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MyTranssexualDate Review

MyTranssexualDate Review
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Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The navigation on-site is very quick and simple
  • Most of the members are “verified,” which means they are real people
  • You can focus more on finding a serious partner. It doesn’t tolerate any nudity and explicit content that many users do not find pleasing
  • You can easily report users who behave inappropriately
  • You can also block users quickly if they continue to misbehave
  • The website version of this online dating platform is not optimized for mobile devices and that is the reason why this hookup website has not designed mobile app for Android or iOS users
  • MyTranssexualDate is in lack of video chatting and video conversations
  • MyTranssexualDate as an online dating platform need to have an automatic matchmaking

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It is really good to know that this kind of online dating website in out there on the internet for specific people and specific sexual determination. MyTranssexualDate is doing a great job and providing excellent and safe connection between all transgender users in this platform. There are some advantages and disadvantages, but it is still awesome place to find best matching partners for own desire.

MyTranssecualDate is an online dating platform which is totally new in this dating industry. As the users can noticed by reading the name, this hookup website is designed for transgender population all around the world. This dating platform is launched back in 2013 by one entrepreneur from France, Cyril Mazur, incited form his wife Maki Gongoyon who is actually transgender women. The purposes of creating MyTranssecualDate as an online dating website is to connect transgender people, men and women around the world who are interested in finding transgender love. The administration of this hookup website will not approve users who are looking for sexual services or quick adventure for one night.

Why MyTranssecualDate needs to be first choice?

MyTranssexualDate Review

As it is commonly known, the LGBT community from all around the world has difficulty in their acceptance from the surrounding. However, there are also other groups outside of this community which acceptance is incredibly good from the society. Back in the history, where the LGBT community was firstly created, there were people who had not a problem with this kind of people. The transgender or LGBT people were treated as fun along the society as long as they don’t shown mutual love in the public. For the people who were LGBT community members, the normal functionality was a major question than, but it still is in some countries around the world.

These days it is commonly better this situation related to the LGBT and transgender people. In the most countries around the world, the LGBT members after the long struggle and bad society behavior have gained a lot of reputation and social progress like, Western Europe, whole North America and other counties. There are also a lot of things that should be achieved related to these people. One of them are equal rights as the normal citizens that are not proceed in some counties yet. It is all the same for transgender population around the world which remains the same without significant progress.

Other’s people mindset is still low set in relation with the transgender people and they still looking in transsexuality as a lie or trick from the society. Some people with really low level of intelligence think that the transgender people are cheaters who want to have a sexual adventure with the actual same gender men or women. For example, the transgender woman wants to have a hot date with a man and it is not a gender cheating or hiding in female body.

So to make all of these things a little bit different, the married couple Cyril and Maki, have launched online dating platform like MyTranssexualDate. There is an option where the male users of this hookup website are looking for a transgender girl or have a fetish on it, and of course this situation is okay for this dating website. There are a lot of hookups which are successful, but some of them are financially based. For example, transgender women are encouraged to meet and hookup with the potential partner by starting a conversation for hot relationship and more than adventure for one night.

Registration processes

MyTranssexualDate Review

The MyTranssexualDate website is really simple to use because of the well and easy designed layout with nice colors pleasant for the eyes. The most important thing for the site users is that this online dating platform has not pop ups ads and other things that can distract users’ attention. The signing up process is really simple and it takes couple of minutes. Before the registration process begins, there is an option for the future site member to scroll over the MyTranssecualDate website and see some potential men and women transgender in the local area. The users can visit their blogs, some feedbacks, reviews and similar. This online dating website is available in different languages except the English which is the default language, like Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Thai.

For the website registration, the process is really easy and the user will need to enter some personal information like, full name, email, password, birth date, location and similar. Also, there is an option for the future site members to be registered via Facebook with entering the Facebook logging in information which will be copied automatically for the website account. Every site users who is registered via Facebook need to know that, MyTranssexualDate will never post any kind of information or photos without user’s permission. For the gender option, there are only two choices that can be chosen from the new users like, man and transsexual woman. This choice is really important for future partner matching and researching activities depending on the partner gender. Like in the other dating platform, MyTranssexualDate administration will ask the new registered user for account verification to confirm that the user is not scammer.

Once the registration is finished, the user will be required to fulfill the website profile. There will not be boring questions with complex answers in comparison with other dating platforms. The user will be required just to write a few sentences about themselves in the “about me” tab and to upload some pictures. The user can upload up to 16 pictures with a standard membership subscription and unlimited uploads for members with premium membership. This online dating platform is transsexual dedicated that means the partner matching and researching will be only between transgender users. For example, the men can only be matched with transsexual women and vice versa. Also, the site member will be required to specify their sexual desire and put some details in the platform for better partner matching and system precise researching. This option will safe more time and effort for better and more productive relationship researching between more compatible partner in sexual point. So, entering some specific details and additional information is really important step in this dating platform because of the more effective partner matching and sexual satisfaction.

