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OkCupid vs. POF – Full Guide for Comparing

OkCupid vs. POF – Full Guide for Comparing

You have finally gathered the courage to join a dating site. You do not know whether to register for OkCupid or POF. You have considered having both, but you don’t have the time or resources. You want a partner who meets your specifications in the shortest time possible. Our OkCupid vs. POF review will help you to do exactly that.

Plenty of Fish is a global dating site founded in 2003 headquartered in Canada. OkCupid is an international dating site that has been around since 2004. OkCupid headquarters in the USA. Both Plenty of Fish and OkCupid belong to the Match group that owns other popular dating sites.

Plenty of Fish has over 90 million user’s majority from the USA and Canada. All ages are on the website. The site is popular with younger people interested in fun and hookup. Most people are 25 to 45. There is everybody you may be lucky to find a long-term partner. The ratio to male and female is 55:45. OkCupid has an older demographic than POF. There is a balanced mix between males and females.

Another factor you may want to consider in comparing POF vs. OkCupid is the design. The design of Plenty of Fish could do with some modern updates on it. Most of the features are what you get on your usual dating sites. OkCupid design feels personalized and friendly.

How to Choose a Better One?

Plenty of Fish allows for straight, gay, and lesbian in different relationship types. It is available for those that want casual dating or long-term relationships, so does OkCupid.

Choosing a better dating site is dependent on many factors. Here are some striking features of POF and OkCupid.

OkCupidth POF
There are both paid and premium membership Free but option of upgrading available
Available in nine languages Available in two languages (Turkish and English)
Uses a unique algorithm to match people with their need Uses matching system
Has an app on Google Play and App Store Have an app on Google Play and App Store
The registration process is detailed Simpler registration process
Both young and mature people but mostly mature Mostly for younger people
Rating of 4.3 on Apple Store from 12 million reviews Rating of 4.3 on Apple Store from 1,925,000 reviews
Available in all countries Not available in every country
You specify the country of your potential partner No consideration for geographic distance
No photo verification No photo verification
Limited search tools

Advice for compares that will help to choose one.

OkCupid Vs. POF: What about Price Comparison?

There are three membership options in OkCupid. It is free, basic, and premium.

OkCupid pricing will display in your currency. It is dependent on the exchange rate at that time.

A-List Basic Subscription
1 Month 7.95 USD / Month 7.95 USD
3 Months 6.35 USD / Month 19.05 USD
6 Months 3.95 USD / Month 23.70 USD
A-List Premium Subscription
1 Month 24.90 USD / Month 23.70 USD
3 Months 22.90 USD / Month 68.70 USD
6 Months 19.90 USD / Month 119.40 USD
1 Credit 1.99 USD / Credit 1.99 USD
5 Credits 1.89 USD / Credit 9.45 USD
10 Credits 1.69 USD / Credit 16.90 USD

What does premium membership include?


It allows you to open and maintain an account. Read introductions and exchange messages, and filter matches.

Basic: You have unlimited likes, avoid ads, and set deal-breakers. You also get to see your intros.

Premium: You will get all the benefits of basic membership. You get to see all questions and answers and who likes you. You can send an unlimited number of likes. It allows you to filter people you don’t like using deal-breakers and avoid ads. With premium, you also get to see responses to questions before answering.

You can do very little on the site without paying for membership.

Plenty of Fish is famous for having the most features for free. You can use all the search filters for free. Yet, if you want to know when one was online and receive feedback in the short time possible, then you can upgrade. The cost displayed Plenty of Fish is in your currency.

2 Months 19.35 USD / Month 38.70 USD
4 Months 12.75 USD / Month 51.00 USD
8 Months 10.18 USD / Month 81.40 USD

Although you can use Plenty of Fish for free, a premium membership is now available. The premium will help you to show up first to Meet Me. You can access all extended profiles of users. Experience the site without worry about ads. With premium, you can tell the time and date that someone accessed your profile. When you upgrade, you have higher chances of meeting someone. You can even send three gifts per day and upload about 16 images to your profile.

Tokens: You can use tokens to boost, like, or send a priority message. The cost of tokens is 1.99 USD for 1 token, 8.95 USD for 5 tokens, and 16.90 USD for 10 tokens. You have to use your tokens within six months before they expire.

