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SexSearch Review

SexSearch Review
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Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 20-28
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 9.3
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is allowed to get registered via Facebook.
  • Members can browse through profiles free of charge.
  • The most important features are free.
  • The application version happens to be buggy and rather slow.

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Dating is a light-minded form of fun for most people these days. But most companies offering online services do not think so. They believe that people who date online are earnest-minded and they have even shared success storied to support their claim. There are also online dating companies that accept the stigma and they say that meeting sexual partners online is okay because it caters to the people who do not want permanent relationships.

SexSearch dating platform caters for people who are not into serious relationships. This platform is operated by Dating Factory Company which has been involved in activities related to scam before. But we are not going to investigate the various scam activities relating to this company. Instead, we will talk about the SexSearch website itself and its services. You will know what they are offering and decide whether it is a legit place for people looking to meet partners online.

This platform is designed logically. It is very interactive and easy to navigate through. It looks attractive and at a first glance, users will feel inspired to start flirting. The moment you load the website, you are reminded to register but do not rush when signing up. It is recommended to analyze the site details first before registering.

SexSearch website also has a blog. Their blog offers guidelines and other information regarding online dating. But most of the content in their blog is not useful. The content even appears like it is congested with innuendos and other things that will prompt people to register at the dating site instantly.

This dating platform additionally claims that they have more than one million members from everywhere around the globe. This makes it look fun but the number of users has nothing to do with people interested in getting a temporary partner fast. These are people who don’t even care where the person they hook up with is located. Cybersex enthusiasts are also there however the platform does not make users specify that.

Registering and starting to use website

SexSearch Review

Those who are new to the SexSearch dating website may always register with Facebook. There is also an option to join this platform from scratch. Whichever way you choose to register, there are various steps involved to create a profile. New users are supposed to specify their gender, their sexual likes, an email address a username and a password. All this takes around sixty seconds. You will never be asked to give any other information besides that.

Normally, a good online dating platform requires users to get verified first. This is meant to ensure that the members are not underage and that they are legit. But SexSearch website does not do that.

If a user decides to delete his/her account from the site, the process of doing that is very simple. You will just go to the setting and delete the account. And when deleting your account, ensure to cancel the subscription as well, this should be done before deleting. Failure to cancel your subscription you might continue getting billed for an account that no longer exists and there can be several other misunderstandings.

The profile quality website users

SexSearch Review

After creating your SexSearch website profile, you should next write a few things about yourself. You are also required to post a few pictures and videos of yourself. But all these are not mandatory in this platform. You can go ahead and start communicating with other users without that. You are also allowed to update this information later as you keep using the site.

Users display picture will be displayed publicly for anyone to view. But the other pictures and videos users decide to share may be kept private and only be shared with the users who a person wishes to share with. Users may even choose not to upload a profile photo. And if the images and videos you share entail nudity, only the paying users will be able to view them, no matter what your privacy setting is.

And since the SexSearch website allows users to choose whether to fill out their profile on not, you will find many empty profiles. Others will not even be having a profile picture since that is not mandatory either. Apart from that, there are major differences between the profiles for men and those for women. The majority of male profiles do not have pictures and if they are there, they are of low quality. When it comes to women profiles, you will see half-naked photos with sexy looks. This is something very suspicious about the SexSearch website because it appears like it is aimed at horny men who are not able to thing properly.

Communicating with other website users: Free versus Paid membership

SexSearch Review

To communicate with other users at the SexSearch website, you will have to pay. Free membership allows users to do only a few things that cannot help as far as online dating is concerned. For instance, with basic searching, users can search other active members, new to the platform, are VIPs and more. They can add the users who they like in their favorites list and view the users who also add them to theirs.

But when it comes to sending messages, those on free membership are only able to send messages and e-cards or winks. They will not be able to see their inbox to know what other users sent them. What this means is that communicating with other users on this platform requires users to get the paid membership.

With a paid membership, users can use the advanced searching feature. This feature does not help much because most profiles at the SexSearch website are empty. These users can also send messages to whoever they like. These users additionally can access other special features. They include:

  • Video chatting: Users can use the webcam and microphone to talk to other users.
  • Picture filter: Users can choose the pictures of other people they want to see. If for instance, you hate nudes, you will use the picture filter feature to enable you to see decent pictures only. Users can even choose to see X-rated content only.

