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TransgenderDate Review

TransgenderDate Review
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Completely Free
  • No on-website purchases
  • Excellent Member Profile Quality- Verified and Complete accounts
  • Interested and participative group of people who reply quickly
  • Connect using more than one avenue- Blogs, message boards, chat rooms, classic personal chats.
  • Only desktop website- No mobile application
  • Customer assistance service- performs poorly
  • Website Design- Old & Boring

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TransgenderDate is a protected niche dating platform particularly created for the Transgenders and the whole LGBT society, unlike other dating websites. The third gender here can not only proudly be a part of but celebrate their unique sexuality out in the open with people who are accepted of them. But it is not the target audience alone that is unique about the TransgenderDate, let us look at the other pros and cons of the dating website.

Finding Real Trans People To Date

TransgenderDate Review

Despite the overwhelming numbers of dating platforms available both in general and niche categories, nobody would be able to find a dating website accepting the Transgenders. Even after the governments acknowledging the third gender, the dating websites which should have celebrated the Transgenders first have successfully avoided the segment till now. It could be because the majority of people are yet in the confusion of putting them into the straight category or gay.

TransgenderDate.com successfully filled this gap, and the popularity of the website is enough proof that the need has been there for long. The dating website has opened up its arms to the Transgender society giving them a place to connect with people they like. The TransgenderDate boasts of a massive number of 110,000 members and slightly more than that already. The majority of the members have been noted to belong from the US, close to 80,000. However, there are a considerable number of users from other countries as well.

Considering the limited number of options the community gets in terms of dating platforms, TransgenderDate plays a major role in satisfying their needs. Let us look at what the TransgenderDate has to offer to meet the needs of this group successfully.

Website Design & User Interface

TransgenderDate Review

Given that the times we are today in, boring and old website design is not a common sight. This is the reason why the first impression of TransgenderDate may not be impressive at all. The design is an old school. It feels like you are visiting a website built in the ’90s and one that hasn’t been upgraded. Although the pastel color shades chosen for the theme are good- baby pink and powder blue look eye-soothing but can’t add much aesthetic value to the website. Even the fonts are old.

But because the one thing that TransgenderDate is most clear about from its very first page is that its completely free to use. Although the look of the website can be given a pass because of the free fact, there exist free websites with a better layout as well. However, not being for the Transgender community. Not having competitors places the TransgenderDate in a safe spot here.


Given the fact that TransgenderDate.com is a free dating platform created for the Transgender community, there will be no points given for guessing that it runs advertisements to survive. However, TransgenderDate is very sensitive about the ads that get displayed on its platform. Instead, it continually encourages the community to place advertisements for their business on the TransgenderDate.

The registration process

TransgenderDate Review

The registration process on TransgenderDate, just like other dating websites, is straightforward and quick. However, a new user cannot use Facebook or Google account to log in directly and register with TransgenderDate making the process faster, unlike many Dating websites offering now. This means that all new users have to register from scratch with TransgenderDate by using their email id and filling up a small form.

The registration form is right available on the homepage of TransgenderDate. So you wouldn’t need to waste much time clicking many options either before starting with the registration on TransgenderDate. A new user is required to fill in his/her username, which can’t be changed later, age, gender, preference, location, and password along with the email id, of course. The unique thing about the registration form on TransgenderDate is the gender options. There are eight options in the said section for the user to choose when specifying oneself and also when setting preferences.


TransgenderDate Review

The registration is simple, and without any steps of verification. This might confuse you as TransgenderDate claims to have all profiles verified, isn’t it?! But the verification step comes after completing the registration process. Once you enter the website, you are directed to the page where you will be required to set up your profile. Right next to your profile, you will find a button with Verify written on it. Once you click on it, TransgenderDate.com will generate a number for you, which the user needs to write on a piece of paper. You will then be required to take a selfie or a picture holding the paper with the number to submit it on TransgenderDate.

The process is fresh and straightforward, and might make you wonder why don’t other platforms use the same process. However, the users do not have to worry about their look in the verification photo. It does not get uploaded anywhere and instead gets deleted after the moderators verify the number. Although TransgenderDate mentions that it would take up to 24-hours for the verification, but it is done way before that. A user may use this time to update the profile and make it look attractive.

Profile Setup

TransgenderDate Review

Setting up the profile on TransgenderDate refers to completing various fields to describe yourself both inside out. From eye color, weight, body shape, body type, hair color, face shape, height to likes and dislikes, bio, etc. There are quite a lot of fields to fill up and express yourself. The profile set up will remind you of the scrapbooks that were popular in the school times. An exciting part of the profile setup is where you are asked to add questions for other people. These questions are fantastic way of starting a conversation. If people visiting your profile, find your question interesting may get influenced to share their opinion or reaction on it.

