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Chemistry Review

Chemistry Review
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Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Matching system of high quality that was innovated by Dr Fisher
  • Easy navigation
  • Communication on weekends is free of charge
  • It is not possible to browse through profiles. Users are allowed to view only their matches provided by the detailed matching system of Chemistry
  • Rather long registration process

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Online dating is becoming more and more popular. In this niche, there are a lot of reputable and lasting services. At the same time, there are many new platforms which do their best to offer something unusual. Chemistry.com happens to be related to both the mentioned categories. The platform is similar to Match.com and used to be “another dating website”. The situation changed when it underwent an in-depth and complete redesign that took place in 2017.

What Innovative Idea Is There Behind Chemistry?

Chemistry Review

Chemistry is focused on the most earnest people who have the most serious intentions. At the same time, this kind of approach suggests that the dating platform should be serious as well. In reality, the dating platform realized that when they invited Dr Helen Fisher, a well-known anthropologist who obtains 30-years’ experience in studying romantic behaviour of humans. She was to develop such a matchmaking system which would be of a completely new level.

There are many ideas which were brought by Dr Fisher, and the most conceptual one happens to be that a successful relationship includes two factors – chemistry and compatibility. If you obtain some dating experience, you must have realized that it is possible that a person can seem to be perfect for you during online communication. The same person can turn out to be less interesting to you in real life. Chemistry supposes that this kind of situations take place because dating website considers only compatibility neglecting chemistry. This is when you may wonder how one can know anything regarding the chemistry between a hypothetical couple before they meet in real life. Chemistry dating platform has done a great job to apply Dr Fisher`s knowledge for the online dating system.

Features Overview

At first sight, it may seem that there is nothing outstanding about Chemistry. There are the same profiles which contain photos and text. Users can send and receive messages and winks. At the same time, there are differences which can be missed by a regular user. As it was mentioned before, this is because Chemistry dating platform has invested a lot of efforts to adapt the professional knowledge of Dr Fisher regarding romantic interaction with the procedures and features of the website.

Setting up a Chemistry Profile

The first big difference of Chemistry is going to be noticed when users enter their basic information such as email address, name, zip code, etc. The thing is that they will be required to take a comprehensive and comparatively long personality test. Although it may seem that some of the questions have nothing to do with dating and repetitive, taking this test is important. It is crucial to answering all the provided questions sincerely as their aim is to determine the personality types of Chemistry users. This will help the system to find the best matches for every client. As soon as the test is completed, users can upload their photos, fill out the questionnaire about the potential partners and themselves. They can also describe themselves in their own words.

The Explanation Personality Classification

Chemistry Review

It may seem surprising but the personality type classification which is applied was not invented by Dr Fisher or Chemistry. In fact, the same 16 personalities are being used by the dating website, and many of us are aware of them due to our professional background. According to it, people are divided into Directors (focused and decisive), Explorers (open-minded and creative), Negotiators (imaginative and empathetic) and Builders (social and dependable). After that, they are divided into 16 types. You can easily find this information online. As it was mentioned before, the test happens to be rather long. That is why it can take a user around thirty minutes to set up the profile on Chemistry.com.

You should keep in mind that it is not allowed to return to any questions after they are answered. This implies that when the questions are answered, they are set in stone. Therefore, it is important not to hurry and provide sincere and earnest answers.

At the same time, this process happens to be not so tedious for many Chemistry users. Moreover, some find it though-provoking, so they may find the result rather revealing. With the help of the questions, users receive a comprehensive description of their personality. In addition to that, they are provided with a description of the most suitable match. Moreover, this time-consuming test allows Chemistry to filter users. This means that if a person came here out of sheer curiosity, he is highly likely to fail to complete the process. Thus, only those people who take the issue seriously will do everything.

How Do I Interact With Other Users?

Chemistry Review

As soon as you set up your profile on Chemistry and are willing to look for people to communicate with, you are going to notice that you cannot browse the full database users. The dating website has filters, but they can be applied to those users with whom the system has matched you. Such filters are divided into “new” and “active”. This first includes those people who have just got registered but they may not be online now. The active ones are those who are online. When using Chemistry, you may feel that the system trusts its algorithms more than a customer`s commonsense and taste. This is something that can confuse you. At the same time, there are more than eight million users, so there are very few chances that you will not find the right person with such a variety of matches.

The rest of the process happens to be quite usual, as you can wink, nudge and send messages to other Chemistry users. However, the dating platform obtains several unique features. Some of them are worth to be looked at closely – My Stream, Chemistry Starters and personalized dating tips.

