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Elite Singles Review

Elite Singles Review
About Site
Active Audience 54%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 2 500 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The community of ambitious and well-behaved singles
  • An effective matchmaking system
  • A team of experts verifies profiles
  • An online review that gives helpful dating tips
  • A high-performance security system: users cannot upload your photos
  • Specialized sites: Elite Singles senior, classic, gay and Christian
  • A balanced male/female ratio
  • An efficient mobile application
  • You can only get the full results of your personality test after subscribing to a premium offer
  • The questionnaire is a bit long: +200 questions
  • General opinion on Elite Singles
  • Demanding singles – With 70% of our members graduating from higher education, Elite Singles is the dating site in the USA for ambitious singles looking for a serious relationship

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Elite Singles is a platform for singles with high expectations for dating.

If you are already successful in your professional career and the only thing missing is a partner, Elite Singles and its matchmaking tool are there to help you find the ideal person for a serious meeting.

The personality test is based on a proven method and has contributed to the success of many love stories.

Elite Singles Review

Currently, the number of people seeking couples online is continuously increasing. The number of subscribers of Elite Singles has increased by up to 80% in just one month. Internet confidence is growing more and more when it comes to finding an ideal partner, especially after the success of numerous couples that emerged through the network.

The Compatibility Test used by Elite Singles allows suggesting to each user possibilities of couples who have similar tastes. The form of contact between couples is established securely through email. They also have a unique communication feature called «knowing each other mutely» which is a guided process of discovering a particular person in four steps.

Elite Singles is in charge of continuously reviewing a strategy to maintain the best quality standards, offer excellent customer service, and guarantee computer security. Numerous awards and certifications endorse the quality of this company. Although the main success of the page is the number of couples which join each day.

The Elite Singles site has a section titled Relationship, where you can read various articles related to finding and keeping a partner. The experts of the platform are in charge of advising you on topics such as coexistence and communication, emotional blackmail, guilt, seduction, infidelity, self-esteem, forgiveness, reconciliations. Even the question about how to deal with jealousy or crisis that may arise. On the other hand, you can contact the team to answer your questions about these issues and comment with other users about the articles published.

Effective matchmaking – The compatibility algorithm linked to the advanced personality test allows our members to meet the person who meets their requirements and who suits them.

A high success rate – Every day new couples form and create the success of Elite Singles. Sign up to meet the one who will share your life today.

How to signup on Elite Singles?

Elite Singles Review

Joining the exclusive Elite Singles network is simple, fun, and 100% free! All you need to do is add your email address and password (which you will use for your Elite Singles login).

Then you have to choose gender (male or female) of the person you want to meet. Finally, the platform will ask you to complete a fairly comprehensive questionnaire that assesses various aspects of your personality, as well as your romantic profile.

Since Elite Singles is an affinity dating site, the next step is necessary to complete the personality test.

Many dating experts agree that the affinity aspect is essential to build a serious relationship with someone.

This is why the Elite Singles team decided to use a matchmaking service that aims to determine the personality type of every single person and to form couples whose members match perfectly.

The model inspires the questionnaire called the “Big Five”, a theory that has been used for decades in psychology and which makes it possible to define the five dimensions of personality.

The Elite Singles test takes into account demographics, individual preferences, as well as personality types.

When the user completes the questionnaire, the platform then analyzes the results and offers a list that contains recommendations from partners.

This means that each user finds himself connected to other singles who match him.

The Personality Test that includes 283 questions. It is essential that each user takes their time and responds sincerely since, in this way, the site will help suggest pairs that are compatible with each one. The answers will help to be rigorous in connecting user-friendly profiles.

While you are taking the test, you can write requirements that you would like your ideal partner to have. From Elite Singles, they recommend that the search criteria are not too strict and think about what you want in a couple, since shortening the options could prevent you from meeting the person of your dreams.

Elite Singles Review

You can carry out the search for partners in Elite Singles with the following steps:

  • Complete the Compatibility Test.
  • After the analysis of your entered data there will be available the selection of profiles that meet the criteria of your search.
  • Keeping your profile active on the platform searches have better results.
  • Have a complete, attractive, and exciting profile for other users.

To create your romantic profile, the questionnaire examines the desirable traits that you want to find in a partner and assesses you in areas such as your ability to socialize with people and your behavior when you have to face situations that imply a potential partner.

