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MuzMatch Review 2024

MuzMatch Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 78%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 360 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • App version for both Android & iOS devices
  • Free app download on both Google Play Store & App Store
  • Free registration.
  • Works fine even with a free account.
  • Tight security checks.
  • High profile quality.
  • No spams
  • Safety is given priority.
  • Unique safety features.
  • User-friendly and modern app interface.
  • In-app video calling feature.
  • Not a place for casual relationships
  • Sensitive people- easily offended
  • No nudity
  • Other religions not allowed
  • No website version

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MuzMatch Review – What Do We Know About It?

Since 2015, when it was first launched, MuzMatch has been able to maintain its reputation of being a halal dating app for the Muslim community. For the non-muslim people, it might seem confusing as to why the app is made such a big deal. But the reality is that Islamic people are one of those religious communities that, irrespective of their location, are very strict about endogamy. They have a certain way of leading their lifestyle and are not flexible with adaptation and changes. Their loyalty towards their religion and the rules regarding their lifestyle, marriage, and dating practices makes MuzMatch such an important place. The mobile dating app gives the Muslim community a perfect place for dating without going against their law. Hence, MuzMatch calls itself the halal dating site, which means permissible within the law. With the reputation it carries, MuzMatch has been successful at fixing singles into loving married couples for a few years now. Check out the next sections to understand how true is their claim and what needs to be done on the unique niche dating app.

MuzMatch Review

How Does MuzMatch Work?

Tinder users will not need much introduction to how MuzMatch works as the operation is quite the same. Every user must first register with the dating app following online dating platforms’ tradition before moving ahead to finding dates. However, first and foremost, users need to download the MuzMatch on their mobile phones to get started as there is no browser version of the Muslim dating platform in concern. Right after the registration comes the photo verification, which is unique to MuzMatch. Post verification, the app allows you to edit your profile which is not compulsory but is suggested to be complete. A complete profile attracts more eyes. After the profile setup, you can move ahead to the MuzMatch feed, which looks similar to that of Tinder, with a difference.

Instead of swiping right or left to show your liking for a person, here, you are given the two classic symbols, check or wrong. While the check sends the like message for the member, the wrong remove the suggestion. You may also click on the photo to check out the member’s profile. Rest works the same; mutual match opens the chatbox for communication. However, some members might restrict users from checking out their photos before a mutual match. Users after a mutual match may also make a video call, but that too requires permission from the other person. Despite being a global dating app, MuzMatch connects people from nearby locations only to make physical dating possible. Also, even though MuzMatch and Tinder’s similarities are huge, the basic difference lies between the intention. While the latter is known for casual dating and hookup partners, people on MuzMatch are extremely religious and do not appreciate casual dating. They are serious about making relationships. The intention mostly is to get married and nothing else.

The special features on MuzMatch ensure that the goals of the dating app are met:

  • Selfie Verification
    After adding their profile picture, users are required to verify the image by uploading a selfie that is then matched with the profile photo. The step ensures that there are no fake profiles on the dating platform.
  • Badges For Community Ratings
    Members on the dating app have the privilege to rate each account they connect and communicate with, based on which the member gets entitled to a public batch. It helps members on MuzMatch understand how trustworthy a certain member of the dating platform is.
  • The Dad Approval Button
    It is a button present on every account, clicking which indicates your intention of talking to the member’s dad for taking his approval on your relationship with their son or daughter.
  • Chaperones
    Certain users(men or women) can opt for keeping chaperones on their chatbox, considering how Muslim women can be conservative. Chaperones can supervise the communication between two matched people.
  • Free Trial Of Premium Account For A Week
    You can enjoy the MuzMatch premium for a complete week with the free trial available on the dating app.
How Does MuzMatch Work

Registration With MuzMatch – Is It Really Easy?

The registration is typically a small process on MuzMatch with a short questionnaire that asks for your email id, nickname, birthdate, and gender to get you started. However, you can make the process even shorter by hitting one of the buttons to log in using your Facebook or Google account. The process takes hardly a few minutes to complete before you start online dating. And somehow, the design and the short questions don’t make it seem like a tedious job, unlike many dating platforms.

What About Design And Usability?

It is normal to expect a traditional and rather boring-looking interface with outdated features on MuzMatch considering the dating platform’s goal. But you are met with a surprise the moment you make your way to downloading the MuzMatch app. Despite the darting platform being very clear on having strict traditional values, the app’s design and interface are of stark contrast. The colors used on the dating platform are bright and vibrant, keeping up the coolness factor. Also, the modern interface assures an amazing user experience for Muslim Millenials.

What About Design And Usability

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality Of MuzMatch

Right after the registration, MuzMatch makes you set up your profile. It starts with a profile photo, a bio, and additional details that help other members know a bit about you before asking you out or liking your profile. Right after you set up your profile, MuzMatch asks you to take a verification selfie. It means that the person on the profile has to match the person on the selfie you provide on MuzMatch. The verification stops scammers from creating a fake or a posing profile. It also ensures high profile quality on MuzMatch. The members on the site are all real, which makes the dating experience so much better. While it is optional for users to complete their profile and add details, most profiles on the dating app are complete and lengthy. It suggests how serious the people on the app are in finding a partner for their marriage.

