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EHarmony Review

EHarmony Review
About Site
Active Audience 82%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 2 100 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is allowed to get registered via Facebook.
  • The most important features are free.
  • The application version happens to be buggy and rather slow.

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There are many dating websites these days. Some of them will help you find a one-night stand. The majority of them are meant for both hookups and serious relationships. But how will you understand that a person you like is looking for a life partner? In this case, you should use EHarmony. This dating website is mainly focused on single men and women who are tired of being lonely and of unsuccessful relationships. As a result, they are broken-hearted and have no dreams.

EHarmony Review

EHarmony happens to be a site you should use when looking for a serious relationship. Many people here are willing to find a reliable date, which can lead to marriage. Moreover, there are lots of users who have started their romance on EHarmony. You can take a tour through the dating platform before you sign up and see the section called “Success Stories.” This is where you can see experiences from couples who found each on this dating website and managed to bring their relationship to the next level.

The dating platform was started in 2007 and has already helped thousands of singles to find their life partners. According to the stats, around four percent of married couples made up in 2018 met on EHarmony. Another good thing about the site is that there are a lot of great features and tools which help people find their match. Like many other dating platforms like OkCupid, this website utilizes an algorithm-based matching system. It makes use of a client’s profile photo when looking for suitable matches in their city or on the international level. The system also utilizes a sophisticated survey that is very helpful while matching users.

EHarmony happens to be an outstanding service as it obtains over one million users from the USA. It is claimed that every week there are 90,000 newcomers on average. EHarmony is available via the website and two applications. This means that users can utilize the app via iOS and Android. Both the website and applications provide similar features, so clients will not miss a thing.

Who You Can Meet on EHarmony

EHarmony Review

One more significant thing about EHarmony is that the users on the dating platform are rather friendly. As the dating platform caters to people who are looking for serious relationships, the majority of the users happen to be adults. Generally speaking, the site is a dating platform focused on family-oriented clients rather than those looking for a one-night stand. People who are willing to hook up can sign up to EHarmony, but they may face criticism and negativity. At the same time, these days, a serious relationship does not necessarily lead to marriage. Although there are sites which state that you can get married to a sexy single woman or man, this kind of websites tend to advertise their services in the wrong way. This is something EHarmony never does. It depends on you whether your relationship will develop into marriage, so nobody can guarantee you that your dream partner can be found here. It is advised that clients are honest regarding their expectations and wants. This way, they will avoid any unclear situations, and nobody will be disappointed.

Subscribe plan & prices

EHarmony Review

EHarmony dating platform obtains a very user-friendly interface, so it is not hard to use it. If you are not willing to pay any money, you can make use of a free account. In this case, you will be able to utilize the following services:

  • You will be able to see matches history;
  • You can access the Book of You;
  • You will be able to send smiles and pokes;
  • You will be allowed not only to send messages but to receive them as well.

The mentioned features are all you need to be a free user to start viewing potential partners’ profiles. It is not compulsory to subscribe to use EHarmony. At the same time, if you decide to go for the subscription plan, the free features will be expanded. This way, you will be allowed to see full albums with photos of your potential partners, utilize SecureCall, and see who has visited the profile of yours. EHarmony SecureCall will enable clients to communicate on the phone via a secure network. There is a monthly fee that comes with the subscription plan. It ranges from 59.95 dollars per month to 238.80 dollars for one year. There are also promotions and discounts. It is possible to pay for the EHarmony subscription plan with a credit card or PayPal. At the end of every month, the subscription is set to bill automatically. If you do not want to use your subscription anymore, you will have to switch it off manually by navigating through the interface.

In general, the subscription plan of EHarmony happens to be a bit more expensive in comparison with other dating platforms. The community is amicable and open, so the price does not mean much.

How Do I Sign Up On EHarmony?

EHarmony Review

The process of signing up is not too complicated. The dating platform has been developed in a way that every new user is guided through each step of creating a profile and filling data out. Although it may take you some time to complete all steps, they are important for you to find a perfect match on EHarmony. The personal details you need to provide are your age, marital status, location, living circumstance, and sexual orientation. As soon as you enter this information, you will see a personal survey.

