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Fonzi Avila

Fonzi Avila
Fonzi Avila
Fonzi Avila
MS, RD & Writer, RH Certified Relationship Coach, Certified John Maxwell Coach, B.A. Business Management
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I’m always trying to understand what my clients are dreaming about and what relationships do they want. I have 23 couples that truly happy and know what they want from life. Really proud of them and proud of my work!

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Fonzi unyielding support for his clients is balanced by his honest and objective perspective of the relationship. He has the ability to be compassionate and empathetic while seeing both sides of the situation, creating a safe space for his clients to feel heard and understood while simultaneously offering them insight into their partner or ex’s point of view. His coaching strengths include managing anxiety and depression, working with transgendered clients or with partners of trans people, and LGBTQ+ issues.