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DominicanCupid Review

DominicanCupid Review
About Site
Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 20-28
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Owned and operated by Cupid Media, a company with a strong reputation for quality international dating sites
  • The site is popular in the Dominican Republic, and is primarily focused on helping local women find North American men
  • Narrowing down your search results is easy with the site’s detailed search functions
  • Prepare to put in time screening your profiles. As with any international dating site, there are some women just looking to separate foreign men from their money
  • The site has its share of fake profiles, but spotting them is fairly easy. If she’s only got one photo and she’s in an overtly sexual pose, it’s probably not legit
  • You have to pay for a membership to exchange messages with non-paying members

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There are many important advantages and disadvantages related to this online dating platform. So, replying to all messages on DominicanCupid is absolutely free, as well as advanced partner researching tools and filters, which is awesome thing for all site members. Also, there is an option for video chatting in virtual chat room available in this online dating website. Next, this dating website has awesome and easy to use mobile app, which effectively can engage all the users around the world. The most important, there are no that much fake accounts and scammers on this platform, at that fact make the website users to feel free while researching the real potential partner. On the other hand, this online dating platform is really easy and safe for using, totally free for all users around the world. When the account will process all the verification checks, there will be shown a blue badge that the profile is verified by the website administration.

Also, there are disadvantages and there will be listed only the most important one. For example, the communication options are not free for people who have standard membership subscription. Also for them, there are some feature limitations and for full site access, they need to pay certain fees related to the site membership plans.

DominicanCupid Review

The DominicanCupid is an online dating platform which belongs to the Media Cupid, network of dating platforms. This online dating website has more than 400.000 users all around the world and just 136.000 come from United States of America. As the name can show us, DominicanCupid is a Latino American dating website and the most website population comes from Dominican Republic and Latino speaking countries like, Spanish, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and others. DominicanCupid was launched back in 2006 with only purpose to connect people with potential partners from South America and increase the relationship rate. How to use this dating platform properly and how to find potential matching partner here, the full explanation is just coming.

Member’s activity

DominicanCupid Review

On DominicanCupid, there are more than 1000 daily users who want to login up on this dating website. The website population in comparison with others online dating websites, is more male oriented with the ratio of 60/40. That means there are also women but they are 40% of the total website visiting per day. Also, there are more men who have premium membership subscription in comparison with female website users. As we mentioned before, the DominicanCupid users come from different countries around the world, and there are also members coming from North America, Germany, Philippines and other countries. The visitation on this online dating website is from Latin countries or certainly Dominican Republic, as well as Caucasian men who are looking for hot date and adventure.

DominicanCupid is an excellent place and dating platform for people who are in seeking of partner with Latin background, or most concretely, partner with Dominican origin. It is really obvious that this hookup website is a little niche oriented that means this is great place for people to find a potential partner with Spanish speaking countries around the world for casual date or distance relationship. The matching partners after the connection can meet each other in live and continue with the relationship in a normal way. This online dating platform can boast with the fact that there are so many successful couples that met each other on this website and will keep their connection an on. The only purpose of DominicanCupid is to bring warm hearts around the world and match them in favor of love.

The age representation in this online dating platform, vary between men and women. There are younger women, in comparison with men, somewhere between 25 and 36 years of their life. The male members in DominicanCupid are a little bit older, or more specifically written, from 35 to 49 years, all with golden or platinum site membership subscription. Also, there are some women who has paid membership subscription on this dating website, and this is a great information for all male members to make a first move and try to start a hot conversation with the women.

Registration process

DominicanCupid Review

The DominicanCupid registering is really easy and free for everyone who want to become a site member. The most important thing that every new site user need to know for DominicanCupid is that this online dating platform have awesome security terms and the administration team is monitoring all the users watchful. This action is really important because of the website safety and scammer’s protection. The registration process will take up only two minutes for identity verification and profile too. Uploading profile picture and similar photos are not required at the beginning and the site user can do it lately. But, the site users who will skip this step need to keep in mind that uploading a profile photo can help them to find matching partner much easier than usual. Also, the verification process can go without verified email address, so that mean the site user can user any email address for signing up.

The registration process can go through Facebook, after entering the Facebook login in information like, the user’s age, living location, birth date and similar. This kind of information will be required from the user even if he or she decided to use manual registration, plus full name, email address, and similar basic details. The picture uploading as it was mentioned before, it is not necessary but it is really helpful for partner matching. If the site user decides to upload basic picture, not profile, the security administration will remove this profile for suspiciously behavior and low quality of working and functionality.