Transsexual men and women

MyTranssexualDate Review

If the MyTranssexualDate user marked yourself with transgender woman, there will be a lot of fields that need to be fulfilled with certain information and details. After that, there will be another section where the transgender women site user needs to add information related to the sexual assignment like, pre-op, non-op, post-op and transvestite option. Of course, these certain options are before transgender surgery dedicated or after surgery. Also, there are options like not allowed to undergo surgery and not willing to do undergo surgery. All this options and required information are really important for gender selection before the sexual partner matching and not abusing the community. MyTranssexualDate transsexual woman can enjoy more in the features that are included in the premium membership subscription because of unlimited images uploading for absolutely free. The strict measures that are placed by this online dating platform are really important because of the users’ protection and protection from the people who are not transgender women and men. Only after the verification process, the site users will be available to use all the features related to their chosen membership plan and have access to the website normal functionality.

The men who are registered in this online dating platform are also required to enter some details and fulfilled their profiles. It is highly recommended to enter full information set for better chances to find someone on this dating platform. No matter how many gaps are ready for filling on MyTranssexualDate, the male users can buy subscription plan anytime and enjoy in all the features included in their chosen membership package. Of course, after creating the profile and selecting the “male” gender instead of transgender, the user will be required to verify their account via email link for full website access.

MyTranssexualDate members

MyTranssexualDate Review

It is well-known that all online dating platform has powerful searching tools. MyTranssexualDate is offering basic partner researching tools. There are also important gaps that need to be covered with personal information like name, birthday, location and similar, and then the user can activate the browsing option and try to find someone catchy and interesting for own desire. On the other hand, there is an option to checkup who is online and who is looking for a potential partner for a video chat or similar kind of conversation.

The searching process of this online dating platform is available anytime for each member. Also the option to receive and send messages from another site members, are available anytime too. But the option for stating a conversation firstly, belongs only to users who have premium membership subscription. That means when a woman is interested in starting a conversation with a man, the man need to wait for her to start a conversation first if she has a premium subscription plan purchased. Plus, there is a feature for all premium membership subscribers to be shown between the first searching results in the list.

Subscription plans and costs

MyTranssexualDate Review

The only thing that the users can marked as a disadvantage dedicated to this online dating platform is that, maybe this dating website is a little more expensive in comparison with other dating platforms. But, this does not mean that other online dating platforms are way more expensive than MyTranssexualDate. This platform is not on the internet to make money from the users. This online dating platform is launched to connect transgender people and with that to secure all site members from scammers and cheaters’ profiles. One month membership subscription on MyTranssexualDate will cost the future male site members $29.90. As the users can expected, the price will go down if the subscription is related for more months and longer period. So knowing this information, the membership package on this online dating platform for three months will be $68.70, which is equal to $22.90 per month. For six months of paid membership, the user will be required to pay $101.40 or $16.90 every month. If the user wants to be a MyTranssexualDate site member one year, he will be asked to pay the cost of $130.80, which is equal to $10.90 monthly that period. The user will be asked to pay once for all period of his membership subscription.

The site users need to keep in mind that these prices are only for United States users and the countries where the dollar is official currency. As you already guessing, the prices are different for different countries around the world. Let’s take Europeans countries as an example. In Europe, the one month membership on this dating platform will costs 24.90 EUR. The price is quite more than $29.90. Knowing this information, the site users can manage their country currencies and checkup what will be the final costs, without additional costs or hidden expenses. When the membership subscription will expire, the administration from MyTranssexualDate will notify the user via email for another package payment and continuing the subscription. There is no automatically membership renewing and the payment need to be vie debit or credit card, or by using some financial services like PayPal and bBtcoin which is highly accepted from this dating platform.

MyTranssexualDate disadvantages

MyTranssexualDate Review

MyTranssexualDate is an online dating website which working is extraordinary and functions really well. But, of course, every dating platform has some advantages and disadvantages, and that is the case for this hookup website too. For example, there are some features that are limited of using. There are also some features that are not included in MyTranssexualDate, but it should be:

  • The first thing, mobile app. It is totally unusual online dating platform like MyTranssexualDate to have not launched mobile app on the internet. The website version of this online dating platform is not optimized for mobile devices and that is the reason why this hookup website has not designed mobile app for Android or iOS users.
  • Next, this website needs to have more alternative communications features. For example, MyTranssexualDate is in lack of video chatting and video conversations. This kind of communication is not official yet on its using and it may be in the future.
  • Last but not least, MyTranssexualDate as an online dating platform need to have an automatic matchmaking. The site users can always need to find someone who will want to talk by their own, without any system matching or similar things. But, this option is not likable for anyone who want to be a member of this online dating website.


MyTranssexualDate Review

It is really good to know that this kind of online dating website in out there on the internet for specific people and specific sexual determination. MyTranssexualDate is doing a great job and providing excellent and safe connection between all transgender users in this platform. There are some advantages and disadvantages, but it is still awesome place to find best matching partners for own desire.

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