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Kasidie Review 2024

Kasidie Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 360 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 7.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Plenty of national and local events and parties, allowing subscribers to hook up easily.
  • Instant hookups – you may connect with people through the Travel and Rendezvous features.
  • Perfect for casual dates
  • Wide user-base
  • Perfect for singles and couples
  • Detailed profiles, making it easier to find compatible matches.
  • Free users can enjoy limited features
  • Few scammers and fake profiles
  • The sign-up process is a bit slow because of the extensive questionnaire.
  • Free users cannot view profiles comprehensively.
  • The questions do not feature personality attributes.
  • Since it is meant for swingers, most of the subscribers intend to find casual dates.

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Kasidie Review – What Do We Know About It?

Launched in 2006, Kasidie is a standalone dating site with plenty of subscribers. Unlike conventional dating sites, this app attracts a lot of swingers who intend to meet like-minded individuals. More than dating, the app is a social network that allows people to hook up and connect with each other, sharing ideas without feeling judged. Both singles and couples have a unique opportunity to explore fantasies, adventures, and fetish whims.

If you are looking for instant gratification from people who wouldn’t mind doing a thing or two, Kasidie.com is your perfect dating site. The website has plenty of national and international events that guarantee satisfaction to people who ascribe to such ideas. Members can always participate in such activities. Swinging couples find these events a great opportunity to connect with people interested in similar fetishes.

Undoubtedly, Kasidie.com has a vast membership resulting from the plenty of products offered, expert services, and travel ideas beneficial for travelers. Most users upload suggestive photos that make them appealing. New members find the website exceptional for sharing tips about the swinging community. With the ‘swingers’ orientation, you would want to know why people with these interests find it appealing. Read the Kasidie review to understand why it stands out.

Kasidie Review

How does Kasidie Work?

This dating app is fun for swingers, availing of lots of features that guarantee a unique experience. It’s a source of all sexual encounters with participants freely expressing their interests. While you could find real-life dates, most of the members intend to explore their fetish desires by getting instant hookups. Most people who sign up are not interested in serious relationships and only intend to find casual dates.

Kasidie.com comes with a lot of valuable features that guarantee convenience. There are plenty of options on the dating site that make it pretty useful. After signing up, you will view match suggestions based on your interests. Alternatively, the search filter can aid your search for perfect couples. Users are free to browse upcoming events and decide the ones they would want to participate in. Several forums have several members with common interests – you can join any to find acquaintances. Chat rooms are also available for users who want to connect virtually.

Contacting members is simple, but you require a premium membership. Some of the contact functions include:

  • Parties events: Users can browse the website to find upcoming events and parties. This section allows you to connect with members who are interested in the events. You could also find international sex parties and register to attend.
  • Travel calendar: This function allows users to post if they intend to travel and wish to meet people in that area.
  • Forums: If you want topics unrelated to sexual content, you can join forums. The content is vast.
  • Club listings: This section has a list of active swingers; you can contact them for instant hookups.
  • Rendezvous: Kasidie organizes events almost every weekend – you can find them in this section.

The numerous tabs can be overwhelming for new subscribers but with time, navigating them becomes more straightforward. While using the website, you can enjoy the following unique features:

  • eXXXtra: This function allows both paying and free users to discover sex toys and erotic merchandise.
  • Travel: See where people are visiting by clicking this icon. You can plan for a date if the person is within your location.
  • Club listings: Location-based, club listings have venues that are hosting sexy parties.
How does Kasidie Work

Registration With Kasidie – Is It Really Easy?

Registering on Kasidie is simple and easy; you can sign up as a single person or a couple. You may skip the extensive questionnaire that describes your sexual desires, but you must have a profile picture. Indicating your age and city is mandatory. Registration starts after uploading a photo that captures your face; you can blur or crop it. However, you cannot upload pictures with children in the background. After this, there is a detailed questionnaire, but you can choose to skip it. These questions require a rate of between zero to five, and the feedback determines who you are likely to meet.

New subscribers are required to submit a valid email address, username, password, age, and location. When everything is submitted, you can start using the website and find striking swingers.

Registration With Kasidie

What About Design And Usability?

Some users find the website a bit cluttered, but that doesn’t mean that you will experience challenges navigating it. The numerous tabs can be overwhelming, but with familiarity, you will find them simple to navigate. Its interface is user-friendly, and even a non-tech-savvy will find it easy to navigate within minutes.

Users can manage their profiles by clicking on the settings. However, the extensive questionnaire makes the homepage a bit cluttered – you have to keep scrolling down to view the entire section. You can indicate when you are free and if available for an event or party and join other members. You may check the emails you have received, contacts, and people who view your profile on the top bar. The complete menu on the right allows you to find hot flickering dates. –Clicking the ‘New Year’ section, you will see people interested in partying wearing sexy lingerie. With the various functionalities, the Kasidie dating website meets its goals perfectly.

What About Design And Usability

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality of Kasidie

There is a strict verification process for every new member. This way, the chances of encountering fake profiles are minimal. All the profiles have extensive details about the person’s interests. With the comprehensive sexual preference questionnaire, most of the profiles tend to be detailed. This requirement lessens the burden of finding like-minded individuals. Members can edit their profiles later on.

All photos on Kasidie.com are visible to the public and have a watermark, thus ascertaining authenticity. Besides uploading credible photos, members have the option of earning the ‘Certified member badge.’ Though this process is voluntary, getting the badge is a way of proving your credibility. You will attract more members, receive party invites and find more people to connect with. You can earn the ‘Certified member badge’ by:

  • Send an email to [email protected], holding your picture displaying your username and a valid date (use the current date).
  • Ask a certified member or a club member who you know to verify and certify your profile
  • Get in touch with any of Kasidie’s staff at an event or party and ask them to certify you.

