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Flirt Review

Flirt Review
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 20-27
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The Flirt registration process is not only easy but free of charge as well.
  • It provides a mobile app.
  • It is not possible to contact a girl if you do not have a premium membership.
  • The membership costs a lot.
  • There are a lot of fake profiles.

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The website was founded in 2009, but it did not become that popular at first. When Cupid bought Flirt, popularity started growing and attracted more than one million members around the world. At first, the website was meant for women only, but then Flirt provided membership fees to all members. It is obvious that old-time users did not take the site too well, so the website had to offer its customers a three-day trial at a lower cost and make use of a flexible refund policy.

Flirt is the type of website you would use if you want a serious relationship. It caters to people who are looking for a commitment-free experience, even though everybody knows that sometimes a serious relationship may start on this kind of platform. Thus, the major focus of Flirt is on keeping things casual. That is why if you are looking for a dating platform that does not press members for commitment, this one is definitely what you need. Let`s look at this dating platform closer, though.

Members structure & activity

Flirt Review

Flirt happens to be an international dating website, so its members are quite diverse in terms of nationality, location, and age. However, female users outnumber male users by around 20 percent. This is not surprising because of the majority of the services used to be free of charge for women. The bigger part of Flirt users, both women, and men happen to be quite young as the age ranges from 20 to 35 years old. Although people from any country are allowed to join, around 30 percent of the members are from the USA. The dating platform reports about four thousand logins daily.

Despite these impressive stats, the activity on the Flirt dating website is illogical. On the one hand, new members receive a lot of messages and videos, especially from women. On the other hand, when you reply, none of the females reciprocates. This can probably happen when the profiles are not active, but when considering 4000 logins every day, this seems to be strange. At the same time, there are many fake accounts on the Flirt dating platform which feature celebrity photos and basic profile descriptions.

Registration process

Flirt Review

It does not take too much time to get registered on the Flirt website. In fact, it only takes three minutes because new members are not asked too many questions. It is required to specify one’s gender, the gender of someone you would like to meet, and zip code. Members should also create a password and provide an email address. This is necessary because the Flirt website will send an activation link. At the same time, they do nothing to verify members` postal code, so it is possible to set any location.

Members are allowed to fill in more details when the registration is completed. As soon as the activation code is submitted, and the email is verified, a user needs to upload photos. The thing is that your Flirt account will remain invisible to other members until your picture is uploaded even if you confirm your email address.

How to Contact Other Members on Flirt.com?

Flirt Review

When a member of Flirt opens an account, one can start browsing through other profiles. However, unlimited communication is only available to premium users. A free user is not able to communicate, but it is possible to send a wink. Although they can also start five chats per day, they will not be able to read messages as they get locked. Free members can open then only after purchasing a membership.

In addition to that, such messages are stored 24 hours, so they have to pay fast. This cannot be called user-friendly; the Flirt website should have provided such users with more time. Female members, though, can reply to messages from other users free of charge, so this term goes for men only. It is not surprising as there are fewer male users on the Flirt platform.

The good thing is that the dating platform takes some precautions when it comes to fraudulent activities. If you receive a message from a reported account, you are going to be notified that this user profile happens to be under Flirt website`s anti-scam revision. Thus, if you decide to interact with such a member, it is entirely your responsibility. The platform will not be liable if something goes wrong.

Matchmaking on the Flirt website is in the form of a roulette game. Members are shown a wheel with potential partners, and they are allowed to like or click on an “X” button. This tab happens to be where people can see accounts they already have likes. They can also see users who liked them.

Users profile quality

Flirt Review

Flirt does not make new users submit a lot of information about themselves, so there are many incomplete profiles. On top of every profile, you can see a photo and some basic details such as gender, age, and location. There is a photo gallery, as well. It is usually blank, as well as a column with extra descriptions. At the same time, it is possible to fill in or edit any Flirt account information on any stage.

There is also an option to ask members to fill in more information about themselves. Meanwhile, if a user did not do that before, one is not likely to do so on another member`s request.

Flirt paid members are also allowed to see what other members are looking for in their potential partners. There are website suggestions on similar profiles below every profile. The customers of this dating website can check them out free of charge. You have to mind it, though, that you cannot see any profiles without photos. Thus, you will have to upload your pictures to make the account visible. Admins of the Flirt dating platform take some time to verify them. At least that is what they claim because you can find a lot of celebrity photos. Unless Angelina Jolie opened numerous accounts on this dating website, the Flirt admins are not doing their job for sure. It is also possible to get your profile verified by calling operators of the site directly. Members are allowed to report any suspicious and fraudulent activity, but it appears that this precaution is not working as well.