Chemistry Starters Feature

It happens that a user sees a profile that he likes and is willing to contact the person but cannot find the rights words to start a conversation. In fact, this is quite a common thing for online dating. The users of Chemistry.com can send a wink, but this may seem to be too trivial. By the way, the other person may have the same opinion. In this kind of situations, Chemistry clients can make use of a set of fun activities:

  1. Five-card Sort. Two users receive five-card sets which are similar. They need to place the cards in a particular order. After that, they can compare how differently or similarly they have stacked them.
  2. Fortune Cookie. Two Chemistry clients crack a fortune cookie open, receive the same line and need to explain the meaning to the other person in one or two sentences. Then, they should compare what they have and see if the sense is understood in the same way.
  3. Love It or Leave It. This feature happens to be the simplest one. A user is shown several images. It is necessary to mark those that he loves and those that he would leave. After that, it is possible to show the results to the other person.
  4. Relationship essentials. This feature happens to be the most straightforward and allows Chemistry users to cut straight to the point by means of skipping the small talk. This means that a user can answer several short questions regarding their expectations about the potential relationship and a partner. They are handed then to the other person, so it could be understood if these people are on the same page.

It is obvious that these Chemistry.com features happen to be a great alternative to a boring wink. Moreover, people are not required to make too many efforts to start communicating.

My Stream Feature

My stream is different from the Facebook newsfeed. It happens to be a stream of updates from a user`s matches profiles. This is where you can see when some of them upload photos, when they like something, when they answer any questions that appear in the Stream or when they answer any of the Chemistry Starters prompts. This way Chemistry users get more visibility because the matches can see when any of the mentioned activities are performed, let it be uploading a new picture or responding a question from the Stream.

Personalized Dating Tips

Chemistry Review

This happens to be one more exciting feature you can find on Chemistry.com. As they are aware of your personality test results, they can provide you with a number of tips. They should work for your personality type. At the same time, you are free to consider or ignore these recommendations. Anyway, every user is welcome to share the feedback regarding which of the tips were used and whether they worked out.

Should I Choose Free or Paid Membership?

Chemistry Review

Chemistry claims that a lot of money has been invested in the development of the innovative system, so they have created something which is unique and outstanding. Therefore, Chemistry users need to pay for the provided services. The only free procedures you can access are the registration and opening profile. Any of the further actions are required to be paid. Users can do that in many ways, so the price depends on the subscription plan which is chosen. For example, if you are willing to buy one month, you will have to pay 39.99 dollars. at the same time, it is possible to save 40 percent, if you get subscribed for half a year. In this case, it will cost you 20.99 dollars per month as the whole period costs 125.94 dollars. There is another option you can go for which is the three-month Chemistry membership which costs 80.97 dollars for the whole period. The payment per month makes up 26.99 dollars.

It happens that Chemistry dating platform provides special offers and discounts; consequently, the prices for the subscription plans can be different from the mentioned above. Thus, it is necessary to check the prices beforehand.

Like the subscription plans for the majority of other dating websites, Chemistry subscription plan shall auto-renew by default. This implies that a user does not want the subscription to be renewed, it is necessary to go to the settings and turn the auto-renewal off. It is to be noted that trial options are not available.

Are There Any Complaints About Chemistry?

Chemistry Review

According to user reviews, the most common complaint about Chemistry is that it prioritizes its own algorithms over the preferences of the clients. This means that the filters set by users are not taken into consideration in many cases. For instance, a client states that he is only interested in potential partners in his area and may still see matches from all over Canada and the USA. Or if a client is interested in divorced single or widowed female and male Chemistry members, but not the separated ones, the user may see the latter among the possible matches.

One more reason, why many clients complain, happens to be unreachable customer support. There are users who state that they failed to contact them even when the problem was serious, for instance, the bill was for a wrong amount of money.

These disadvantages happen to be very irritating. A person can expect such things from a free dating platform but not from the paid ones.


Chemistry Review

Chemistry is a pretentious project, but it seems that it is a half-baked product. Currently, it seems that all the budget went to Dr Fisher for assistance. At the same time, the crucial functions which are expected from a dating platform are underfunded and not developed enough. In other words, Chemistry appears to be a beta version.

We would like to warn people against spending money on this dating website, although the prices happen to be rather modest. Nonetheless, the idea of this kind of service is exciting, so it is still worth to be tried. There are great hopes that all the complaints will be considered, and they manage to develop an exciting dating platform indeed. Thus, Chemistry is still to be tried.

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