The communication experience

SexSearch Review

Even though this website is full of empty profiles, the users hers are so active. You are likely to receive so many messages within a short time after creating an account. This can tempt you to subscribe to see what other users are telling you. You will see all kinds of messages, most of them are from people who want to have fun. You will even mind some telling you “you look beautiful” yet you have not uploaded any pictures. This is something that also raises suspicion about this platform.

Subscription Costs and other charges

SexSearch Review

When it comes to charges, this platform does not charge a lot of money. The subscription for 1 month is 24.99 dollars. And like most dating platforms, you can pay less if you purchase a longer duration and paying in advance. For instance, if you choose to pay for 3 months, you will pay a total of 59.95 dollars which is equivalent to 19.99 dollars each month. And if you choose to get a subscription of 6 months, the cost will reduce further. This subscription costs 89.95 dollars which is equivalent to 14.99 dollars each month.

If you choose to pay another 14.00 dollars each month, you will be able to VIP add-on. This will highlight a user’s profile making it appear at the top of other members’ searching outcomes. This add-on does not have any benefit besides that.

The SexSearch website subscriptions are set to be auto-renewed. Users that want to end their subscription can do so in their account settings. It is advisable to do this fourteen days before the subscription expiry date of the subscription. If you don’t do this, you will have to pay for the following term and there is no refund policy here.

And like most dating platforms, the SexSearch website accepts payment through methods like bank transfer, credit card, and debit card.

The disadvantages of SexSearch website

SexSearch Review

So far, we have talked about some of the setbacks of this platform. Here are other you need to know about:

  1. Poor customer support: To begin with, the feature for reporting an abusive or suspicion member is not there. And if you encounter any problem when using this website, you can only ask for assistance through email or a form available at the site. The instant chatting option or hotline is not offered. It is also good when a website states the duration it can take to get feedback regarding the users’ concerns, but this platform has not indicated that. As a service provider, they are supposed to investigate their customers’ concerns but it looks like all they do is just ignore.
  2. No mobile app: The most crucial thing in dating services is the dating app, this is good for people who want fast hookups. If you are after a long-term relationship, you can respond to people who send you messages later when you are using your desktop machine. But fast hook up has to be planned immediately. SexSearch can be accessed on the mobile browser but there is no app.
  3. Poor profiles: A profile with too much information may not be appropriate for online dating but it is good to let people know about you. But this platform allows users to have empty profiles, this is equivalent to blind dating.
  4. Some red flags in the terms of use: This is a serious drawback. Most users register without reading the terms of use. In the SexSearch site, we saw something in the terms of use that proved that the site is fake. There are various points that raise eyebrows. This platform has described members as artificial users who communicate with people through sharing automated messages just for fun. What this means is that this platform admits having profiles that do not belong to real users. The worst is that users will not be able to distinguish between profiles of actual users and those that are not real because they are not indicated in any manner. So, members are left to guess whether they are communicating with a real human or a robot.

Users have to be keen to know if you are interacting with a robot or not. For instance, if when chatting you feel that their replies are off, that can be a sign that you are chatting with a robot. If the chat feels strange in a way, that could be a sign that a computer program is writing to you. And we also mentioned earlier that after signing up you may start getting messages like “you are beautiful” yet you have not shared any picture. This again proves that the messages are from a computer program.

But this does not imply that every profile people may find at the SexSearch website is operated by a robot. But they should have specified the robotic ones to make it easier for people to know who they are communicating with.


SexSearch Review

After finding out that SexSearch has sexbots, that alone outweighs all the advantages that this site might have. Instead of finding a real date, you will end up chatting with a robot which will just end there, you will not get what you want from a dating website. Anyone searching for a dating platform should be aware of what SexSearch is offering. If you are ready to pay for cybersex with a robot, then this platform is ideal for you. But this cannot be considered as online dating and so this is not a dating website.

If you are interested in hooking up with someone on the web, consider other dating websites, no need to waste your money and time here. You will find many legit alternatives online and ensure to read reviews to be sure that they are offering what they promise the users.

Dating Factory which runs the SexSearch website needs to stop misguiding people. Also, they should stop advertising this website as a dating platform. They should consider rebranding it; they can call it a sex bot service or something like that, but not a dating service.

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Betty McMillan
Betty McMillan
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