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FetLife review – what do we know about it?

FetLife review – what do we know about it?
About Site
Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 98%
Popular Age 20-32
Profiles 5 020 360
Reply Rate 95%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site supports 17 genders and 14 sexual orientations
  • Here you can go through wild photos
  • Members of this site don’t kink shame
  • It is a great platform to get famous and promote your sexy photos
  • The site is very BDSM-friendly; any kinks are welcomed
  • FetLife has many valuable features, such as Perv and Perv Kinkster Nearby
  • The site has around 8 million members worldwide
  • More than 100,000 new members per month
  • Here you can engage in hot topics and share discussions
  • The site accepts donations but doesn’t bind you to pay for a membership
  • Great for any fetish
  • Discreet
  • It works as a social media site
  • It doesn’t have an app for iOS
  • Sometimes scammer profiles appear

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Are you looking for an interesting place to spend a night? Are you searching for a future partner or a sex interest?

Fetlife is a perfect example of an adult site for casual sex and dating. This site reveals an ideal world of everyday fantasies, kinky encounters, fetish-friendly uses, BDSM kittens, and doms. Why is it so unique? Fetlife is an incredible balance between searching for a sex affair and looking for a long-term relationship. Everyone comes here for their own business, but Fetlife does not play about their policy.

Created in 2008 by a company called BitLove Inc., the site gained fantastic popularity among fetish lovers. Most site features are free of charge, but you can also pay off to receive a full arsenal of additional options.

How does FetLife work?

How does FetLife work?

People are becoming more aware of their sexuality lately, and sites like this are here to support it. FetLife has 8 million members to prove it. The site works like social media, where you can add friends to your personal favorites list, follow a member you like, post photos, and text other members privately or add them to your group chats. Like every other messenger, the site does not require too much knowledge or money.

Here you can look at the photos of different numbers, search them up or engage in hot conversations. The site filters out the most liked and recent pics. Here you can be sure to see a lot of nudes, sexually explicit or perverted photos. But don’t worry, FetLife doesn’t kink shame as long as you are ready to meet the site’s requirements and follow its policies. Here you can find any content, including soft porn and harsh BDSM. You may also find numbers in your local area by choosing the Perv Kinkster Nearby option on the main message page. But be sure that other viewers can see your current location and that the city you reside or currently stay in is correct.

Just visit the member’s profile and choose to block them if you think they are messing with the site’s policy or personally insulting you as a user.

Comparing FetLife to different kink sites makes us conclude that this site has several benefits. Free messaging is one of them. Here you can text people free of charge. Just look at their message box that has a simplistic theme. You’ll understand once you get there.

Registration with FetLife – is it really easy?

Registration with FetLife – is it really easy?

FetLife has a very comprehensive registration form. All you need to do is provide your basic information, such as gender, orientation, BDSM role, current location, email address, age, and come up with a nickname. It is a free option and doesn’t require you to pay for signing up, which is very beneficial for people who want to know what they’re giving money for.

The site will also ask you to provide a mobile phone number to verify your account. These login details are essential because FetLife is strictly for adults. Verification is strongly needed. Unlike any other site, you don’t have to provide different social media accounts to sign up because FetLife is private. But if you want to share a post, you can post a link to your social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform.

The registration process is more than straightforward. Anyone of any age would appreciate FetLife because it doesn’t require too much time to sign up.

What about design and usability?

What about design and usability?

FetLife’s design is very simplistic and made to be eye-candy. The interface has dark colors, so both the site and the app are easy to use at night. Dark and grey colors excellently represent the kink community. The red text font perfectly meets the BDSM aesthetic.

FetLife has comprehensive guidelines which will help you upload videos and photos, connect and learn faster. It includes a divine FAQ section made to explain some of the site’s policies and guide you through your experience. FetLife describes all the genders and sexual preferences for beginners with a simple yet correct list of characteristics. The site has a maximum size of videos you can upload. The guidelines will help you upload information correctly without fuss or worry.

FetLife is excellent as to its usability because even the elderly generation and newbies in online dating will understand its design and have no problems navigating the page without further directions.

Let’s talk about profile quality of FetLife

Let's talk about profile quality of FetLife

Now you can build a relationship on FetLife without any problem once you add someone to your friend list. This site has an excellent profile quality because everything is categorized into tabs. By using the first tab, you may edit the information you provided during sign-up. You can always toggle these pieces of information or delete them altogether if you do not like how your page looks. The second tab describes the member. Make sure it is appealing and gives a proper understanding of you as a personality, your gender, sexual preference, and other important stuff. The third tab helps you find people from your friend list.

