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HongKongCupid Review

HongKongCupid Review
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 3 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Detailed and informative profiles
  • Straightforward registration
  • Entertaining online chat room
  • Free profiles browsing option
  • iOS and Android application available for users
  • Available paid subscription plans, with affordable fees
  • Limited options for non-paying customers
  • A low number of active members during a day

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HongKongCupid Review

HongKongCupid is a dating website, which deserves solid 4/5 points for its numerous features available for paid subscribers. If you do not want to invest your money and time, our advice is at least to try free membership at the beginning and see if you should proceed to the next step and pay for the packages available. Why we think that HongKongCupid is the website, where you have a chance to find true love can be discovered in this review.

Traditional dating methods are no longer the only ways to find a companion for life, as the Internet provides a solution for many singles wanting to meet their life partner. Online dating sites start to find their way into the Asian world and gather people online. Often Asians, especially the new generation, try to break free from the customs of their conservative societies. Therefore, some of them use applications on their smartphones, which would help them to identify people who may be their life partners in the future. The HongKongCupid is perhaps the most widespread application in the Asian world, with more than 120,000 users from Asian countries and Asian communities in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia. It was founded by Cupid Media and resembled similar global applications, in terms of the features it offers. The app collects thousands of different backgrounds, religions, and nationalities, and focuses on gathering two related personalities. In more than two years, the website has recorded hundreds of success stories among its users.

Members structure & activity

HongKongCupid Review

Usually, there are only around 50 active users per day, with the total number of visitors 400. Worldwide there are only 100,000 profiles on the HongKongCupid platform. Approximately 50% of all members are HongKong residents, which is quite convenient for those who live in this city. The other half is mainly from the USA, Europe or Australia. Female users outnumber the male community and make it be 60% of all 7, 500 members joining per month.

Communication with users

HongKongCupid Review

The Internet has become a reality of living. It is a way to get acquainted. But real relationships begin when people meet on the ground and get out of virtual reality. Getting acquainted with HongKongCupid is fast and straightforward. Register and start looking for friends according to your specifications. We guarantee you to find who you are looking for in the quickest time. The application relies on algorithms to reconcile users based on the information they provide in an opinion poll that includes dozens of questions about values, lifestyles, and specifications of ideal life partners.

To attract someone’s attention as a free user, you can forward interest to the person you like. If paid members find you appealing, they will continue communicating with you. Keep in mind that dropping messages to other standard members is a pretty useless thing to do because there are no communication tools to continue the correspondence. If you are a male, we recommend you to buy a subscription, since the vast majority of all users are female, who prefer not to invest money into platforms’ packages.

The searching process also differs for free and paying joiners. Once you purchase the membership, you have a much more extensive scope of search features to boost your chances of matchmaking the one you fancy. Cupid Media made it possible for all its website users to search in the database easily. Go to the search tag and find another profile by keywords, which describe the user in the best way possible.

Online dating is complicated also by many annoying and harmful people you might encounter on your way. The website allows you to block those people. HongKongCupid will not let disturbing people reach you out again. Moreover, you can always report those who have ill intentions or show a dangerous attitude in the technical support tab. The HongKongCupid moderators take your opinion seriously and are still ready to improve their services. You need to define what you want to achieve with online dating as well. Something long or short term? It is always a good idea – in addition to creative and funny wording – to choose a language style.

So if you are looking for great love and want a relationship, you should particularly mention long-term plans and goals. Speak deeply. You can build trust and arouse longings. If you are more interested in non-binding, avoid being profound. In this case, address past activities or experiences. Everything that takes place in the here and now and is exciting. Communication this way increases sexual desire and suggests short-term intentions to the user viewing your profile. If you want to discover more about the dating process and the psychology behind it, we recommend you read dating hacks before subscribing to the HongKongCupid platform.

Creating Your Unique Profile

HongKongCupid Review

All information you provide is optional, including a description of yourself and downloading photos. It is up to you if you want to make your profile attractive or not, but if you are here reading this article, most probably, you have serious intentions to find someone lovely. You need to make some extra efforts when creating your profile, but please tell yourself that this spare time spent will help you position yourself better and reach your goals. Go ahead and fill your profile as much as possible. Commence with downloading your photos. After a thorough technical check, all other users will be able to see your gallery.

Other bachelors will see your profile picture and then the information about you. This data will help you to distinguish yourself from all other people who are looking for love. Your profile is your ad for a dating site that will speak for you!

