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SilverSingles Review

SilverSingles Review
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Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 40-60
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Fast working website.
  • Finest Customer Service.
  • Uncomplicated registration.
  • The free mobile app you can download for iOS and Android.
  • Matching according to requirements.
  • The platform is global and unites people all over the world.
  • Safety is a priority on a SilverSingles.
  • Standard users have only limited correspondence features, such as registration.
  • All other features are not free.
  • Expensive subscription.

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SilverSingles is a trustworthy website, which deserves strong 4.5/5 points for its interface and matchmaking features. Why we believe that people over 50 years old could find their happiness on this website can be read in the following article.

Websites that provide online dating for seniors understand the desire of fun-loving older people to find lovable companions. Many single older adults want to spend their lives with someone who understands them and cares about them. Such a person is often not to be found in the immediate vicinity. While there are more free websites, you could also opt for paid services to find a suitable partner. One of the best sites to provide exclusive dating services is SilverSingles.

SilverSingles is a platform established in 2002 by People Media. Professionals in this company were among the first who realized a need to fill a niche of senior people, who are willing to pay for dating services. If you are a senior, it will make you very happy to see how many other older single people would like to have a partner just like you. On the SilverSingles dating website, you will find profiles with the description of hobbies, special interests, ideas, dreams, etc. provided by different people. This gives you an idea of a particular type when choosing a suitable partner.

You can exchange messages on dating websites for seniors. This way, you can get in touch with the person with whom you could imagine spending the rest of your life. You and your future partner get to know each other better before the first meeting. If you decide to meet, you will already know a lot about your counterpart. On the first date, you will feel much more confident when dealing with each other.

Older people who would like to meet up with others should also be aware of the downside of online dating websites such as SilverSingles. Some people give false information about themselves and try to cheat on you. Also, you have to pay extra for certain services, even though you are already a member. Registration on SilverSingles is free, but the rest of the features have a cost. Pay attention to the fees when reading the terms and conditions. You should also make sure that you can cancel membership at any time if you want to.

First Look And Layout

SilverSingles Review

Nowadays, dating sites recognize the strong need for older people to find a suitable partner. That is why they try to create an easy to use platform for seniors. In the case of SilverSingles layout, we can confidently confirm that website designers did a great job. It is not only uncomplicated to navigate but also has a calm color interface and larger sizes texts for people who might have trouble reading in their age.

Signing Up And Setting Up A Profile

You will be able to create and personalize your profile directly with our adapted tools. SilverSingles platform concentrates many people over 50 years old, so your chances to meet other singles your age than in any other place are quite high. In comparison to other websites, this one requests to fill not only primary information, like name, age, and gender, but also pass through a 100-multiple choice test and after you must answer seven more essay-like questions. The whole process takes up to 30 minutes and is strictly mandatory. Although it takes time, the registration process is quite interesting and revealing. That is why you will never find half-empty applications on SilverSeniors. After completing the test, you can upload up to 24 photos and connect your profile to your Facebook page.

SilverSingles’ technical team takes your safety on the website quite seriously. They verify each new member’s authenticity carefully, and in case check fails, moderators block this member. That is why we strongly recommend you to answer questions accurately, do not just put any information to fill in the blanks.

Regarding your gender, you have two options: male and female, as for your sexuality, you can choose from straight, gay, or lesbian.

It is also essential and crucial that you fill out your profile as completely as possible. In doing so, the profile information should in no way be a lie. False information quickly comes to light, and a relationship based on lies and falsehoods does not last long. Besides, that is not appropriate! In addition to the completed application, profile pictures are essential.

After all, your counterpart should also be able to get an idea of you. Some post a photo of themselves from their younger years on their profile. You should, therefore, keep in mind that pictures can lie. Some people are not honest and mislead others with the information they put on their profile. Do not believe everything in the profile.

Search Options And Matchmaking

SilverSingles Review

Unfortunately, the website mentioned above does not have such an opportunity as a search. All the matchmaking process is based purely due to the test we spoke about before. It is disappointing that you have to trust the system only to find a proper match for you. But on the other hand, according to many users, the 100 question test proved to be useful and helpful. Before you even write to another single, you can find out a lot about the person on their profile.

