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JapanCupid Review

JapanCupid Review
About Site
Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 20-28
Profiles 2 700 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Fast and simple registration
  • JapanCupid app is available as well as an iOS version
  • No hidden fees
  • Some members have only one japancupid.com photo in their profile
  • Ads will disappear only if you buy Gold or Platinum membership
  • No free messages, need to purchase a membership to start communication

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There are many pros and cons related to JapanCupid. For example, the big advantages for this website is that the registration process is free and easy. Also, the message replying is free for anyone as well as browsing different profiles. There is super fancy mobile app with the option for translating the messages, available in many languages.

But, every platform has some disadvantages. The site members with free subscription cannot start a conversation. Another con is for Apple users, that means the mobile app is not available for iOS users.

Dating platform for Japanese people

JapanCupid Review

JapanCupid is an online dating platform which is the part of Cupid Media, owner of 25 dating websites worldwide. Cupid Media was founded in 2000 and till today, there are more than 35 million users from all around the world, where just 700,000 are JapanCupid’s members. Also, this online dating platform contain a super effective partner matching tools that make the partner finding much easier for Japanese site members and other singles outside of Japan. As the users can noticed, JapanCupid is racial and also national online dating website which makes this platform ethnically dedicated dating platform. The users of this hookup website are seeking of potential partners for hot dating, romantic conversation or relationship on the territory of the Japanese island. So, if the potential and future site users are located in Japan, want to find Japanese love or are willing to meet Japanese men and women who are single, JapanCupid is the right place to do it and it is absolutely worth it to spend a time here on this website.


JapanCupid Review

As it was mentioned before, the JapanCupid is Asian online dating website and the most of the members are Asian based. By the way, there are millions of users outside of Japan and Asian continent, and this online dating platform is open for all the countries around the world. There are tons of members coming from Canada and United States of America, which represent the biggest countries with Japanese population inside. This is the most interesting option because it helps effectively to the Japanese people who are not located in Japan, to find their potential partner in Japan and start with hot conversation on the internet. This situation also allows to the Japanese site users outside of Japan, to find someone for date who own the same nationality, same racial status and same maternal language speaking skills.

For example, concrete assimilation degree will be required if the user wants to start living in another country, but it doesn’t mean that that person will lose their nationality or pride. Now, the things start to be clear why JapanCupid is living more than 20 years and try to match potential partners to be back from home. This online dating platform will allow every potential user to create a small piece of homeland neither the user live in Japan or not, and try to connect with a matching partner around the world. The consistency population ratio is 7:1 on JapanCupid in comparison with men and women. That means that this ratio is not really favorable related to the gender, but counting on the big site membership, there are more women created site profiles waiting to be chosen from the real partner. On the other hand, the site members are really active at any time of the day, so the chances to find potential matching are really high. Thousands of users are online per day this information is huge opportunity for everyone who wants to become a user of JapanCupid.

Sign up process

JapanCupid Review

The signing up process on this online dating platform is really simple and easy. There are no additional questions that the JapanCupid’s future members will be required to answer. Just basic and personal details like full name, birth, email and of course password for log in. When the point is on the email address, there is information that every JapanCupid user should know. The email address details in package with password can be updated and changed later if the site user decide to use certain email address for online dating platforms and similar activities. To make email address updated, the site user need to click on the settings filed and update it on the member’s profile. The signing up process can be finished via Facebook, where the user will be required to use the same log in info and upload images that are already uploaded on Facebook.

Keep in mind that after signing up with Facebook, JapanCupid as an online dating platform will not post anything on the Facebook’s log in account without a permission from the user. Another good thing related to the signing up is that the accounts on JapanCupid are not required to be verified, and that means the boring verification process is skipped and not necessary. But after that, the site users will be required to upload a proof of the identification document that will be guarantee of their real identification. Also, the Premium plan site members will be required to fill some easy additional personal information on their profiles. After purchasing the Platinum or Golden site membership subscription, the site users will also be required to fulfill additional interests and some details.

Account suspension and deactivation

JapanCupid Review

There are a number of reasons why JapanCupid account will be suspended from the administrators of this online dating website. One of them is breaking the rules and violations against the site Terms of Service. The site users have the chance to protect their accounts from suspension via contacting the security supporting team and explain them the whole situation via email on [email protected] as soon as possible. After messaging the supporting team, the account will be subject of review and additional security check ups, will go to profile verification process and then will be received the decision for the account future. The account will be suspended and deleted permanently or everything will be alright and the account will be functional and active again.

