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Match Vs. Zoosk – Full Guide for Comparing

Match Vs. Zoosk – Full Guide for Comparing

You can do all the right things in online dating yet fail to conquer someone’s heart, wondering why? Well, this happens when you end up choosing the wrong romance forum. If you surf the sites, you will see that most of them have many similar features. But when it comes to the user interface, every platform has got something different to offer.

If you compare Zoosk and Match, you will see that both serve the same age category, but they are made for different intentions. For instance, Zoosk is a more comfortable place for casual flingers, whereas Match is where people find true love. Zoosk, 14 years old, is comparatively newer than Match, 20 years old. Regardless of how senior these sites are, both of them are equally preferred in the market. So, Zoosk or Match, whichever you choose, you will be impressed!

Even though both the platforms work well, it is essential to know the factors that differentiate them. Zoosk is a site that uses your Facebook connections to find your potential matches. This process helps one to find a mate within proximity. Finding partners from Facebook works for some, whereas a few see this method uncomfortable. It is so because not everyone wants to showcase their dating profiles openly in front of their friends and relatives. But if you don’t mind being bold, then Zoosk will be a perfect option for you. Apart from the user interface, the design, too, is brilliant and loved by many.

Match follows matchmaking methods that are deeper and ensures lifetime commitments. That is why people can find true love on this site. Even though their matchmaking process takes a bit of effort and time, the results are worth it. How can you expect to fall in love without putting in a bit of hard work? Besides the superb matchmaking formula, Match has also done an excellent job designing the websites and mobile app.

We have discussed more about Match vs. Zoosk in the guide below. Hence, stay hooked!

How to Choose a Better One?

Our dating experts have given their equal attention to both the sites and provided unbiased judgment for this guide. So, if you want to know which platform, Zoosk or Match works better, read on!

Success Rates

A dating site’s success rate is usually measured based on how many couples have found true love on the platform. Following this idea, our experts found that Match has a higher success rate than Zoosk. People who have met each other on Match, have dated for long years, got married, and are leading a happy family life today. It is a reason why people mostly join this site. It’s not that Zoosk has a poor success rate in the dating world, but it is more successful in provided casual hookups. Even though people have found soul mates here, the number is much less. Depending on what you like, a long-term relationship or temporary hookup, choose between Zoosk or Match!

User Interface and Design

In brief, Zoosk uses your social media network to find interests, and Match asks you multiple questions and finds out matches based on your answers. Usually, the interface of Match is preferred more in the dating market. Coming to the design, Zoosk has a better design layout in its mobile version than the desktop one. Match has done an overall good job in designing its platform on all devices. So, if you are looking for a better interface and design, then join Match!

Below, we have compared Zoosk vs. Match to more factors.

Zoosk Vs. Match: What About Price Comparison?

You can use both websites for free but with fewer features. When you buy the premium version, you get to enjoy the luxury of their pro features. Are you wondering how much the premium membership cost for Zoosk or Match? Read below to find out!

Match premium membership price chart:

Time Cost per Month
3 months $19.99
6 months $16.99
1 year $15.99

The price chart of VIP membership for Zoosk is given below:

Time Cost per Month
1 month $29.95
3 months $19.98
6 months $12.49

Zoosk is more pocket-friendly compared to Match. If you are a newbie to the dating globe and want to spend less initially, Zoosk might help you. But if you have already used a few dating platforms in the past and are ready to spend a bit more for a long-lasting relationship, Match will be the right choice.

However, when you are using some dating sites for the first time, it is always advisable to use them for free in the beginning. Using the free version will help you understand the interface of the website without spending any money. If the platform impresses you, then spending on the premium features is a good choice. Be it Zoosk or Match, use the free version first and then go for the premium subscription.

Match Vs. Zoosk: Who Can Join?

Both the websites, Zoosk vs. Match, embrace people of all genders and sexual orientations. If you join Zoosk, you will be entering a vast community that consists of around 40 million members. The age group that hangs out the most is about 25 to 37 years old. This platform is usually used by those who are seeking temporary pleasure. But as per the experts, some users want to establish a long-term alliance. If you have just started meeting people and do not know your actual desires, Zoosk can work for you to serve both communities well. You can connect with multiple members and then decide whether you want a nightstand or a one-lifetime bond!