After you receive multiple suggestions for probable matches, you can filter them by age, ethnic and geolocation. Even though you can receive from 3 to 7 matches per day, there is no reason to rush and jump to conclusions about this or that profile. You control the pace of getting to know someone. In online dating, there is no pressure to go to actual dates very quickly. Instead, you decide when you can go from sending messages to phone conversations, and then possibly to real-life meetings. But if you want just to play around, you can always chat with multiple people at the same time. Imagine receiving numerous emails from different contenders at different times of the day! Even if you are not looking for romantic relationships, you have a great opportunity to meet people with the same affinities or even create a wonderful story of comradeship. Moreover, if you are not interested in having a relationship with one of them, you still get a boost of confidence every day!

Interaction Options

SilverSingles Review

The number of single people aged 50 to 64 is increasing. There are many advantages of online dating for singles over this age. After fifty, a new life begins, and in this new life, there is a lot of time for leisure and exploration. At this stage of life, you can visit museums, travel, take part in crusades, go on picnics, go on health walks, etc.

But enjoying these pleasures alone only increases the feeling of loneliness, and good company is the best way to combat it. When you are senior, you seek to take advantage of these new pleasures that you have forgotten in favor of work, responsibilities, or worries of everyday life.

We all want a person who shares the same passions and with whom we can have long discussions during the day or at night. Falling in love again when you are senior means being able to go to the park and enjoy the fresh air alongside a person you care about. It also means being able to spend privileged moments with somebody interesting.

On the SilverSeniors website, you can start communication by sending messages or smiles to each other. It is something like Facebook communication, which includes the possibility to attach photos to your messages, comment profile pictures, and get a notification when someone sends you something.

With the help of SilverSingles tools, you can build a stronger relationship because you have the wisdom and experience to make healthier choices. It is possible to fall in love when you are senior because you have time to enjoy the joys of a sincere, romantic relationship fully.

Mobile Application

SilverSingles Review

Even though you would think that nowadays, seniors would not use applications, one does exist for SilverSingles. Moreover, it is more comfortable to use because everything is enlarged and laconic. It has all options available as per the website, unless one option. You can not register through the mobile application. Only already subscribed users can use it for dating purposes.

There is also the mobile version of the website that can be accessed anytime on the go.

Free VS Paid Version

SilverSingles Review

To be honest with you, the free version of SilverSingles is entirely pointless. You can only send smiles to a text because all the photos are blurred.

By taking a paid subscription on our senior dating site, you can fully benefit from all of our services. You will not be limited in your daily searches for profiles or even in sending private messages. You will also have the option of having a private photo space that you can share only with individual members. Of course, registration and payment are entirely secure. If spending a few euros increases the chances of meeting love after 50 years, why not seize it?

Paid version advantages include the possibility to:

  1. Send, receive and respond messages (you can even attach photos)
  2. Get notifications
  3. See galleries of profiles available
  4. Include comments under pictures

Subscription Plans And Other Payment Details

SilverSingles Review

You can’t do much without paying for SilverSingles. If you decide to spend money on subscription, there are three options for Premium package customers:

  1. Light (three months subscription) is $113.85 ( $37.96 per month). Customer with this membership have a look at other participants gallery and text them
  2. Classic (six months) is $131.70 ($21.95 per month). Here you can see who viewed your profile. Plus, do not forget that you will keep all the features of the light member.
  3. Comfort (for a year) is $239.40 ($19.95 per month only). With this package, you will just have the same characteristics as classic members. Attentive users will find that a more extended membership brings savings. With a 12-month membership, you save as much as 50%. You can pay by direct debit, credit card, or PayPal. Membership must be terminated in time. It can be done via the menu item “Profile> Settings”. The premium membership is automatically extended by the selected term, if not canceled before its expiration.


SilverSingles Review

When you have passed the 50-year mark and joined the ranks of seniors, there is a feeling that you often find yourself facing: loneliness. However, it is essential to defeat it and even eradicate it. The solution is to fall in love. With SilverSingles, it is possible not to be lonely anymore.

The online search for a right partner can help, because today online dating is no longer only for the young generation. The cliché that the older generation cannot cope with today’s media is no longer applicable. Many use the time after retirement to study computers and the Internet.

For a good money value, you get high-quality communication with other seniors, who share the same interests and know what they want from life. But before buying any subscription, just have a closer look again. Once you feel that it is worth your time and investment, go ahead, register, spend some money, and enjoy chatting with potential partners. On the whole, the SilverSingles platform deserves a stable 4.5 out of 5 points from us.

Betty McMillan
Betty McMillan
Betty McMillan
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