OkCupid Vs. POF: Who Can Join?

There is no limitation of who can join both OkCupid and POF. There are some factors that you may want to consider before choosing the best suited for you.

With over 55 million users, OkCupid has a variety of people from all over the world. The site classifies 22 genders and 13 orientations, an array of selections. You need to specify your desired partner for more accurate matching.

POF is for straight, gay, and lesbian personalities. The relationship status of those who join varies. One can be single, married, divorced, and widowed. You may be looking for friendship, dating, or even creating a family.

Anybody over the age of 18 can join. OkCupid may attract older working people since one has to pay to get any meaningful service. Plenty of Fish may have younger subscribers. You may be in college or starting out and not yet ready to pay much for a dating site. There is still a lot one can do on the site without payments.

OkCupid Features

OkCupid has a very comprehensive registration process. It ensures that it captures details of your interest and those of your potential date. It is open to friendship, long-term relationships, or short-term relationships. You get to choose your preferences and your preferred partners. This information is to match you with the best date the algorithm can make. Some of the questions include important considerations like lifestyle, religion, and politics. You will need to have an email address and use your phone number for verification.

Matching Algorithm

takes the answers to your questions and matches you with the best profiles. Indicating the percentage you match. You can either like or pass the photo. There is more information on gender, orientation, body size, habits, pets, and interests. You can view more than one profile photo before liking or passing. You keep setting preferences to improve your matches.

Preferences: You can get what you want to see by setting your preferences, which is a new feature on OkCupid.

Success rate: the site has a higher success rate based on the match criteria. There is more information given for you to choose whether you like the person or not.

Sign-up process: The process is easy but requires a lot of time. Once you start, you can always add more information and refine your information to get the best match.

POF Features

Creating an account on POF is easy. Once you open, you get a registration form. Fill in your preferred user name, gender, email address, country, and ethnicity. You also get to answer some questions that calculate your chemistry. It matches you with the most appropriate person among millions of profiles. Like at OkCupid, you will need a phone number for the verification code.

Swipe feature: you can swipe through potential partners using this storefront feature. You see one picture, face, age, and location, with an option or pass or swipe left. You can also like the person.

Assumed match: the system notifies both parties, and from there, you can break the ice and message each other.

Boost: you get attention all day long for the days that you have boosted. It takes only 30 minutes after payment.

Live streaming features: it is a new feature. Members of POF can broadcast video streams. There is a blind date feature done via video.

Virtual speed dating: virtual speed dating is a feature of Plenty of Fish.

Relationship Chemistry Predictor: a test that will use your personality to get details about you for that ideal match: once you register or log in, all you need is to click on chemistry. There are many questions that you answer. Whether you agree, somewhat agree, disagree, or somewhat disagree.

Relationship assessment test: you will see your relationship chemistry test results. You can delete the relationship results or keep them depending on your preference.

Interested in me: this is for people who view your profile. The advantage of upgrading is that you can see all those that have viewed your profile.

Meet Me feature: have you ever heard of love at first sight? It is available on the Plenty of Fish site. Once one sees your profile photo, location, and age, they may be interested in you. They can click on it to see more details as shown on your profile.

Success rate: POF has more members hence more people to meet. When comparing OkCupid vs. POF, the number is higher but does not translate to a success rate.

Sign-up process:

It is like any other dating site where you give information about yourself, your story, images. Besides, there is a pledge to yourself and others, which includes being kind.

And the Winner is: OkCupid or POF

Who is the winner, Plenty of Fish or OkCupid? There is a lot you can do with Plenty of Fish without paying. It is famous for being the go-to free site hence the membership of millions of people worldwide. Besides, OkCupid is best when you pay to attract a more serious audience. Both sites have phone authentication features to keep off scammers. Plenty of Fish matches you with people you like and those that like you. It uses limited parameters. OkCupid sets its basis for a match on an algorithm that considers several of your interests. POF has more membership than OkCupid but is not accessible in all countries like OkCupid. OkCupid is for a serious partner to settle with and who shares your interests. In a contest of OkCupid vs. POF, OkCupid wins!

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