You will need to assess your behavior in such situations.

The idea is to analyze these aspects, which are decisive for the proper functioning of a long-term relationship.

Getting started on Elite Singles is very simple; you will simply have to fill out a questionnaire that includes details relating to your physique, your educational background, your personality, etc. Take your time to respond and be honest!

Whenever you answer a question about your appearance, your beliefs, and the like, it could affect the list people that you will find. Little interest in lying and, therefore, in distorting the results!

The personality test is quite lengthy and complicated, but you can save your progress and continue another day with each new step of the questionnaire. Immediately after completing your personality test, you will find out who your suggestions are! These are renewed daily.

Elite Singles does not offer you inactive accounts to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Thus, you will very rarely come across false profiles or inactive people.

Of course, we also advise you to try to stand out with your profile photo and write an apt description of yourself to put the odds on your side.

What Options Do You Have On The Elite Singles Website?

Elite Singles Review

From the moment you are registered, you will have access to your psychological profile and your first compatible profiles. Elite Singles offers many services.

To attract attention, you can like the profile of another member or directly comment on it if you have a common interest, for example. The “Elite Singles comments” are quite useful in taking the first step.

If you are a little shy, you will particularly like the “Get to know each other” function. In essence, you to get to know each other gradually, for example, by sending a series of predefined or personalized questions. This is a fun and effective way of breaking the ice and to select the best potential partners. A “Help” section is available, as well as an email address to communicate with Elite Singles Customer Service. To use all the features, you must subscribe to Premium membership.

The Elite Singles review is also a gold mine of tips and tricks to develop your art of seduction, and many are posted regularly by experts in couple relationships. We also have a dating blog that allows you to access many dating tips.

Also, note that the mobile version has been optimized to offer greater comfort of use, the functionality of the website is now at your fingertips!

Free and Paid Versions

Elite Singles Review

Elite Singles offers a Premium subscription possibility that gives its users access to additional functions to enrich and facilitate the search for a partner. Among the advantages provided by this service is the option that your profile will be suggested to more people. Along with the basic functions such as sending smiles and I like a person, you can send and receive unlimited messages, in addition to seeing all the photos of other users and being able to comment on them.

The cost of this subscription will depend on the duration of your contract. You can see the offers of this service at any time, and make the payment using a valid credit card. It is recommended to be subscribed to the monthly newsletter of the site to be aware of the offers and news of this service.

If you are a premium member, you have the opportunity to live the experience 100%. Premium members can:

  • Obtain a file with the detailed results of their Elite Singles test.
  • Have more partner recommendations per day.
  • See who visited their profile
  • Send and receive as many messages as they want
  • See all photos of other members without restriction
  • Leave comments on walls and pictures of other members
  • Use premium features on their phone (IOS or Android).

Although most Elite Singles users are sincere when it comes to entering their information, there are always cases of fake profiles and other fraud. That is why the site team is responsible every day to check the integrity of each person registered on the platform. However, as the occasional fake profile may leak, they advise their users to follow these steps:

  • Verify any data that seems false.
  • Be careful when providing personal information.
  • Do not provide financial aid to any user who requests it.
  • Don’t let a user push you.
  • Be careful during the first appointment: It is vital that the meeting place is a neutral and public place, that you inform someone you know about your date, do not overdo alcohol consumption, and be careful with your personal belongings.
  • Help the site detect fake profiles by writing an email.


Elite Singles Review

If you don’t want a chance to dictate your love life, Elite Singles will offer you the best dating possibilities.

The personality test is comprehensive. Even if you have to spend some time filling it out, it is worth it since it gives you access to your results and the possibility of being put in touch with singles who match you!

Unlike other US dating sites, you receive several contact suggestions each day. So if one day you don’t like the partners you are suggested, you will always have plenty of other opportunities to find people you want the following days.

What makes this platform one of the best dating sites is its community of people with a well-established professional situation.

The vast majority of members have at least a baccalaureate and are looking for people with the same level of education or an equivalent professional situation.

As you can see, there are many reasons why Elite Singles has become one of the most recognized matchmaking sites among professionals.

If you are looking to meet someone special that suits you to start a serious relationship, then you should give this high-quality dating site Elite Singles a chance. You will not be disappointed!

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