Match is a smaller community with around 20 million members. Probably, it is so because here, everyone is looking for genuine commitments. Hence, those who want to taste the joy of casual hookups keep away from this platform. Every member joining Match needs to be single because the site does not promote polygamy. It has a list of questions for the users. The answers to these questions reveal a person’s true personality, and the site uses the info to find the best potential interests.

So, if you are looking for a happy lifetime relationship, join Match, or else, go for Zoosk!

Match Features

Now that you know so much about Match already, it’s time for you to learn more about its features. Read on!

Sign up Process

Match sign-up process is easy but takes a bit longer as you will have to fill in a lot of details about yourself. The initial basic data you need to provide is your age, location, gender, orientation, etc. Once this essential info is filled in, the website will ask for deeper details like your body weight, height, current relationship status, past relationships, etc. Lastly, you will have to update your profile picture and bio. In the biography, try to be as precise as you can.

Mobile App

The Match mobile app is available on both Android and iOS devices. Visit the app store of your mobile and download the application for free. The design of the app is loved by many users worldwide. Connecting and texting are more straightforward in the mobile version. Also, you can carry your phone everywhere, which means you can continue your love hunt wherever you go!

Special Features

A few excellent Match features are listed as follows:

  • Boost: You can boost your profile to push up its visibility among the other users. It enhances the chances of getting paired quickly.
  • Likes: Liking a profile will add that person to the list of your favorites. In your free time, you can check the list and connect with them.
  • Dates: This is a unique pandemic feature, where you can set dates using all the safety protocols. You can even choose the dress code of the date.
  • Real Talk: Looking for engaging icebreakers? This feature has got you covered!
  • Video and voice calling options: Besides just texting, you can also connect with the users via the calling facilities.
  • Match Me: If you click on ‘match me’ on a user’s profile, your account shows up in their feed on the top.
  • Date Check-in: This feature helps the user send SOS messages to emergency contacts when in some danger during a date.
  • Reverse matches: Using this feature, you can connect with those who are the exact opposite of you.

These, in brief, are the features of!

Zoosk Features

We have discussed the fine features of Zoosk below. Keep reading!

Sign Up Process

Unlike Match, the sign-up process is quicker. Zoosk will ask for your name, sex, orientation, etc. Once you provide these essential details, they will send you a verification mail. You can access the site only after the mail is confirmed. The site will locate your address using the VPN of your device. When you start using the site, you will have to connect your profile with the Facebook account.

Mobile App

As said before, the design of the mobile app is far better than the website. Experts believe that the design of the Zoosk app is more compatible than the Match app design. However, in this app, you cannot enjoy the Dating Sight feature. You can access this single feature only from the desktop version. Apart from this minor issue, users have no other complaints regarding the app.

Special Features

The unique features of Zoosk are as follows:

  • SmartPick: This option spies on your daily activity to show you suggestions that you will like the most.
  • Boost: You can increase the visibility of your profile by boosting it. This feature can uplift your demand among the other users.
  • Carousel: With this opinion, you can view multiple profiles and like or ignore them as per your choice.
  • Super Send: If you want to send one particular message to multiple users, use super send, and your work will be done.
  • Connections: Adding someone to your connections shows how deeply you like them. They can take the hint and connect with you for further contact.
  • Dating Insights: With this feature, you can keep track of your dating progress. It also helps you understand the dating style that fits you the best.

These were a few amazing features of Zoosk! Now, it’s time to see who won the battle of Match vs. Zoosk!

And the Winner Is: Match or Zoosk?

As per our research, hands down, Match is the winner in the battle of Zoosk vs. Match. Both Match or Zoosk are brilliant websites, but overall, Match has a better interface, design, and features. Also, finding a soulmate on Match is more reliable as it focuses on honest relationships. The success rates of both the platforms are:

Success Rate
Match It is more renowned for establishing happily married couples.
Zoosk It is popular for providing ample hookup opportunities.

Expert Opinion

Our team’s dating experts recommend you join Match only if you are searching for a long-time bond. However, if you prefer no-strings-attached hookups, then Zoosk will be the right platform for you. Customers seem to like both the sites for different valuable reasons. Both these websites are incredible, but Match wins the battle of Match vs. Zoosk if overall usability is concerned.

So, which of the two platforms are you planning to join? We can’t wait to know!

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