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OurTime Review

OurTime Review
About Site
Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 40-60
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Application on the phone
  • This site is not just for dates, but also you could develop friendship and talk about your hobbies
  • User-friendly
  • You could have ten matches a day, filtered by the system
  • You can sign in for free which involves looking through the profiles and flirting
  • The majority characteristics are payable

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OurTime is another plan of the organization called People Media that was launched in 2011. The platform is for website romantic assignations, made up particularly for the fifty-plus community. The site is designed for audiences from all around the world also proposes the subscribers a possibility to socialize their contemporaries in the same region or internationally. The platform does not impose any limitations except for the age category. This is the place where subscribers look for mates, short-length encounters and finding a match to get married.

Subscribers` activism and formation

OurTime Review

Even considering that OurTime is a global website; great numbers of subscribers are from America. Out of eight million international members, an overwhelming 7.7 million are from The United States. There are an overall 1.5 million American users and impresses to have 180,000 proactive members a week. The rate of women is a little bit more compared with the men`s on OurTime, indicating fifty-five percent for the first and forty-five percent for the second category. Disregarding the statistics, OurTime proposes a fifty-plus population one of a kind experience to commence interconnections, based on friendship and affection. As for now, the above-mentioned age category is raising in the romantic assignations platform, despite being overlooked largely in the dating world. OurTime is a fortunate exclusion, which is worth to be applied.

The registration procedure

OurTime Review

OurTime is easy-to-understand signing up procedure, which is a rather useful characteristic considering the aimed community. In total, the registration goes for roughly 3 minutes, because subscribers supply the standard item of information on themselves. Besides, there is an option of posting thirty pictures when signing up on OurTime, to save time from choosing an appropriate profile picture.

The signing up does not cost anything, so as soon as new members subscribe to the site, he or she could look for a preferable partner.

Looking For And Contacting The Members

OurTime Review

The filtering of the searching engine is rather carefully designed and makes it possible for its subscribers to provide a range of various settings, involving:

  • How old the person is
  • Region of residence
  • Figure type
  • Civil condition
  • Kids
  • Preferred type of interrelation
  • If a user smokes or not
  • Astrological sign
  • Race
  • Religious beliefs
  • Should the member has pictures

Except for the questions mentioned above on OurTime, members could look for participants that are using the internet now or opt to view the newcomers` accounts only. This option could be helpful for users who have been on the site for some time.

Looking for a member is not payable on OurTime; however, you have to make a payment to reach them. As a positive aspect, the flirting button, that is just like on Facebook like or poke which lets chargeless users express affection to someone`s account. Each type of account, no matter if it is free or not, can be viewed by all members. The one thing that differentiates them is premium users could forward texts to the participants and a discussion section, while unpaid members are not able to do so.

Detailed information of accounts

OurTime Review

In general, OurTime accounts are full of information, despite that the website does not require much data whenever newcomers register the site. They could, nevertheless, complete their profiles after, and the majority of members operate the characteristic. All the accounts have a lot of boxes for signing in which could be completed and altered.

A range of OurTime accounts possess each piece of data that is set in the setting section of the search box, such as how old is the person, his or her religious beliefs, race, civil condition, preferred type of interrelation, etc. Considering that OurTime is not designed for any particular interrelation, the characteristic is significantly useful since it contributes members to see the difference among the one, who is searching for someone to write to and the ones who wish to get married and have a serious relationship.

The extent of account elaboration proposes each account on OurTime to have a look at someone`s outlook. That is why each user is encouraged to do the best of the search engine in the site, thoroughly scan some of a user`s account and observe whether they wish to reach out to any user. No limitations are set for you regarding how many participants you are interacting with.

The main stumbling stock of the site is that OurTime does not do considerable testing of verification or ensure that the data members talk about in the account section is authentic. Sometimes they indeed, make up accounts to test the web site`s operation, however, it is the only thing that they do. Thus, members could from time to time encounter unreal accounts. Hence, OurTime administration promotes each member to be cautious while socializing with the users.

Should we consider that an account is real on OurTime; accounts` informative quality and accessible features are quite user-friendly. But, you should be aware of internet cons and do not by any means forward money to the website members- it does not matter how upsetting requests you are told. Nonetheless, the accounts` qualitative aspect is stunningly on the high level on OurTime regarding the fact that it is a site for dates.

Mobile Application

Besides the desktop panel option, OurTime has developed a phone application that has had so far a vast variety of downloads-in despite the website`s audience. A measure that looked inappropriate at the beginning shown its successful results, since members could interact simply relaxing at home and remaining on the website does not matter where they are located. Also, OurTime application is developed in a detailed way for the senior generation, since characteristic display big signs and fonts and represents significantly easy to use and distinct controlling. The app does not suggest any supplementary characteristic on OurTime, yet as a benefit-it does not ignore the aspect of functionality.