Another unique feature of the TransgenderDate.com profile is that you can add audio files to your profile. It is excellent because the choice of songs has always started conversations. And of course, to top all this up, users can upload up to 500 photos to their gallery, inclusive of nude photos. But, there’s a catch. All images need to get verified by the moderators. The photos being posted are required to be of the user alone and no one else.

And the rules for nude clicks are that they have to be protected. Nude photographs can either be kept to Friends only privacy where only your friends will have access to them, or you may set a password. In such a case, users will need to share the password of the pictures to allow a specific person to view their nude photographs. Although, one can even protect the other pictures in the gallery using either of the two privacy settings on TransgenderDate.

Of course, adding up photos to your profile isn’t compulsory, but given how complete and descriptive other user profiles do not have photographs may become a disadvantage for you. This limits your reach and restricts the attraction that you could have garnered with pictures.

User Profiles

The user profiles are rather impressive on TransgenderDate. Also, what’s great is that none, literally no profile on TransgenderDate is without a profile photograph. It is just amazing to see a platform without any fake or spam profiles. The response rate is great as well. None of the messages go unanswered.

The crowd you find on the TransgenderDate website is varied. While some are looking for partners and have laid out their sexual preferences, some are new to the community trying to understand themselves better. There are still others who are just on TransgenderDate because they want to socialize and know more about the Transgender community. So despite the name TransgenderDate, the platform is used for multi-purpose. From fixing dates, romantic talks, sexual texts, nude photographs to great conversations, TransgenderDate is an all-inclusive platform for the third gender community.

Communication Avenues On TransgenderDate

TransgenderDate Review

TransgenderDate offers a little more number of avenues for communication than offered on general dating websites. The website being completely free doesn’t have special and hidden features but does save a few functions for the verified users. This step is taken to keep the member profiles real and encourage them to upload a profile photo on their accounts on TransgenderDate.

Chats & Emails

Chats are one of the most basic features of any dating websites, which you even if you are registered here. However, to use the chat service to message another member on TransgenderDate.com, the user needs to get the profile verified. But chat service is not the only form of communication. One can even type a mail that is comparatively longer and can be made to look nice, pretty and personalized with attached photographs and other media. The media cannot be attached to the chat.

Chat In Groups

It’s ok to be not upfront on TransgenderDate. For such people, there are several chat rooms and message rooms to engage in. An ample number of chat rooms exist on TransgenderDate on various subjects that a user can join and start participating in conversations. You may even find someone interesting from the chatroom to connect with them. Also, there are message boards where people from the community discuss anything happening in the world be it about the Trans community or not.

Writing Blogs

TransgenderDate gives an added feature of Blogs to give the trans people freedom of expression. Blogging isn’t compulsory on TransgenderDate but only a choice. Given how participative and responsive members are on the platform, users are frequently encouraged to blog about anything they like. From social causes to poetry, from makeup to cooking, being on TransgenderDate doesn’t limit the topics to their community alone, making things on the platform pretty cool.

The Downside Of TransgenderDate

TransgenderDate Review

Yes, the TransgenderDate does have drawbacks other than the website design as well. Although, till now it feels like an amazing place to register to especially if you belong to the Transgender community. But, there are certain disadvantages you must know about before you go ahead with it.

Mobile App: Unavailable!

Not having a mobile app isn’t a good sign today, given how our world revolves around our smartphones. What’s worse is the old website design. Although TransgenderDate has optimized the website for mobile, that doesn’t make it an amazing experience from a phone. The website takes time to load comparatively on a phone browser than on desktop. But, saying that the User Experience is not even that intolerable for the users.

Customer Service: Not Great!

Unlike many dating platforms, the customer service of TransgenderDate is not very active and available. One can only mail complaints and issues regarding profiles or functions to the two email addresses provided by the team of TransgenderDate. However, the active community is warm enough to help you out in any problem you face on the TransgenderDate platform.


Although branded as a niche dating website, TransgenderDate can be visited by anyone. What truly sets the dating website top on the list of dating websites is the community and the people. The members are always intuitive and interested in anything you need. A conversation, sexual or not, you will always have a partner for that. And what’s better is the word Free. Yes, it is tough to find a dating website so great at no price. Despite small drawbacks, the makers of TransgenderDate deserve credit and appreciation for creating an amazing and yet protected platform for a community that people still have confusion about.

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