A good profile picture is a photo that makes you physically and socially stand out. Regarding your description, you are not asked to write a novel or autobiography, but a characterization for a dating site that only makes a few lines to make a difference and gives singles who fall on your profile to go further and get to know you. When you read your dating website description, you must feel that you are a positive person, an enthusiast, who loves life and enjoys it! Even if you’re a bit depressed and tired of trying to find love, pretend you’re an optimist and don’t complain to other members. You shouldn’t be considered someone desperate in your profile.

Here are some successful profile examples you can find on HongKongCupid website and use them as a template:

  • Welcome to my profile!
  • My name is Joice, and I am from the Philippines. Finding out the meaning of life and having in-depth discussions is essential to me. Are you also someone who likes to discuss philosophical topics?
  • My name is Kim, and I am from Thailand. I prefer to go hiking, and I am in love with nature. If you are someone who doesn’t care about fashion trends and lifestyle, then we are sure to go well together.

Try to respond to the other person’s profile and show that you have read the information there. For example, if someone has a keen interest in the theater, you could ask that person whether he or she prefers modern or classic pieces. In the field of literature, it’s the same thing: Some people have a secret love for post-war French literature. For someone who travels a lot, you can also ask how the last flight to the United States was and whether he or she would revisit it. We, therefore, recommend that you be original. Above all, try to write individual letters so that the other person is delighted. Once they see your message was not copy-pasted, but designed specifically for them, he or she will definitely want to respond to you. Find a link to the person through the profile to show that you are interested in the other person.

Desktop Version vs Mobile Application

HongKongCupid Review

Regardless of your IT skills, you can use the desktop version or mobile app quickly. Both options of the HongKongCupid are designed in rich blue colors. Clear navigating and interface are a definite plus for the platform. This app is available for free on Android and Apple devices. The application can be uploaded from Google Play or App Store free of cost. Adjust necessary settings not to miss any notification explicitly forwarded for you. The application was developed with the help of engineers and experts in marital relations. It works based on an advanced analysis of the personality of the user.

Premium Memberships Cons and Fees

HongKongCupid Review

As mentioned above, the price for membership is pretty moderated. Paid subscription gives you lots of advantages. Plus, as you will see later, the longer-term membership you invest in, the more you save. Consider this fact before paying.

Paid members have the following advantages. They can:

  1. Send notifications
  2. Get notifications
  3. Read notifications
  4. Start correspondence with anyone, even non-paying users. They will be able to receive a message from you and respond to it
  5. Use fun and exciting live chat room to know your partner better
  6. Once you paid for the subscription, you have access to much more advanced search tools. This option is not available for standard users.
  7. You have an opportunity to highlight your profile if you want to stand out or to be in incognito mode. In this case, you can check out other people’s profiles, but they will not be able to view yours.
  8. Have unlimited access to translation services offered by the HongKongCupid system. This way, your dialogue will be translated to a high-quality level, without any third party being involved. The privacy of your communication is the priority of the developers. So you should not worry that someone will be engaged between you and your other half. The conversation will stay intimate and still carefree.

The fees for different memberships are the following:


  • 1 month – $24.98
  • 3 months – $49.99 ($16.66 per month)
  • 12 months – $99.98 ($8.33 per month)


  • 1 month – $29.98
  • 3 months – $59.99 ($20.00 per month)
  • 12 months – $119.98 ($10 per month)

For all subscriptions, you will have to pay upfront. All online payment alternatives are possible to choose from. Whether it is bank cards or checks, your membership will be automatically renewed. If you wish to stop it, you need to go to your settings and discontinue charges.


HongKongCupid Review

No one says that finding the perfect life partner is easy, but having the Internet on a mobile phone makes the process much more comfortable. Until a few years ago, online dating meant that you kept connecting yourself to your computer. Still, thanks to cell phones and applications, the whole world has become your playing field for dating, acquaintances, and long-term relationships.

On the HongKongCupid website, you create an exclusive profile with a bunch of pictures and some sentences around yourself. Try your luck with HongKongCupid. Join the platform today and start searching for your life partner.

Regarding our point of view about the website, with all the advantages and disadvantages, the platform deserves solid 4 points out of 5. Before paying for any package, our advice is to browse as a free member first, and if you feel comfortable with what you experience, go for paid membership with the HongKongCupid matchmaking services’ website.

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Sevilla Rivas
Sevilla Rivas
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