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Waplog Review 2024

Waplog Review 2024
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Active Audience 78%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 8
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Waplog is compatible with both Android and iOS;
  • The app is free;
  • Has filters for search;
  • Shows visitors to your profile;
  • Has an in-app purchase option.
  • Higher rating on Google Play 3.4. This parameter is lower than 81% of similar products.

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Meeting people has never been so easy, now many applications can help you with it, and you just have to know which one to use. Among the most popular ones, we have the Waplog application. It is a precious app and which we will talk about this time and through this little article.

Waplog site is one of the most extensive online dating services, where everyone will find maximum opportunities for dating, communication, and relationship building. We regularly join new internet users from all over the world. Millions of people of all ages dream of getting rid of loneliness, and Waplog gives a real chance to meet your soul mate.

Waplog is an application that allows you to meet people close to your environment, as well as chat with people from different countries (if you wish). It is an app for those who want to meet people without the need to leave home and from their mobile phones.

For you to know how Waplog works, you first need to have it on your mobile phone. Then you register using your data and then create a little story that all registered users will be able to see.

In the same way, you can also see the stories of other users if you like any story, and the other user likes yours. Both can interact through a chat or a video call, it is effortless to use, and you only have to upload your best stories.

On the service pages, the user can quickly find people from your region anywhere in the world. Your chances of success in finding the pair are extensive; in fact, choose a partner from millions of questionnaires with photos. The user interface also allows communicating blindly, not to disclose data on the place of residence and appearance.

For the start of the communication, you should choose the base of profiles of people who suit you, according to age and other parameters. Waplog is the ideal solution for those who are not only interested in periodic meetings but a long term relationship. Many members of our social network have been precisely here to get acquainted with people who have not only attracted outwardly but have been able to take an essential place in life indeed.

When you create an account, pay attention to how to fill in the “My page” section. Your potential partner will undoubtedly be interested in your external appeal, but with a passion, priorities in life.

Members structure & activity

Waplog Review

Members of the Waplog community are involved, and most viewers show that men participate more than females.

It’s easy to communicate with others on Waplog. All you have to do is sign free of charge. You will find a section in which you can talk with friends or simply check for a filter that suits your needs. Members will not have to pay a fee to speak with other members. Waplog operates like Twitter and Facebook, where you can simply click on its image and search its profile with icons to attach as a friend or like a user.

Registration process

Waplog Review

Waplog works similarly to other social networks such as Facebook. To register you can do it through an email, or you can log in with your Facebook account. Once you start creating your profile adding your data and some photos to that other users may know you. You can easily browse other profiles, leave comments or send private messages easily and without restrictions.

To search for people near your city, you can use the search filters provided by Waplog to find new friends near where you live. Waplog also has an Android application so you can navigate the site from your mobile phone.


Waplog Review

The Waplog Match is a very comprehensive system currently in the dating apps that Tinder already started, and that consists of putting profiles in front of you and indicating if you like them or not, being able to make gifts to gain their attention.

The Waplog Match is quite sufficient to give quickly to other people in whom you are interested. At the same time, that person is interested in you, so the possibilities for flirting multiply.

Waplog’s chat functionality is similar to that used in other flirting apps, but this does not make it essential for us to speak with people of flesh and blood. One of the complaints of users is that, since active users are not filtered, many times, you start a chat with several profiles, but they never answer you, and it cuts the mess when trying to link.

Another chat feature is that the site allows to start conversation only to profiles with uploaded photos, which have been approved, so it is an excellent way to improve the app experience.

To start a chat, you must first send a gift to the person you want to talk to. These gifts are purchased with virtual currencies that we will discuss below.

Profiles quality

Waplog Review
  • Alerts are sent to you when a member visits or likes your profile.
  • You will access the extensive profiles for each member.
  • After the user submits the profile photos, they must be accepted by the administrator before showing them for other users.
  • Profile data is very comprehensive.

You can also access the profile of other people for free and in detail. The profile data will also allow you to find the person with whom you feel comfortable and connect easily when you see the profiles.

Mobile Application

Waplog Review

Waplog works as a social network to meet new people and establish contact between them. Despite allowing conversation with any individual, regardless of the objective, the main focus of the platform is flirting.