Thus, the quality of Flirt profiles happens to be very poor, especially because the website admins “verify” every new profile. The user information is not enough, there ate too many fake accounts, and the only valuable information one can find on Flirt profiles happens to be whether this member is online.

Website Design and Mobile Version

Taking into account the attitude of Flirt towards member profiling, nothing is surprising that the owners did not invest in a mobile application. The only good thing here is that the web version is optimized for mobile. This way, it is still possible to use the platform via a smartphone browser. At the same time, the functionality of the Flirt mobile version happens to be limited. All users are allowed to do is to “wink” and chat. It is possible to search for other users` accounts, but this process is rather annoying. The desktop design of Flirt is acceptable, even though it is not that functional. The site header obtains two tabs, which are “Like Gallery” and “Search.” The search page is divided into three sections. The first one is where members can browse through the full database of users. The other two allow members to look for either those people who are currently online or new profiles. All profiles are presented in a grid, and it is not possible to see if they are offline or online. New Flirt accounts happen to be marked with red color. As mentioned above, you can see the basic info under a member photo, for example, age, gender, and location. You can also find “chat” and “wink” buttons that allow contacting other Flirt members.

Customers can also see a big, green “Update” button. Inbox and notification tabs are two separate menu buttons. The design of the Flirt dating platform happens to be rather typical and comprehensive. You can find account settings and profile info in a collapsible tab. Thus, this dating platform does not provide anything new, which makes the navigation easy.

How Much Does Flirt Cost?

Flirt Review

As it was mentioned before, free members of the Flirt dating platform are allowed to get registered and send winks to other users. Female members can reply to messages free of charge. In addition to that, a free user is allowed to add any account to favorites, although it will not do much good.

At the same time, paid users can:

  • Send messages without limits.
  • Get engaged in chats with other Flirt users.
  • See what other members are willing to find in a potential partner.
  • Use extended search filters.
  • Send videos and photos in a chat room.

The Flirt dating website also claims that users receive premium support, but it is hard to figure out what it is. The thing is that the Flirt support happens to be faulty in general. It is possible to suppose that the support team just prioritizes the premium users` requests.

Speaking of prices, the dating website obtains an average cost system. Its logic happens to be pretty standard, which is the longer a user subscribes for, the less a month would cost. Hence, a one-month subscription costs 27.30 dollars. If you opt for a three-month subscription plan, you will pay 45.90 dollars in total, which is 15.30 per month. There is also a six-month Flirt subscription, which costs 73.60 in total and 12.27 dollars per month.

In addition to that, Flirt users can make use of a three-day trial at 4.23 dollars and a refund policy. The dating website does not mention any conditions on it, though. Perhaps, members are supposed to contact customer support to claim a refund. The Flirt dating platform also advertises discount policies for new members. Still, you will not find any comprehensive regarding that. The payment options you can use are not that versatile as credit and debit cards happen to be the only option you can use.

There is good news, though, which is that it is billed discreetly. This implies that Flirt or online dating will not be mentioned. Instead, the card statement will show “fenums.com.” If you are willing to get your subscription canceled, you will have to do that manually, or it will renew automatically. Even if you delete your account, it will still auto-renew. At the same time, if you delete your profile and cannot access the payment settings, things will become more complicated. In this case, you will have to contact Flirt support to cancel.

Additional Features and Services

Flirt Review

Although you are not going to find anything revolutionary on the Flirt dating website, there are still some extra perks.

  • Roulette matchmaking system

This is the only unique service. In addition to scrolling the roulette and marking profiles you like and do not like, it is possible to view three tabs below: users who liked you, users you liked, and mutual likes.

  • Video profiles

If you are not into filling in text descriptions, you are allowed to upload a brief video to introduce yourself to other Flirt members.

  • Request more information

This Flirt feature is not standard, which does not work. You can ask other members to provide more details on their profiles, but very few of them would actually do that.

  • First cast

They should have named it “Flirt CopyPaste.” This feature instantly sends the same message to all matches. You are allowed to spam other members every 12 hours.


Flirt Review

The Flirt dating platform is not that unique. People who are willing to find something casual and commitment-free can find a lot of more affordable websites and apps. And the good part is that they will not obtain that many fake profiles and will provide their users with more useful features and perks than Flirt.

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