Prices and charge on OurTime

OurTime Review

OurTime operates based on the compound scheme of registration and symbol. If you want to reach users and apply the functional factor of the website, members need to make payment for becoming its member per month. The price on OurTime per month is less if the signing up period is long. You must pay individually for symbols and credits and you can apply them on supplementary characteristics, for instance, presenting gifts online and enhancing your account view for all its members. The options are alternative, and you may not need to use them at all.

Regarding the payment for signing in on OurTime, they simply staying in touch with the members, sending texts, beginning real-time discussions, and receiving notifications to your email address on the texts that you have in your inbox. The least price per month is 29.96 dollars. Should you want to economize your budget, there is a possibility of ordering a half year period membership on OurTime, which price is fifteen dollars per month that you will have to pay ninety dollars at once.

Sadly, no other average alternatives are presented on OurTime -per month or half a year. As to the benefits, a testing time with 29.96 dollars is supposed to provide the majority of members’ sufficient experience to view if they will want to have a half-year membership.

Additionally, the site also offers a valuable membership where you must pay 17.96 dollars per six months on OurTime. In contrast to basic registration, which was explained above, it indeed gives some amount of benefits, as:

  • Reminders whenever members have viewed your text
  • An alternative desktop color for premium members that is various than other accounts
  • Diverse email background-color

There is an obvious question if it is worth two additional dollars a month on OurTime. We think that not at all- as at the end of the day, the one handful characteristic of it is that you can view once your text is sent to the user. As to the color alternative, conversely, it appears to be completely unnecessary on OurTime. The symbols which could be forwarded as internet presents and promoting your account viewing, they are paid on a stable price of 0.04 dollars a credit. They are purchased as a set on OurTime, in twenty-five, one hundred and ten and two hundred and eighty credits. The number of acquired credits does not impact the price of credit. Yet again, it should be mentioned that they are not obligatory to be obtained and to be honest, frequently useless.

Contrasting to the rest of the sites` price and payment, OurTime ` costing is rather moderate. Besides, signing in the characteristic is quite a handful for users that seriously target to be proactive on the platform. Not like the majority of sites that have a fee per every forwarded text or received, making a payment of a stable amount of money is a more attentive approach. This may be, on the other hand, not thrifty in case if an account is inactive.

There are a few alternatives to making a payment on OurTime, except for usual cards, such as Paypal, members could do so using their mobiles.

Additional characteristics and customer care on OurTime

OurTime Review

Similar to the majority of the rest sites for romantic assignations, OurTime indeed offers a list of characteristics members could purchase for an additional price (the above-mentioned credit systems). Theoretically, the benefits and custom care needed to facilitate internet romantic assignations exceedingly advantageous on OurTime, yet, certainly, a potential user must decide if he or she wants to apply the site. The high-quality custom services could take into consideration:

Online Presents

We have talked about, members could forward online presents to the users on OurTime. The characteristic can be applied by males and females and has a certain purpose, appeal as many people as possible to the person who sent a message. As users receive a lot of texts from the members, forwarding an online present additionally to the regular text facilitates a sender`s attractiveness in a contest.

Boost The Activeness Of My Profile

This feature is rather user-friendly on OurTime, you are charged to boost your account that is shown at the beginning of the searching program. This is an alternative to promote you so other users can see you, also to receive texts from the members.

The Approach To Be Contacted

The characteristic on OurTime suggests members an online mobile number which lets them interact with the participants, at the same time not exposing their actual contacts. It might be proven to be helpful on OurTime as once you encounter a person that you want to have a great interaction, not restricting yourself to a discussion section. Simultaneously, it proposes the security of identity if there is no chemistry between you.

Professional Account On

The option gives access to cover more account textbox and use your account`s possibilities to the fullest on OurTime. Besides, members are not necessary to be the expert writers to fill them in, should you not wish to write about your identity, you could reach out the website writers so they deal with this task instead of you.

Frequently asked questions and concluding

OurTime Review

The website is for a fifty-plus category on OurTime. It is the only limitation on the site, regarding others, members can freely opt for the interactions they wish to have, starting with friendship and ending with marital.

  • Is the site famous?

Yes. The demography is not aimed by the majority of websites, as a consequence, the website receives a variety of attendance daily and has a great database of proactive members on OurTime.

  • Is it possible to sign in for juniors?

Yes, it is possible, yet OurTime is not a site the younger generation who seek older sponsors. Even though eighteen plus people could sign in, it is improbable to be noticed. The majority of people are older, so they tend to favor a person their age.

  • What is the location of the administration?

OurTime is situated in Dallas, Texas. Nevertheless, it is not established only in America, since they are all around the world. So, there is much possibility to get acquainted with a person from there, as the majority of proactive members are from the United States.

  • Is it a parallel project or match.com?

No. The romantic assignations are held by the same organization, called match.com which is trendy and aims at a larger scale with the younger generation. OurTime is targeted for the older generation who are fifty and more.

  • Is it operated?

Yes. OurTime has a rather complex system of search and quite direct texting. The site is extremely simple and user-friendly.

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