To facilitate navigation, the service is divided into a few sections, all located in a hidden menu on the left. At the top is your profile, which gathers the essential information about you, such as age, photo, and location, and is visible to all registered in the App.

Below, you can search for people close to you by going to the “Find” option, or view users who may be of interest to you in “Suggestions” (made by the application itself). “Messages,” in turn, is where you have access to all private conversations saved in your account.

There are also “Visitors,” a function that details who saw your profile and “Likes,” which shows how many people you have matched, according to each person’s tastes. Recently, a story resource was also launched, identical to Instagram Stories, which appears in the “Find a Friend” tab.

At any time, you can add people as friends (as long as they accept your request) and send private messages to them, and mark contacts as favorites. These can also be easily accessed via a dedicated tab within the service.

Waplog is free to use, but there is a VIP version that frees up extra functions to enhance your experience – and, consequently, increase the chances of you making new friends or finding new love.

Another possibility is “Boost,” which is not a premium subscription but increases the popularity of your profile for a short time. Among the exclusives is the profile highlight, which becomes number 1 in your region for 15 minutes, and VIP gifts for your friends on the social network, which gain ten times more visibility, five times more likes and seven times more messages than the others.

The developers implemented the Waplog story function to make Waplog a more enjoyable and great activity for users.

The shiny new Story function of Waplog enables people to take video clips and share them by importing them into their accounts. Close to Instagram, videos can only last 15 seconds but live for 24 hours even after uploading to your profiles. Since this feature is optional, you can attach as many as you like. This feature helps users to chat with your mates about their day.

Prices of the VIP version and Coins

Waplog Review

As for Waplog prices we have two options, which are compatible between both:

This option is essential to be able to send gifts that allow you to start chat conversations with other users. We leave you the updated prices:

  • 650 coins for $ 5.99;
  • 1050 coins for $ 9.99;
  • 2550 coins for $ 23.99;
  • 6950 coins for $ 64.99;
  • 11000 coins for $ 99.99.

The good thing about these virtual coins is that they do not have a maximum expiration date, so you can always take advantage of it depending on the use you make. So that you see what it gives you with each recharge here are the prices of the different gifts:

  • Heart with flame: 50 coins
  • Perfume: 500 coins
  • Ring: 5000 coins
  • Diamond: 4000 coins
  • Basket: 600 coins
  • Pink: 200 coins
  • Teddy bear: 700 coins
  • Car: 3000 coins

The use of coins encourages users to be quite active, and there is a lot of movement in this App. We recommend in the first contacts not to exceed 200 coin gifts.

VIP Gold version. It consists of a pass that allows you to have greater visibility, without ads, and that will help you to link.


Waplog is an open device to find mates and relationships. Though most individuals use it for good reasons, others can come up with false profiles and prospects. Users may also select who gets to access their profiles and who can talk with them through the privacy settings. In other situations, if users receive spam, it is necessary to report and email a complaint immediately.


Waplog Review

Waplog follows a safe path in terms of layout. With icons already familiar to the user, the app is intuitive and friendly. The organization and size of images and fonts also favor usability, making all functions easy to find.

But if, on the one hand, this aspect simplifies the user’s life, on the other hand, the lack of a visual identity makes the service uninviting. Because it looks like a copy of many others of its kind, the platform does not give reliability to users who have little information in their profiles.

When it comes to a flirting app, this is a crucial problem – and the main one, along with the small number of registered members. Usually, the system ends up suggesting people from the same city, which is quite vague in terms of common interests.

The functionalities also do not deserve special mention. Except for viewing the profiles that visited you, which in some competitors is a paid surcharge, Waplog has everything we see out there. The good thing is that he also doesn’t have significant gaps in this sense, making an edible bean and rice in terms of online flirtations.

For those who want to be minimally cautious with who is going to start a conversation, Waplog is not the best way. On the other hand, users seem willing to overcome the barriers of the virtual world, which is an exciting and timely aspect. It is worth testing because the luck factor is always involved in such programs as Waplog.

Fierro Barrientos
Fierro Barrientos
Fierro Barrientos
MS, RD & Writer

I’m always trying to understand what my clients are dreaming about and what relationships do they want. I have 23 couples that truly happy and know what they want from life. Really proud of them and proud of my work!

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