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Oasis Active Review

Oasis Active Review
About Site
Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 20-28
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Users get access to a lot of people which is highly beneficial to people with small social circles. Besides having access to many people, a person gets a chance to find like-minded individuals. Most people you will meet may be single and are looking for a partner to spend the rest of their lives with. This eliminates the ambiguity faced when meeting interesting people at work or events
  • It can help people break free from traditional gender roles. When taking online, people can take more risks by reaching out to the people they would have never approached in person. And though men are the ones who normally make the first move, this platform allows women to overcome such norms
  • A platform like this is also great for individuals who are shy or suffer from social anxiety. These are people who have challenges starting or maintaining close relationships. Such people will feel comfortable approaching others and opening up when using Oasis Active platform
  • Having too many options is not good. As mentioned above, the advantage of using Oasis Active website is getting access to a lot of people but this can also be a bad thing. Decision-making studies have proven that when there are too many options to choose from, a person is less satisfied with one
  • Profiles do not have enough information. It is not easy to tell who a person is when you go through their profile. So, you will never know if that person will be compatible with you or not. Studies have shown that people who use online dating platforms pay attention to things like education level and physical attributes such as height and body type. What people should be looking at instead is the details regarding the real experience of interacting with and getting to know a person behind a profile
  • The desire to turn things romantic is high. The good thing about online dating platforms like Oasis Active is that everyone there is single and looking for a match. This lowers ambiguity. However, this again puts so much pressure on people to turn their online encounters into something romantic quickly. People should let romantic feelings develop on their own

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It is a dating site that offers free interacting and matchmaking services. People from anywhere in the globe can join this platform. At the moment, there are not many active members from America and Australia. The owner of this site is 3H Group Pty Limited. It caters to the younger demographics who want a relationship, casual communication or friendship.

Membership types and price

Oasis Active Review

There are sixty-five percent men and thirty-five percent female on Oasis Active dating platform. That is so strange for an average flirting site where females are always more than men. Besides this, the site is still mainstream, you can even say it’s a predictable platform.

Many of the people who join are the young aged between eighteen and thirty-five years. It’s only thirty-five percent of the users who are above thirty-five years old. For the individuals who are above forty-five years old, it is very difficult to get a match on this website.

The site began as a dating platform but these days it is possible to find anyone here. These include pen pals to romantic dates from anywhere in the globe. And since communication on the site is free, people can easily take the matter to their hands and look for any communication they are interested in. That shows a small shift from a dating app to a friendly networking site.

And even though this platform is located in Australia, nearly 500,000 users are from America. The visits from America are estimated to be around six thousand each month. There are around two hundred users who log in every day. And even though other dating platforms get many users each day, Oasis Active can still help you get a perfect match.

Sign up process

Oasis Active Review

The registration process on this site takes around 2 minutes. The pages for signing up has a simple registration form that requires users to enter details such as:

  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Region
  • Romantic preference

You will also be required to choose a username and password during registration.

For the profile picture, members can upload any from their computer or social media accounts like Facebook. This platform ensures that new members can join without any hassle.

Interacting with other users

Oasis Active Review

As stated earlier, interacting with other people on the site is free. This is a great relief when you compare to other websites that charge members who want to use such services. There is a chat room on the site and there is even the option to send messages to other users. And of course, reading any message that another user sends you is equally free.

Getting your match is again free. But filters like those on the website are quite basic. Users may set similar such criteria as the one they specified when registering. This includes things like age, romantic experiences, gender, and location. Apart from that, you will receive website generated matches, but the outcome is random.

In case you notice that you are getting a lot of messages from users who do not match your requirements, there is a way to fix that. You can fix by updating your search settings and make your preferences clear on your profile. This can be done on the My Seeking Criteria tab on the account. Another way of fixing it is by restricting users that don’t meet your requirements from contacting you. This might be more effective but again you risk finding the right person unless you are careful and detailed with your seeking criteria.

When you find that you are unable to contact a person on this platform, the reason could be you don’t meet that person’s preferences. And if you are not able to like a person’s profile, then it means that the person already checked out your profile and did not like it. These are the only communication restrictions on this website. You can also report abusive people and the platform management will ensure to look into that.

