality.

Membership Price and Payment Methods


SPDate provides an option to select to be a lifetime member of the site. To become a lifetime member, you need to pay $0.99 and enter your credit card and other bank details. This amount is generally refunded back to your account within a month. The additional payment that is available is monthly $29.99. With this monthly payment, you will be given access to premium profiles and will provide more significant opportunities to meet potential dates. The security of this site is good so that you can transfer the money stress-free.

Free Membership Features

The free membership features of the site include:

  • Access to many profiles and the ability to swipe.
  • The permission to have an unlimited conversation with your matches through texts.
  • Send videos and stickers to your match.

Premium Membership Features

The premium membership includes the features of all the free membership like access to profiles, chatting with matches, sending videos and stickers along with these additional benefits:

  • It is being able to view and talk to the top users. Top users are premium profiles that are most desirable.
  • With premium membership, you are free to access as many photos as you wish. You will be granted an unlimited permit to visit pictures.
  • There is an added benefit of a list of the most active users to choose from. With this feature, there are higher chances of you finding your ideal date partner quickly.

Is SPDate Really Safe?


The site is safe as long as you access it with caution. There are many fake profiles on the site, and the experience is not great if you match with one of those unreal individuals. Apart from this aspect, the other security system of the site is excellent. The payment gateway is secure, and the users have hardly any bad experience in monetary terms. The payment gateway is through registered agents, and the site provides additional protection to your credit cards.



The site is overall good and is an excellent option for people seeking casual sex or who desire to engage and fulfill their fantasies. There are many options to meet the taste of every individual. The members of the site and the available potential partners come here to satisfy their sexual desires, and hence there is a sync in mindset, which otherwise is difficult to find in regular dating apps. The site being accessible through mobile and computer enables easy handling. With a large number of users, it is a great site to meet dates.

How to Delete an SPDate Account?

To delete your SPDate account, go to the Settings tab on the homepage. Select the tab and then select the Delete Profile option. The next step is to choose the Remove option to delete your account permanently.

How to Message Someone on SPDate?

After you match with the potential partner, the site will display their profile in your match section. Go to their profile and click the message icon to start the chat.

How to See Who Likes You on SPDate without Paying?

The site doesn’t provide the option to view the person who likes you without paying. The only way to find out if the other person likes you without paying is by swiping through profiles. If you swipe right and then it becomes a match, it means that the other person likes you too.

How to Block Someone on SPDate?

To block your match on SPDate, go to their profile and select the block option.

How to Cancel SPDate Subscription?

There is no option to terminate your active subscription while on the site. The subscription is automatically canceled if you delete your account or are inactive for more than three months.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Digital International
  • Address: Hadjikyriakeion, Prodromou Avenue, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Zip Code + City: 1010-1107, Nicosia
  • Country: Cyprus
  • Customer Support Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/RODL6969/
  • Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/spdate?lang=ga
  • Blog: https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Personal-Blog/Spdate-com-112076893611969/?_se_imp=0cRlH1IvmQPRtVpWC
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