After the registration process, the site member will be able to do various things and activities. For example, the site members are able to view other members’ profiles and edit their own profile. There is an option to send hearts and start a hot conversation on this online dating platform that way. Replying to all messages and making a favorite list with favorite site members are also well-known option here on DominicanCupid and the site members are available to organize and find their potential lovers much easier and tidier. There are also different features that are available for all members in this online dating platform like uploading 5 photos on the profile, using the chat room for video conversation and updating the profile details anytime by their own.

To start a conversation with the potential matching partner is available only for the premium or golden membership subscribers. For free, the site members can only reply to the messages that are sent by someone else before. Also, the premium membership subscription will make the things easier related to the messaging and the site user can start a conversation with both free and paid DominicanCupid users. The free site members can only start a conversation first with sending a heart to the wanted partner on the platform, and this is the great way to show some interest to another site member first, for absolutely free. Premium membership again, is highly recommended for people who want to start a relationship and have serious intentions in this online dating platform for the potential partners here. When the conversation will be available and start with both site members, the conversation is unlocked whether the members are on premium or standard membership subscription.

After the verification process, the user’s profile will be marked with verification badge and that means this profile is trustworthy, not a scammer or cheater and the chances for finding matching partner are increased. The verification process is available on the DominicanCupid and after the process there would be a verification link in the user’s inbox sent by the support team of DominicanCupid.

Extra features for Premium subscribers

DominicanCupid Review

The very first feature for the Premium site members is the premium badge that will be shown after the purchasing this package. Also, the premium site members can contact other premium site members for absolutely free and start a conversation immediately. The most important thing that every premium member need to know is that there will not be boring ads and the partner searching will be smooth and easy. Next, the premium members can search for a partner totally anonymously or to hide the profiles from certain site users. There will be option for VIP highlighting in the premium members’ profiles that will increase the chance for partner matching and make the profile rate two times higher. Also, there will be an option for premium site members to translate the messages in different languages that are received from their site members. There is amazing advanced partner matching system with special algorithm for easier partner researching and sparing from around the world. The premium site members after the purchasing will be required to answer on certain easy questions and start with researching for a potential partner here. This membership subscription can offer widely options for profile advanced features like more photos available for uploading, showing picture gallery and editing the profile anytime. There is great option for reporting and blocking users who are not appropriate in this dating website using different buttons on the screen.

Mobile App Review

DominicanCupid Review

The DominicanCupid mobile app is really simple to use and user-friendly which effectively engage the audience and catch their attention. All the website features are included in the mobile version from the first hand. The features can be found by the users from the app menu and use them directly from it. The DominicanCupid mobile app design is really simple and easy to use for easily finding potential partners from around the world on the go. The options for contacting are located on the top app screen.

The paid membership plans can vary with their cost depending on the membership duration and the package type. For example, the golden site membership for one month duration will cost the new site member $29.98. For three months golden membership on DominicanCupid, the future user needs to pay $59.99, or separately $20 per month, three months. The golden membership subscription will costs the new user $119.98 for one year of being a paid member, or separately $10 each month for a year. Also, there is platinum site membership and here the prices are more expensive in comparison with the previous one.

For example, the one month platinum membership subscription in DominicanCupid will cost the new user $34.99 for one month subscription. For three month platinum membership, the new user can pay the cost of $69.98, or separately $23.33 per month, three months. One year platinum membership on DomonicanCupid will cost the future user $149.99 or $12.50 each month for a year. DominicanCupid accept different payment methods, like payment with Credit Card or Online Bank Transfer. Also, this online dating platform accepts payments via PayPal, PaySafe and Bank Transfer directly from the users’ bank accounts. The payment process is super easy and it will be acceptable for everyone who want to be a paid website members.

Advanced Features

DominicanCupid Review

There are various advanced options that are available in DominicanCupid. For example, the site member can see where the other site member was active recently and checkup the various profiles on the website. There is an option for premium members to translate all the messages that are received and safe more time for researching potential partners. The DominicanCupid is really good online dating platform and have a lot of benefits for the site members and their partner finding processes from around the world. It is totally free and it will definitely will worth everyone’s time for being a site member and using the benefits of this online dating website. As it was mentioned before, the DominicanCupid is an online dating platform strictly niched down to connect people from Latin speaking countries, or certainly countries with Spanish speaking language. Dominican Republic, all South America, Philippines and others are also most active countries with most active members on this online dating platform too. The site security is really strong side, so the new users can keep this information in their mind because the users’ safety is the most important thing related to all online dating websites on the internet.

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