The Mobile Application of Kasidie

The Kasidie app is pretty impressive, featuring a naughty twist to enable swingers to stand out while finding casual hookups. Its color scheme is pretty impressive, and with time you will find it easy to navigate. All the functions seem to be user-friendly, and you will find the app more convenient. You can switch to the mobile site, making it easier to use. If you are unsure how to navigate the app’s interface, click on the profile photo and select the desired functionality from the dropping menu.

Clicking on a user account gives a glimpse of what interests that user. You may view photo albums, the questionnaire section, travel plans, and other features. Users can also post an update on their timeline, share thoughts and experiences from a party you attended or if you plan to attend any.

Since the platform frequently organizes parties and events, you can check for exciting destinations and plan to attend any scheduled event. Alternatively, utilize the ‘Rendezvous’ function and specify where you will be visiting; you could be lucky to attract other members and enjoy great fun together. If you use this option, be clear about your sexual expectations lest you be disappointed. You should also be ready for flings, one-night stands, and casual dates.

Safety & Security

Generally, Kasidie.com is a safe dating website. The first safety measure is verifying members through email validation. Members can also verify their profiles by attaining the ‘Certified membership badge.’ You can do this by sending a picture with your handwritten username to [email protected]. Alternatively, you could ask another certified member to verify you or meet one of Kasidie’s support team and request verification. Being certified is an excellent way of ensuring you enjoy the site’s exclusive features.

Besides the membership badge, picture watermarks attained from Kasidie ensure all the new users are credible. Unfortunately, only watermarks from this app are allowed – no third-party watermarks will be considered credible.

Whenever you face threats or have concerns about Kasidie.com, you should report such trends to the support team. This website has a pretty impressive support team that takes complaints and concerns seriously. You can send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]. Alternatively, you can block abusive users by clicking on your profile settings and execute the desired action. Though blocking a user will prevent them from bothering you, emailing them opens an opportunity of connecting with you again.

Safety & Security

Pricing and Benefits

Kasidie has two memberships; standard and premium. Standard (free) membership gives access to the following features:

  • Register and create your profile
  • Take the preference questions
  • Browse and view other member profiles
  • View scheduled events and parties
  • Search and save club listings
  • Read forums

On the other hand, premium membership requires purchasing packages within your budget. The premium packages are worth the following ones:

  • One month at $19.95
  • Three months each at $15, totaling $45.00
  • Six months each costing $12.5, equating to $75.00
  • One year, charged monthly at $10.8, totaling $129.95

Upon upgrading, members have access to the following functions:

  • Sending and receiving messages from other members
  • Join and participate in chat rooms
  • View full-length photos and entire profiles
  • Joining forums
  • Send friend request, emails, and flirts
  • Attend or host parties
  • Use the travel feature
  • Access the online store
  • Post Rendezvous
  • Chat via voice notes and video calls
  • Earn the membership badge

Since Kasidie is mainly for swingers, paying for a premium plan is worth every penny – the website is quite affordable.

Pricing and Benefits

Help & Support

Kasidie has an impressive support team. Before reaching out to them, you can read the FAQ sections and help pages for informative ideas. If none of your questions is addressed, be sure to contact the support team via [email protected]. The technical team will help you sort out any issues exhaustively.

Besides, some of the Kasidie staff always participate in scheduled events. It would be an excellent opportunity to connect with them and share your concerns. Reaching out to the support team doesn’t cost anything.


New and potential Kasidie subscribers might have questions concerning the website. Some of the frequently asked ones are below.

Is Kasidie Safe?

Yes. According to user reviews, this is one of the perfect dating sites where most users feel safe. Since you don’t have to reveal your identity, the possibility of someone knowing you is almost zero. Regardless, meetings and parties expose you to other people, but you can opt not to attend these functions. Kasidie prioritizes users’ safety and employs complex technology systems to ensure nothing leaks to the public. Even with these measures, it doesn’t mean that you should entertain laxity towards your safety; be wary of suspicious trends.

Is Kasidie a Real Dating Site?

Kasidie is in between hooking swingers and allowing singles to find dates. You can use it to connect with like-minded couples and singles regardless of your interests. Ideally, this website is an excellent opportunity for swingers to enjoy fun, attend events and parties, and hook up instantly. From club listings, online shops, forums, and Rendezvous, members are guaranteed incredible fun.

How to Use Kasidie?

To use Kasidie, you must create a user account. The registration is pretty simple but could be time-consuming if you take the optional questionnaire. After registration, you are likely to browse for people with similar interests. However, upgrading might be necessary if you want to utilize exclusive functions. Should you find Kasidie.com appealing, it will help if you understand that it is meant for casual swingers and people who don’t mind such hookups.

Is Kasidie Free?

The straightforward answer is no! Though there are plenty of functions for free subscribers on the hookup website, there is too little you can do. Thus, upgrading is essential. The pricing plans start at USD 19.95 for one month and up to USD 124.90 for one year. If you are unsure of any package, the one-month plan can help you decide on lengthier plans.

Is Kasidie Really Works?

Yes! The hookup website has been in existence for more than a decade and has plenty of subscribers. Approximately 50,000 members are usually active on the website every week. With a significant user base, you are likely to encounter many users. Swingers will find it perfect as it caters to their needs perfectly. If you are contemplating this hookup site, you could register for a free plan before concluding.


Undoubtedly, Kasidie.com stands out among the conventional hookup sites by mainly hooking up swingers. From this review, people who ascribe to such beliefs and practices will find it appealing. There is a detailed registration process that enhances your website experience, but you can choose to skip some optional sections. The website is worth every commitment, and its charges perfectly resonate with the available functions. If you are looking for a unique way of connecting with swingers, Kasidie should be your viable dating website.

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