On the other hand, the site members have the option to deactivate their profiles on JapanCupid online dating platform if they are not satisfied from this dating website or another reason. Of course after deactivating the Japan Cupid account, the account will not be functional but it will not be removed permanently. For account reactivation, the site user will be required to fill the site membership reactivation and to request the platform presence again. After submitting the membership request, the JapanCupid administrator’s team will review the request in details and then they will decide what to do. The final results in most cases till today was positive for every site users who decided to request their membership again on this online dating website. This process of reactivating deactivated account may take the applicant one or two days before the results will be completely finished.

JapanCupid Member’s Profiles

JapanCupid Review

As we already mentioned, JapanCupid online dating platform has three membership plans of subscription. The users, who are registered as standard members with a standard membership subscriptions, are not required to enter different details for their profiles and similar things. Their profiles just need to have up to five uploaded images, fundament personal information like full name, location, gender, birth, physical characteristics, lifestyle and any background related to the culture and nationality. The most important thing after entering all of this information in entering the details related to the potential partner which the user wants to match using this online dating website. This information include the details of the wanted person related to the physical characteristics and similar things like personal appearance, details for the lifestyle, background and of course the relationship type that the user wants to find on JapanCupid. Also, the length of these types of relationships are different, because there are relationships for a long term, short term, casual date and of course adventures for one night only. On the other hand, serious love relationships, marriages and casual friendships are also included in JapanCupid and stay available for anybody’s desire.

The site members who are using the Premium membership subscription are required to enter additional personal and interest details on their site profiles. This type of membership subscription will enable to the site members a list full of interests that can be chosen by the account’s holder. These additional fields that need to be fulfilled enable the site users to describe additionally their personal being, using their own sentences and sweet words. This option is really good and useful for matching and finding potential partner around the world on this dating website who may be a perfect match according to the entered information. The matching system installed in JapanCupid website use various algorithms and parameters entered before, for searching and finding potential partner on this hookup website.

This algorithm is built from various detailed information like personal habits, favorite foods and drinks, monthly income, willingness to move on another location, nationality and similar personal details.

Contacting Site Members

Being a site member with standard membership subscription means a user’s limitation. For example, the users can reply to all messages but they will be unable to start a conversation first. Also adding site members in favorite list, sending them a photo or messages are also on the list of limitations for standard membership users. Gold website membership subscription allows to the users to message another members on the first hand and add personal information through the message text. Also, these site users can upload more images than usual on their profile or send them to specific site members, or hide the images for certain users. On the other hand, platinum membership plan has the option for translating the messages on different languages. There is a video chat feature and also invisible profile mode that allows the users to be hidden for other site users sometimes.

JapanCupid Premium Plan And Pricing

JapanCupid Review

It is widely known that the premium membership subscription on JapanCupid is a little expensive in comparison with other online dating platforms. For example, the golden membership as the monthly price of $29,98, but just for one month duration. For a long-term plan the price is going down for $10 per month with an option that price to be paid for a year. Longer membership subscription can save the user 66% monthly fees. The platinum membership plan or the whole all inclusive subscription is costing $34,99 per month, or $12,50 per year. These three membership subscriptions are available on JapanCupid and the site members can carefully choose one fro themselves.

Mobile App Design And Usability

Cupid Media is an awesome online dating network with various dating websites that have really user-friendly interface. JapanCupid website is really simple to use too, with awesome colors and professionally structured text with catchy font. Pictures and graphics are also well fitted, while all accounts landing pages and promotional designs are really attracting for the new site users representing all the site features and advantages.

JapanCupid are also available for smartphones because there is an amazing mobile app dedicated to all Android users from around the world. The JapanCupid mobile app is published on Google Play Store and every user can download it for absolutely free. The mobile app is requiring an Android 5.0 version of the operating system. The JapanCupid mobile application is super engagement and user friendly and representing all the features that are based on website version too. This mobile app is easy to use from anyone with high or low technology experience because of the simple app design and easy to understand interface. The users who want to download this mobile application from Google Play Store must be at least 18 years old.

Important features

JapanCupid Review

There are various features related to this online dating platform.

One of them is JapanCupid tags. These tags are feature that are based in every Cupid Media online dating platform. This is like one kind of keyword that is the best fit for personal description. When site users will write this specific keyword, the chances for finding the user are bigger than usual.

Second, there is a verification feature that is perfectly matching with this list. It was mentioned before that for verification the user is required to upload personal identification document as an identity proof. After that, the user’s profile will be marked with verification badge and the new site members can noticed that the account is not a scam.

Next, there is a browsing list. This list is contained from different lists like, My Interests, My Favorites, My Matches or similar. There are also list’s options named as Who added me as favorite, who is interested in me and other.

The message filter is also very interesting site feature. This filter is allowing to the user to send messages to specific site members, to store received messages and similar activities.

Last but not least, there are the features for blocking and reporting other users. The users can block anyone who constantly disturb them, break the rules or demonstrate bad behavior on the JapanCupid website.

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