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SingleParentMeet Review

SingleParentMeet Review
About Site
Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 35-50
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Possibility to find a babysitter via the site
  • Available mobile app
  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced matching mechanism
  • Users have to pay to browse profiles
  • Advanced dating services are not free

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When you become a parent, life becomes hard due to a lack of time and plenty of responsibilities. However, if you are a solo parent, this task becomes extremely challenging. You have to take care of your child/children, work hard to provide all that they need, play, and express your pure love. Being a single parent, you deal with a special type of loneliness, which is very controversial. You have no privacy, and at the same time, you feel like you are the only one person on the planet. All solo parents deal with such feelings. A child is not the cause of this kind of loneliness. It is important to understand this point if you do not want to feel guilty all your life. Your child is the biggest gift and reward in your entire life. At the same time, it is a hard job you have to do without any day off. As a result, you lack free time for your self-realization, hobbies, relationships, and personal growth. All loving parents put the needs of children above their own dreams and needs. When you are a solo parent, you meet couples with children all around, and this makes you feel incomplete. You want to meet a person and build long-term relationships. At the same time, it is extremely difficult, not to say impossible, to go on a casual date. If you are familiar with the feeling of self-isolation, you have to start getting new contact with the world. The best way to experience online dating servicesn is to try SingleParentMeet.

We are lucky to have access to SingleParentMeet, which is designed and focused on solo parents. SingleParentMeet.com is one of the best platforms in this particular category. Every single mom or dad can have high chances to connect with interesting men and women who want to raise a child with you. Everyone has his/her reason why to use the services of SingleParentMeet; friendship, love, partnership, or a little chat. The site is available for free. You will find a lot of efficient features and handy tools that will help you get in contact with your new friends and matches.

The SingleParentMeet platform belongs to People Media. It is gigantic on the dating market. It is the owner of such well-known sites as SeniorPeopleMeet, BBPeopleMeet, BlackpeopleMeet, etc. The site focused on a specific niche to provide high-quality dating services to a particular section of the dating industry. Nowadays, such services are on the pick of popularity. SingleParentMeet claims to have a well-balanced gender ratio: 50% men and 50% ladies. Unlike similar sites, which have a 75% to 25% ratio, SingleParentMeet.com is matched evenly.

The only limitation of SingleParentMeet is that it is available in a limited number of countries: the United States and Canada. Let’s hope that in the near future there will be some fresh ideas on how to make the service international. They should expand their geography as soon as possible.

Who Should Use SingleParentMeet?

SingleParentMeet Review

SingleParentMeet is a popular site among parents who raise their children alone. However, you can find not only parents on this dating site. It is a common practice when relatives and best friends of solo parents create profiles in order to scope out some potential matches. You should think about SingleParentMeet as a matchmaking mechanism to bring lonely people together. You should not forget when you log in to the site, you are going to meet plenty of single parents. At the same time, there are many members who do not have children.

The main aim of SingleParentMeet is to create a comfortable, user-friendly, and absolutely safe space for solo parents. It is the opportunity to meet a potential friend, surrogate mom/dad, or a babysitter for your child. SingleParentMeet takes safety measures to secure its members. It is vital for a positive experience. The developer has taken reasonable steps to make your personal data (images, home address, mobile numbers, and the details of your credit card) to be not visible to any third-party. Also, every member has to undergo a verification process. You have to upload a colored ID image or alternatively your driver’s license. Do not forget to include a minimum of one picture of yourself. The purpose of this strict verification process is to be sure that the member who creates a new SingleParentMeet profile is the same person in the photos.

As we have already mentioned, SingleParentMeet is designed for solo parents. It is not surprising that the typical age of the members is between 30-50 years old. It is the most mature, responsible, and intelligent category of people you could ever meet on dating sites. Most SingleParentMeet users are interested in long term relationships. It is evident because they are family-oriented and already have children. You have chances to become a match if you are interested in settling down and living like a joint family. All the members have one typical detail, which is love for children. Most of the members have kids, after all.

SingleParentMeet Membership Options

SingleParentMeet Review

If you want to join the SingleParentMeet community, you have to choose the most suitable option for yourself. Let’s see how free membership works. All free members are requested to create an account. Note that you have a limited number to send/receive messages in a single day. The same is true about viewing who is texting you, reading private messages, and, of course, sending pokes/likes. Being a free member, you are not allowed to initiate other members to join online chats or scheduled hangouts.

As you can see, the free subscription is quite limited in features. The most disappointing limitation is that you are not allowed to send/read all the messages. After receiving more than ten letters, every member is recommended to upgrade to the paid subscription.