This kind of survey suitable matches is created to start the algorithm to show good matches. EHarmony survey happens to be a set of questions, the aim of which is to find people with similar answers. In fact, there are over 400 items that are to be answered, and this number is increasing every day. The staff of the dating website writes the bigger part of these questions, but there are ones generated by the users as well. Before every question gets integrated into the EHarmony database, it is carefully analyzed to avoid misspelled or offensive content. The more items are answered by a user, the more chances there are that a perfect match will be found. It is possible to place a bookmark on a question, so you can come back to it later and answer the remaining items.

Questions are mostly about work, hobbies, interests, and dreams. EHarmony dating website does its best to make this process fun, so the users do not get tired of this survey. It is not compulsory to answer all the items at the very beginning. Like other dating platforms, such as OkCupid, the clients of EHarmony are free to respond a few questions at the start and come back to them when they want to. As soon as you get your profile set up, you can start browsing profiles to find someone you like to communicate.

Communication on EHarmony happens to be a bit different from what you may expect. Clients take turns answering and asking items generated before the aim of which is to let them learn more about each other. There are only three rounds of this kind of questions. If these clients like each other, they are free to keep on communication on the next level, which is email communication.

Special Features

EHarmony Review

Every dating platform provides its clients with a set of features that should help them find their perfect match successfully with minimum efforts. So does EHarmony. Here are several of the features you can use:

  • SecureCall

This feature can be used only by those members who pay. It allows users to talk on the phone, and their phone number will not be revealed. This happens to be s unique feature that is only available on EHarmony at the moment. In this case, the phone conversations go through the website or application as a proxy. This is why both the receiver and the caller can not find out what the actual phone number is.

  • Book for You

This feature is to analyze a client’s profile and personality survey to let other users know how accurate and complete it is. With the help of the Book for You clients are able to access their profiles to see if they have made any mistakes. Consequently, they are allowed to change it to have a more attractive profile. In addition to that, EHarmony provides tricks and tips on how to have more potential matches.

  • Spotlight

The principle of work of this feature happens to be similar to the highlights of the day. Clients can pay a small fee to be on the top results. This implies that each time another user opens EHarmony profile, they are going to see the highlighted clients in their top ten or twenty matches. Spotlight fees can be different, which depends on the client’s profile. The average price, though, should be between 2.99 and 4.99. Obviously, this price is not very high for being in the top ten.

  • My Matches Search

Thanks to this feature, clients can browse through their old matches. This is a handy thing to use if you are willing to contact someone you used to chat with. In fact, this EHarmony feature happens to be like an address book that allows you to recollect old chats.

  • My Matches Filtering

This EHarmony feature happens to be similar to My Matches Search. Using it, you will be able to browse through your profile matches. You can also filter them due to their looks, biographies, and any other statistics. This EHarmony tool can be very helpful if you do not remember the name of a match but still remember some parts of the profile.


EHarmony Review

This dating platform has been around since 2017. EHarmony is focused on users’ safety, helping them to meet their perfect life partner and great experience on the site. Thanks to such features as the SecureCall, the dating platforms stand out among other similar services. It lets clients talk to some other users without revealing their phone number. Every dating website has its dangers, so does EHarmony. It happens that some users make use of fake profile pictures or lie regarding their real appearance. This is something which is not surprising as many people do that. To avoid this kind of thing, you should always ask for extra pictures of the person you are talking to. It is also important for the users of EHarmony to think before they disclose any information in online chats. You should never share your details such as pins, address, social security number, phone number, passwords, or any other information using which you can be tracked.

In general, the EHarmony dating platform happens to be an excellent website where you can find your life partner. It is unusual as it is based on old-school values and long-term relationships. This is something that makes it different from other sites that offer one-night stand culture. You can clearly see that EHarmony service is working indeed as there are more than 10,000 people who have managed to find their love here. Anyway, there is nothing to lose. If you find EHarmony helpful, you can get subscribed to the premium membership, which will provide you with more advanced features. Get registered and find your true love on EHarmony!

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