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Sophia Faria

Sophia Faria
Sophia Faria
Sophia Faria
MS, RD & Writer, RH Certified Senior Relationship Coach, MA Candidate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling; BA in Social Work
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I am here to listen and help. We can discuss any problem or issue, figure out what you really want from your partner and what you are striving for. I am ready to guide you to your perfect life.

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Sophia approaches every situation with empathy, and is naturally able to understand the perspectives of others while she makes logical, effective plans for their next steps. She completed her BA in Sociology and is currently completing her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Her studies on IPV in same-sex relationships have been published in international journals and she has experience working with victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and incest. Sophie is also certified in both Restorative Justice and Trauma-Informed Care. Her areas of expertise include same sex relationships, codependency, anxiety, trust issues, and self-worth work.