If you decide to get the premium subscription, you can unlock some additional features to boost your dating experience. Pay attention to the “Favorites” and “Online Chat” features, which are fantastic. All the members can purchase the desired subscription plan. The payment has to be done every month. All the procedures are automatic. It means that the system bills for the needed amount on the same date every single month. It is easy to switch off the automatic billing. You can contact the customer support to do so.

What Subscription Plans Are Available?

SingleParentMeet Review

One-month subscription plan

It is the most popular subscription plan on the site. It costs 20 USD per month. Your credit/debit card gets billed every month. At the same time, this option is the most costly compared to other available plans. Do not expect to get additional bonuses and discounts. It is an ideal variant for new members who just start using dating services. They want to see whether they like the site for further usage.

Six-month subscription plan

This subscription plan takes second place in terms of popularity. This option requires your commitment because you are supposed to use SingleParentMeet for six months and pay regularly. The six-months plan can be purchased as a single payment, which costs 48 USD. As you can see, the price is less compared to the previous option, thanks to little discounts.

Alternative six-month subscription plan

If you want to get access to some extra features for the six-month subscription plan, you should choose this option. You will get access to plenty of excellent features. It costs 54 USD. Note that your card will get billed as a single payment. The cost is $9 per month. All members who choose this subscription plan should be ready to pay for the “Highlighter” feature. It aims to boost members’ messages/profiles and stand out from the crowd. Using this plan, you increase your chances of being much more visible for your potential partner or friend.

What Special Features Does SingleParentMeet Have?

SingleParentMeet Review

SingleParentMeet is very similar to other dating sites. It wants to improve users’ experience by all means. That is why both free and premium members get access to advanced features. Every feature increases your chances of grabbing people’s attention. You can easily find a suitable match for your life. SingleParentMeet has a user-friendly interface. As practice shows, even new inexperienced members face no problems navigating through the site. The developer has fine-tuned certain features for a better experience in finding the desired matches. SingleParentMeet feels confident in the expanding dating market.

The Best Features Are The Following:

SingleParentMeet Review

“Greetings” Feature

This feature lets other SingleParentMeet members send virtual greetings to each other. We find it to be quite appealing for those users who lack self-confidence and feel shy to start a new conversation with a private message. It is the best way to initiate the first message with the person you like. According to the site statistics, users who send such greetings increase their chances to get more messages. It is not enough just to view profiles. Every greeting includes the following variations: “Hello. My name is …”, “How are you today?” “Do you want to chat?”. Note that you can easily modify the message to express your feelings and mood better.

“Personal Questionnaire” Feature

SingleParentMeet gives you access to a special section in your profile. You can provide the information about your favorite hobbies, lifestyle, what you like/dislike, your relationship intentions, and many other quirks. The sections with such questionnaires help you find matching potential partners. The matching algorithm analyzes all your answers and runs all of them via a vast database of members. It is efficient in matching your profile with other users with similar interests and life goals. This feature lets you interact with people who share the same likes/dislikes, interests, and relationship inventions.

“Greeting/Message Ideas” Feature

If you do not know what to write in your message, you can check the following ideas. This feature is created to stimulate personal conversation by providing the right direction. You will never face an awkward silence which may happen between shy people.

“Profile Customization” Feature

Every premium user has the right to customize his or her dating profile. SingleParentMeet allows you to add pictures as your avatar, select the most eye-catching background cover, and add a background illustration to your personal profile. You can also specify what information should be visible on your profile, for example, your age, gender, etc.

Cover Images

If you are a free user, you can add a single image, while premium members have unlimited access to this feature. As a rule, members with a big selection of photos increase their chances of becoming more popular.

“Audio Greeting” Feature

This is a specialty of SingleParentMeet. It allows you to interact with the community directly. The “Audio Greeting” feature will enable you to record a brief message via the microphone on your device and add it to your profile. People appreciate being greeted when they visit your profile for the first time. It is an excellent feature!

“Flirts/Poke” Feature

It is so fun to send pokes/flirts to people you find interesting. As soon as you start sending out such intractable flirts/pokes, you start getting back much more messages. You can see a similar feature on Facebook and other popular social media networks.

Premium members get access to such features as “Favorites,” “Highlighted Messages,” “Online Chat,” and many others.

SingleParentMeet Safety Tips

SingleParentMeet Review

SingleParentMeet is concerned about the safety of every member. The site takes serious measures to make users feel secure while using dating services. SingleParentMeet claims never to repost or share users’ information. You can be sure that your safety or legitimacy will be damaged. Your bank card information, passwords, pictures are stored in a secure database.


SingleParentMeet Review

SingleParentMeet is a quite dynamic community where solo parents can find a match. Unique site to help and entertain single parents. It is definitely worth trying!

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