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EastMeetEast Review

EastMeetEast Review
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 3 000 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Women can use any of the functionality of the EastMeetsEast website free of charge
  • Most users are from the United States and have Asian origins
  • Very few fraudulent profiles
  • Significant subscription charges for men

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General information about EastMeetEast

EastMeetEast Review

Free Asian dating service for women?EastMeetEast. Gent, it’s probably the best news you’ll get all day. In this comprehensive overview of EastMeetEast, you will understand why it’s perfect for you. Go through all that you need to determine if it is worthy of your attention and cash.

Have you been to a pub selling ladies cocktails? What are all these bars together? All of them are packed with kids! The fact that this website gives women free subscriptions means that many people would be drawn to the site (which in turn attracts many men). It is one of the first things you may find during the EastMeetEast study. The site contains a wide variety of beautiful Asian women and men who overgrow as the company focuses strongly on spreading its reach in the US market.

Don’t trust this and want to make sure? You can leap through insane barriers before ever taking your money. You will search for future matches and individuals within 35 seconds of first visiting the website! The website will allow you to see all your potential matches in your region without any questions asked free. You just want to be an active member if you enjoy the web.

Don’t panic, girls. There’s a lot that can be used at EastMeetEast, and it will be covered below. If you are ready to discover what this website has to bring, hitch, and jump into analysis. When you’re ready to test the app, tap on the trial period button. Ladies will eventually receive your 100% free account and men; your free trial account will automatically configure you. Isn’t tech fantastic?

EastMeetEast is a popular English-speaking Asian online dating site. Service is free for women, although male members are paid for using all the website apps. The founding banks rely on the fact that Asian women (men of other ethnic groups) are more desired than Asian men. Besides, its target audience is for young urban professionals, meaning that males will not charge the entrance fee.

More than half of the user base of EastMeetEast exists in the United States. It has more than 700,000 users since its debut in 2013. There are also tons of successes and reviews on the website. EastMeetEast claims to have partnered more than 70,000 individuals successfully via its website.

Users structure

EastMeetEast Review

Most EastMeetEast participants are aged between 18 and 34 years. The majority of users are university students or young urban professionals. Since this particular dating site is primarily built for English speakers Asians (typically resident in the United States), almost every member has an Asian ethnicity. All too many people use EastMeetEast to meet more people, to find friends and to date. The app does not intend to meet members for informal meetings.

Signup process

EastMeetEast Review

Registering for an EastMeetEast account is a fast and smooth operation. On the webpage of the platform, two choices are available on how you choose to build your profile. You may either register with your two-step Facebook profile or include necessary information in your automatic registration. Selecting your automatic registration will question you for the following details (all of which would be necessary).

  • In essence, the gender of the user you are searching for;
  • your first name;
  • profession and birthday;
  • your background (a choice of Asian multi-race or non-Asian multinational) Postal code (if you do not come from the US you have to enter your country of residence);
  • your email and password appointed. You may choose to export your Facebook picture;
  • when all is done, you have to go to your email and trigger your account. The only method you can access the web is by email.

Get in touch

EastMeetEast has two main communication characteristics: smile sharing and messages sending. These services are free for women, although men have to upgrade their subscriptions to use them fully. Nevertheless, men can also add EastMeetEast Coins to experience this contact functionality without paying a monthly fee. When women send a message to men, men can only see a glimpse of the post. A premium subscription will be required to unlock this post.

EastMeetEast has a section ‘Search,’ which displays your recommendations for matching. Profiles are presented in a grid interface where you can show simple user information. Profile on the search display shows a specific report, indicating whether a user regularly responds, occasionally or very rarely.

Profiles quality

EastMeetEast Review

Membership pages in EastMeetEast reveal minimal membership information. A high profile picture on the left side of the screen is shown. Please find thumbnails for other picture uploads right below. Only users who have a picture can access or extend other users ‘photo uploads. The photo album includes two function buttons: ‘Smile’ and ‘Call.’

Name, age, race, location, and profession can be seen on the opposite side of each participant profile photo. Under such key material, these account sections are: ‘”About me”-a self-written summary entry, “Personal details”, Instagram images gallery, when chosen to link it to the EastMeetEast’s. If you do not add an image to the profile, your profile will remain invisible. Also, if you have an accepted profile picture, your account will be at the bottom of the searches if you do not fill in your details.