Let's Talk About Profile Quality Of MuzMatch

The Mobile Application Of MuzMatch

Despite being available only in the application form, MuzMatch is a dating platform with over 4 million users is pretty popular. The reason behind it is the fact that the world is going mobile, and the dating platform matches the trend by being present on the two main app stores. You can download MuzMatch for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on your operating system. It also means that the halal Muslim dating platform is available for both Android and iOS users. And being an app-only platform, MuzMatch brings a compact yet very cool interface that is handy and easy to work around with on the phone. With regular updates, the developers make sure that the app’s user experience never falters and remains smooth.

Safety & Security

The Muslim community is restrictive, especially when it comes to protecting their women. And because MuzMatch brands itself as the halal dating platform, there is no way it could compromise its users’ safety and security. The dating app with a regularly updated algorithm makes sure to keep the app grounds the safest for Muslim women, free of cheaters. The selfie verification is one way of achieving the quality of profile MuzMatch aims for, but that is not just it. There are other extremely unique features aimed only at making MuzMatch the most trusted platform for Muslim dating. For example, the algorithm protects the app from explicit pictures of any form. Nudity in the form of animation, anime pictures, or even photographs is detected right away with the advanced algorithm. The addition of the dad approval button helps users on MuzMatch understand the approacher’s intention, increasing their trust. Besides the features, MuzMatch also does not allow users to create their profiles with their real names to protect their privacy. The varied features, privacy settings, continual screening, instant action on reports and blocks indicate that MuzMatch may be the safest online dating platform on the internet today.

Safety & Security

Pricing And Benefits

One of the highlights about this app, besides its safety, is that it is almost free. Not exactly, but it works fine even without spending a single penny. If the statement sounds confusing to you, check out all the features available for free on MuzMatch Vs. the ones that need purchasing.

Free Features On MuzMatch

  • Registration
  • Photo uploads
  • Verification
  • Profile setup
  • Profile browsing
  • Photo browsing
  • Use search filter
  • Message matched profiles
  • 100 suggestion
  • Reset swipes
  • Chaperones
  • Dad approval button

Paid Features On MuzMatch

  • Unlimited matches and suggestions
  • Exclusive search filters
  • Undo actions- Block, Like, Pass
  • No ad disturbances
  • Instant match

Yes, so now that you have understood what additional features you need to for, it is time to look at the prices. The next section shows you the available MuzMatch membership plans available for everyone. Also, before you go ahead, unlike most dating sites, MuzMatch doesn’t offer long-period plans with validity. It instead has credit points on the shop for purchase along with a small plan for a week.

MuzMatch Premium Account

Cost Per Credit
Total Price
1 Week $ 4.88 per week $ 4.88
250 Credits $ 0.05 per credit $ 19.99
400 Credits $ 0.05 per credit $ 12.99
Instant Match $ 2.99 per match

An in-app purchase on MuzMatch requires the user to either have a credit card or PayPal account to pay.

MuzMatch Premium Account

Help & Support

The features are an indication that the team of MuzMatch is extremely serious when it comes to user experience. The thought is proven when you look at the feedback or the comment section in the app stores. The team responds to every comment trying to resolve their complaints. The same is with their inbuilt health and support system. Your grievances are looked at with quick consideration and resolved within hours. That is, if it does not require further interrogation, suggesting assured assistance and highly responsive.


Get quick answers to the most asked questions on MuzMatch below.

Is MuzMatch Safe?

The dating platform in concern is one of the safest online app existing on the internet today. However, because it is only available to the Islamic community, one has to add that it is the safest Muslim dating platform in the description. To make the place an ideal halal dating site, as claimed on the brand tagline, the developers have come up with a unique set of features. It not just protects the privacy of users but ensures the best experience for traditional Muslim women specifically.

Is MuzMatch Safe

Is MuzMatch A Real Dating Site?

Even though MuzMatch is called a dating site, it can be easily considered a matrimonial site as the app people are only up for serious relationships. So much so that some of the chats even have chaperones supervising the communication between two people.

How To Use MuzMatch?

The process is similar to those followed on most other dating platforms.

  • Compulsory registration.
  • Profile setup.
  • Selfie verification.
  • Browse through the nearby match suggestions.
  • Like or pass by clicking on check or wrong.
  • On a mutual like, get your message box opened with the person for further communication.
  • Features like dad approval, video calling, etc., can be used as well after the mutual match.
  • With MuzMatch premium membership, you can even enjoy instant matches, unlimited suggestions, and more.
How To Use MuzMatch

Is MuzMatch Free?

Not completely, but it works fine even if you don’t want to pay on MuzMatch. You get 100 suggestions as a head start, after which you need to purchase the MuzMatch premium for unlimited suggestions. The messaging is free after mutual liking. Profile browsing is free as well, so despite having premium membership for added benefits, MuzMatch can be called a free dating platform.

Is MuzMatch Really Works?

MuzMatch gets good reviews, meaning good dates availability. But one should know that people on MuzMatch look for marriage partners and not temporary, casual relationships. It is the reason why the crowd on MuzMatch are sensitive and take offense easily. They have a list of requirements and are extremely traditional. The strong and clear intentions of members, both men and women, on MuzMatch make the place so different from others and confirm marriage.

Is MuzMatch Really Works


If you look around on the internet, you will find that MuzMatch is neither the only niche dating platform nor the only niche dating site for Muslims. Yet, it takes Muslim dating to the next level by making it halal. The security features developed keeping the Muslim women in mind are amazing and out of the box. The design of the interface is a contrast to the traditional environment of the dating app. And while the highlights of MuzMatch are its security features, high profile quality, and design, the possibility of making connections for free makes the app a win-win. While matrimonial sites are not new, a cool take on dating within the community abiding by the laws makes MuzMatch so much more than a regular online dating platform.

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