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Lovoo Review

Lovoo Review
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Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 2 500 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • App blocking options are easy to learn.
  • Users are quite satisfied with Lovoo. This application allows them to meet people from all walks of life.
  • And to satisfy such a large community, the moderators are always on the alert. They are still on the alert and keep on tracking down false profiles.
  • Active members applaud the speed at which false profiles detected and rude people are removed from the app. Members feel safe when they meet.
  • Even if most of the members come to find a partner, it is also possible to maintain only friendly relations.
  • Recently, the app received a small update and a makeover.
  • It should be noted that Lovoo has become a false profile landmark that the moderators are working to track and erase.
  • It is because it is starting to popularize.
  • At times, the number of false profiles reaches excessive heights, so that the moderators struggle to erase them.
  • In addition to a large number of bogus profiles on the application, it sometimes takes time for the service to process user requests. Even VIPs face this problem.

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Lovoo operates in much the same way as Tinder and Zoosk, who, let us remember, are leaders in the sector. For the record, Lovoo was powered on October 27, 2001, by a German company called Lovoo GmBH.

The download platform for the dating application is, therefore, still quite young. Still, it is already available in several countries, namely France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Finland, Poland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Turkey, Russia, and the Netherlands.

Lovoo has a strong community of 70 million users worldwide. In the last five years alone, the number of downloads of the application has exceeded the symbolic threshold of 50 million, which is a feat for such a new platform. The majority of users of the app are young. In the last census, the members would be between 18 and 35 years old.

People who use Lovoo come from all walks of life. You will meet singles, PACS, people in couples, married or recently divorced people. All sexual orientations are also represented there. In general, community members are caring and respect for each other.

Downloadable for free, the application is only 16.55 MB. Installing it on your smartphone takes only a few minutes or even a few seconds.

How does Lovoo work?

Lovoo Review

Like other dating apps, Lovoo can be downloaded from the AppStore and the Play Store. As we said earlier, the application is light. It speeds up the download and installation on your smartphones.

An e-mail address will be useful for you during the creation of your personal Lovoo account. Yes, it is a question of consideration, because Lovoo is a mix between a dating application and a social network.

You can also sign up with your Facebook or Google + account, which is what we recommend. By synchronizing your two accounts, you will no longer need to upload photos. Those found on Facebook will be directly attached to your Lovoo profile, which you can modify as you go.

Once you have created your Lovoo profile, you will have the opportunity to browse and chat for free with other members in a freemium model. It’s easy for you if you choose to use your Facebook profile. Your personal information will be directly incorporated into your Lovoo profile, but be aware that you can always modify it later.

For users who do not have a Facebook account, they will have to register traditionally, that is to say, step by step. They will have to create their profile personally, fill it with essential information and photos (more than recommended). Creating the profile on Lovoo is not as ergonomic as on a site like Meetic, but it is still quite pleasant to do.

Before getting started, you can take a look at the profile of the people registered on the platform and get inspired by it. Your registration on Lovoo does not commit you to anything. You can unsubscribe at any time and delete your account from the app. It is one of the proofs that the application is reliable.

Few people decide to leave Lovoo permanently. However, if you still want to end your Lovoo experience, click on the “Settings” tab on your profile, then on “My Account.» It is where all the information about you (name, date of birth, contact details, profile modification service, and password) can be found.

You will also find the steps which will allow you to delete your account. If you want to go all the way, know that all the conversations you had with the other members will be lost forever. This choice is, therefore, to be taken with consideration.

Members structure & activity

Lovoo Review

As you undoubtedly know, all platforms have a specific creed. Some are focused on affinity dating, usually registered members are looking for a long term relationship. Others specialize according to the age of the users, with, for example, an exclusive offer for people over 50. Many do in naughty or libertine meetings. In short, there’s something for everyone. But you have to choose well!

Regarding Lovoo, well, it’s not that definite. Whether you are looking for an overnight plan or a more severe meeting, this platform will be useful for you. It is a good point because there is no pressure, and finally, we sign up thinking that anything can happen. Regarding the average age, I would say that it is a platform more intended for young people under 35 years of age.

Registration process

On Lovoo, you can chat with other members, even with the free version. But for this to be possible, you must first complete your profile. Something that seems to me rather logical since it avoids ending up with mountains of empty profile.

As you can see, there is nothing too complicated, and it will only take a few seconds. I still advise you to take your time; a careful profile maximizes your chances of meeting people. Anyway, as you can see, so far, there is nothing too complicated.