If you want to visit a friend or check out, reach for the 4th tab on the site. Other ones will help you upload videos or photos, share your content with active users, and interact with them publicly. You can also directly message your photos. The maximum size for a video upload is 5GB.

You can show the activities of your profile on FetLife or decide to stay private. The site has strong security despite its purpose. Fishy people will be filtered out and will not be able to see your profile. But if you want to be a famous person on the site, disable this function so that everyone can see your face.

FetLife members can post something on their walls and edit this information. Sometimes profile’s quality is not the best, but this is not the site’s fault, as some people prefer to stay private and be discreet about their identity.

The mobile application of FetLife

Just like every other popular sex dating site, FetLife has a mobile application version. The only drawback is that it is only available for Android users. You also can’t download it directly from the Google Play store. The app comes as an APK file which you can download from the site. It doesn’t contain any viruses.

If you are an iOS user, do not worry. You can still comfortably use this site with browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari. All the versions are incredibly straightforward and user-friendly.

70% of people use FetLife from their mobile phones or tablets. Because it is more accessible to date from the comfort of your home, especially in these times, the app comes in handy. You can send and receive texts from the app version, but the maximum number of requests and messages will be blocked upon your time-out. The time you can freely text and interact with others verbally lasts not more than few hours. You can quickly turn notifications on or off, depending on your preferences. If you want to stay updated, switch the sound on. Other options work the same as with the desktop version, so don’t worry about switching from your computer to your phone.

FetLife has one great feature. If you don’t want anyone to see what app you’re using, you can change the app icon to look different so that no one understands what type of it you’re using. Overall, the app is fantastic.

Safety & security

Safety & security

Overall, FetLife is a safe and secure dating site made to meet everyone’s needs. If you’re having any problems with your privacy, contact the support team directly using the following email: [email protected].

Although it is hard to come across fake members, you can usually detect a scammer by looking at their profile details. If the person is making unusual requests, they’re up to no good. The site does not condone any fake activity or ask for money from other users. What can you do? You can report unusual activity and block the person you do not like. FetLife tries to prevent fraud and scamming at all costs. But because it is an adult site, things like this happen.

Pricing and benefits

You don’t have a premium membership with FetLife. Instead, the site gives you support, and you have to donate a certain amount of money per month. The minimum you can opt for is half a year. FetLife is fairly underground, so it can’t financially allow receiving payments for less than six months. FetLife members can send support with their credit cards’ help and receive a bill from BitLove Inc., a native company. The support renews each half a year, so if you want to switch that off, mind that the payment is automatic. Here are some of the perks you will get by becoming a patron:

  • An “I Support FetLife” badge
  • You can look and go through the most recent photos
  • Also, you may participate in discussions and talk on different topics in groups or on the wall in the comment section
  • You can watch videos
  • You may get back to the content you liked
  • Customize your interface
  • New features will be tested on FetLife patrons, so you will be the one to play with the newest perks

The cost on FetLife is as follows:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total
6 Months 5.00 USD / Month 30.00 USD
12 Months 5.00 USD / Month 60.00 USD
24 Months 5.00 USD / Month 120.00 USD

Help & support

Help & support

FetLife has the quickest support team, ready to help members at any time. You can access them from the site or send an email according to the inquiries. FetLife has the fastest support for unusual activity, paying issues, or any other question. They are friendly and quick to compromise. Remember that member security is FetLife’s top priority.


Is FetLife safe?

FetLife is a safe site for sexual encounters and casual relationships. It doesn’t use excessive data and focuses on privacy. The site also battles scammers and fraud with great force.

Is FetLife a real dating site?

FetLife is a genuine dating site for people who want to build actual relationships. It doesn’t matter if the purpose of your registration is casual sex or dates; FetLife makes sure you don’t talk to bots or frauds.

How to use FetLife?

FetLife is easy to use. Just create an account on the site or download the app, make friends or meet up for sex. You can watch kinky photos and videos, participate in conversations, and make your life better by looking at sexy people.

Is FetLife free?

FetLife is free, but you can also become a patron and try out more exciting features.

Does FetLife really work?

The site works both for desktop and app versions. There shouldn’t be any problem with you using FetLife because it is easy and free.


FetLife is an excellent site for your sexcapades. It is perfect for BDSM-lovers, kink lovers of genders and preferences. What are the perks? It is a universal and easy-to-use site for every adventurer.

You can use most features for free or become a patron, toggle your info, enjoy pics, and talk to like-minded people.

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