User profile quality

Oasis Active Review

This platform has several fields that users are required to fill out. But these fields are not mandatory and so you are likely to find incomplete profiles. The ones that are filled out fully are more detailed. You can browse through the users, view their profiles and pictures. Users’ photos can be viewed by anyone unless a user makes his/her photos private.

It is also possible to have a fake profile on Oasis Active platform and it is not possible to tell how many fake profiles are there so far. Identity verification is not done on this platform which makes it possible to have fraudsters posing as users. This same thing is seen on Facebook and all other social media sites. But all members at this platform are advised to be cautious. Do not reveal your private or financial details to other users.

And bear in mind that it is possible to edit your profile whenever you want. So, should you want to add more information about yourself after registering, you can do so.

Website usability and mobile app

Oasis Active Review

This site does not have a colorful design. This might look boring to the young users. But the good thing is that the other features of the site are in place. You can get anything you want by using the drop-down menu. So, the only thing this platform lacks is nice colors and it makes up for that with a simple to use the website. All pages are organized nicely and they load very fast. No user will ever face any challenges using this site.

Oasis Active also has an app. The app is also simple to use just like the website version. It also has the exact features that the desktop website has. The app is also free just like the desktop version.

The special features at Oasis Active site

All the services at this platform are free but some perks can make your experience at this platform more rewarding.

  • My maybes

Many dating platforms have adopted an approach that was brought about by tinder. You can swipe left or right to like or dislike another user’s profile. What this also means is that you have to decide if you like or dislike a person’s profile right away. And if you dislike a user profile rashly, you will never be matched with that person ever again. But there is a safer and slightly slower approach to this on Oasis Active. Instead of liking or disliking a person’s profile right away, you can put it on the Maybe list. This means that if you cannot decide right away, you will be able to check the profile later and decide.

  • Who likes me?

Most people on online dating platforms would like to know who liked them. This platform satisfies that curiosity with a list of the people that viewed profiles were interested in meeting you. So, if you want to communicate with only the people who are interested in you, you should check out the list of people interested in you and see if you also like them. This saves a lot of time and effort.

  • Shoutouts

This is the feature that allows Oasis Active users to cast out a wide net while finding a match. It allows users to select from several generated messages. The messages are customized and can be sent to one thousand people who meet a person’s preferences. This seems spammy but it can bring good outcomes for some extra cash.

The free & paid membership

Oasis Active Review

Using Oasis Active is free. Users can create an account, edit it, upload pictures, look for a match and send messages to anyone they like for free. You can even pick a profile theme and create a private pictures gallery without paying a single cent.

But there is still a membership plan at Oasis Active platform. The membership plan gives users more perks. The perks include things like the shoutouts we talked about above. The premium version also does not contain ads. But the ads can be annoying at times because they obstruct a user and interfere with his/her experience. So, if you hate ads so much, you can pay some money to have them blocked. You can even pay the platform some money for their good service if you feel like. All we are trying to say here is that you can do with the free membership at this website, there is nothing much to lose if you don’t use the premium version.

And in case you choose to pay, you can do so by using the Paypal account, credit or debit card. Those are the only available payments methods so far

User’s feedback and reception

Many individuals who have used this platform have given it four out of five stars. That is a satisfactory score. Besides that, past users have shared stories revealing that they found true love on the site.

We also have users who have not had a good experience on this platform. They say all accounts here are fake. This can be true because if you are not cautious you can end up meeting people with bad intentions making you regret joining this platform. So, users are advised to always be cautious. Ensure you know what you want and do everything you can to get it.


Oasis Active Review

Oasis Active website is worth giving a try, especially if you are still young and residing in America or Australia. But since the service is free, the chances of meeting ill-intended users are very high. Another discouraging thing here is that many individuals are not serious about finding a partner. You will find that most of them are only bored and need someone to chat with. This makes getting a good match difficult. This also makes it take longer to find a match here than on a platform with paid membership where most people are serious about getting into serious relationships. But the good thing is that Oasis Active service is free so you should consider giving it a try.

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