Mobile application

The mobile app of EastMeetEast has the same characteristics as its website. But, the mobile application has an instant message feature, which the webpage does not have. It enables users to initiate a conversation rapidly wherever they are.

The user interface of the smartphone app also offers excellent navigation and functionality. All apps can be accessed via the collapse menu. Member accounts often have available action buttons to promote the application’s capabilities.

EastMeetEast architecture offers an enjoyable user interface. The interface is clean and quick. Warm colors such as pink and white are used to illustrate other pieces, but the graphic design, in general, adheres to the shades blue and gray.

The features of the website are grouped into tabs on the menu header. The buttons are “Search,” “Texts,” “Messages,” “Smiles,” “Visitors,” and “Subscribing.” On the right side of the top screen, your account and profile settings can be seen. The specific function of the website is displayed on each page. On the ‘Quest’ tab, the members are displayed in a grid style, based on your window size, the number of columns. As with the ‘Messages,’ ‘Smiles,’ and the ‘Visitors’ pages, a bit of advice will then be shown if you did not receive any contact. These are tips for uploading a photo or completing your profile.

Membership Price

EastMeetEast Review

EastMeetEast provides its male users only one form of a premium membership in four different periods. Women can get all the dating apps free of charge.

The membership is automatically renewed for the same bundle and price and can be canceled whenever you wish. Up until the last day of your next pay period, you will enjoy the exclusive membership benefits. Every subscription upgrade has an extra NY sales tax fee.

You can add a fee to your EastMeetEast coins if you do not want to apply to a premium account. Coins are EastMeetEast’s currency, allowing you to perform “ala-carte” acts. It costs 60 coins to give a smile, while the cost of a message is 100 coins. Each new consumer receives a gift of 1000 free coins. By fulfilling your profile, you can also gain coins.

You can go ahead and enjoy and miss this segment if you are a girl. Your connection is 100% free! That means that you have access to all of the features of the web without opening your pack, wallet, bucket, or original equipment.

Boys, it would cost you a few dollars to find your Asian dream mate, but luckily just a few. The price for EastMeetEast may be very ambiguous at first, but it seems to be calculated in such a way that you can see what you are searching for.

Next, you have a premium subscription for EastMeetEast. No subscription rates are on the web, so that each of these subscriptions has all the extra features.

The app allows you: to communicate and reply to users, have push notifications when you read them. You pay 275 coins a month (used to send personal messages for the first time, jumping you to the front of the communication line, with 100 new emails per month). These look to be filled out every month and need not be used until the first text was sent out.

200 Smiles every month – (These are used to flirt with users on the platform and are often filled each month).

Special features

EastMeetEast Review

EastMeetEast offers no function other than standard but offers specific options that may be called spectacular:

  • Your Views and Smiles. This option shows you who saw your profile and who sent you a grin.
  • Dating tips. These will be published suggestions for individuals who consider dating a little tricky.


As far as help is concerned, EastMeetEast is excellent, but there are few communication choices you want to see. You already have a support system, postal address, and social networks. The social networks are helpful to see that many online dating sites don’t take time to create such quick communication modes. Big plus there. Good plus.

Just an email choice/address and possibly a live chat feature should be added. Nobody’s a big sticker for the live chat feature because it borders on “too excellent service,” but for those of us who want to connect in that way, we just want to have an email. All in all, though, nothing more than enough and customer service is enough. Frankly, you probably won’t have anything to do, since the platform is continually updated to suit the client properly.


EastMeetEast Review

If you are hoping to meet someone special and find a large community of Asian people, this platform is certainly worth it. You have a fantastic product at a convenient-to-use price and a platform that explodes with innovative elevated-quality single products. This platform is not for you if you’re not searching for Asian singles. There are some specific sites for everybody, but the web is unique to Asian singles and is fantastic.

However, in truth, as a man or woman trying this web, you have very little to risk. If you’re a girl, it is 100% free, so why not enter. If you’re a guy, you can build an account in less than 15 seconds and show all the matches you have without ever modifying your profile. If you see nothing that you want, move on. However, if you do, you can update your profile and chat! It’s a victory and just takes you a couple of minutes to go there and test out.

You will instantly be assigned to your trial period if you are eligible. Press the free trial tab below, and ladies will receive a unique FREE account. For something like this, no promo code is required on EastMeetEast. Woohoo, innovation! Woohoo, development!

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