Lovoo Review

Once you’ve figured out how to customize your details, it’s time to explore the primary function of this app. Meeting people on Lovoo is the primary purpose of this service, and all its features revolve around this pivot point.

The quickest way to find users in your city or country is to use the “Near you” option using a handy speed camera. You can find it in the navigation bar at the bottom, indicated by plus the concentric circles.

In this section, you can cast your vote for the cards of the people who are randomly offered to you. There are three buttons. The first, heart-shaped, allows you to leave a similar message on the user’s profile. The second, marked with an X, indicates that you are not interested and want to go further.

The center button, in the form of a letter, is used to send a direct message to the people you see. In this way, you can also use the Icebreaker function but do it very carefully. This possibility is limited in time, and to capture the attention of the user you are interested in, you carefully study which text to insert.

For finding out even more about the boy or girl in front of you, there is a straightforward method. Tap on the displayed image and scroll down to access the profile details. You will find more pictures and all the personal data that a user has chosen to enter. The use of matches is crucial on Lovoo, as it increases the chances of being displayed.

Boost Your Lovoo Profile With Social Power and Topchat

With 70 million users worldwide, the competition is fierce. It is why Lovoo paid offers to boost its profile. Social Power makes it possible to highlight your profile so that it gains visibility among users.

As for Top chat, it allows you to place all the messages you send in the first position. It can sometimes significantly increase your number of potential matches.

Main features

Lovoo Review

The Lovoo app is straightforward to use. Members have access to many features. Application in itself is ergonomic and a feast for the eyes. As it mimics the appearance of a social network, getting started is easy.

Important detail: Lovoo is an application that allows members to meet thanks to their geographic positioning.

Lovoo stands out with the following functional tools:

  • Radar

The purpose of this tab is to facilitate the geolocation of the people who use the application. It is thanks to this speed camera that you will be able to consult and like the other profiles.

  • The game

This tab will allow you to directly like the profiles of other members, taking, of course, their geographic situations.

  • Classic messaging

This tool will allow you to send and receive messages and photos. If you are in free mode, messaging enables you to contact three people per day.

To make the most of this functionality, you will have to think about subscribing to a paid offer.

  • News

This tab will allow you to keep informed of news related to Lovoo profiles. It provides you with information concerning visits and connections on the platform.

Remember that these features can be used for free, but only in a freemium model. Yes, they will allow you to build relationships, but if you want to go further, it will be necessary to buy credits.

Mobile App and design

Lovoo Review

So it goes without saying that above all, Lovoo is a mobile application. Incidentally available on all types of smartphones and tablets, namely Android, Windows Phone, or IOS for iPhone and iPad lovers.

That said, Lovoo is still accessible on a computer or mac, in particular, and thanks to its website! And that’s good.

When others like Tinder only offer the app, Lovoo thought of everything, even those who wouldn’t want to have it on their phone or just couldn’t.

Costs and Prices

Lovoo Review

As you can see, the price remains reasonable and is about average. Almost $10 for one month, $ 24.99 for three and $ 33.99 for half a year. It remains to be seen what this VIP membership status entitles you to:

  • Find out who viewed and liked your profile.
  • Your profile appears more regularly.
  • You can send up to 3 icebreakers/day.
  • It will be possible to find the members you liked.
  • No advertising.
  • Take advantage of the invisible function to meet discreetly.

How secure is Lovoo?

On applications and dating sites, the question of false profiles continually arises. There is no need to hide it; there are indeed fake profiles on Lovoo. Evil people always try to infiltrate for fun or to harm others; it is a fact.

However, the moderators of Lovoo make every effort to track down these disturbers. Verification measures by telephone number and bank identity are in place. Besides, moderators and users can detect fake profiles by themselves. It happens that false profiles are slow to talk and are not at all reactive to likes.

Sometimes they are angry, overly pleasant, or insistent on financial and material matters. For preventing active members from paying the fees, the accounts of people who are not informed and who do not have photos are inspected and blacklisted if necessary.

All members have the right to report or block a questionable account or a rude person.


Lovoo Review

Overall, Lovoo is a quality application. Even in free mode, a member can meet in love (with luck), friendly, or simply chat with other members. This dating application is made for all communities of people; in other words, men and women of all sexual orientations.

You don’t have to be single to sign up, anyway, most of the members must be peaceful people who want to spice up their daily lives. As for the subscription price, it remains affordable, which is a second good point for Lovoo.

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