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Elite Singles vs eHarmony – Full Guide for Comparing

Elite Singles vs eHarmony – Full Guide for Comparing

eHarmony vs Elite Singles is a challenging comparison because both sites have almost similar features. If you have been in this predicament before, you are in the right place. This is an unbiased and thorough review of both dating sites putting their services side by side and determining which one is superior.

Elite Singles is a top dating site in the US that connects educated singles looking for serious relationships. The site uses a detailed matchmaking functionality that relies on your responses to a detailed personality survey. The dating platform has an excellent interface design that is easy to navigate. It also comes with a mobile app for users that love browsing for dates on the go.

On the other hand, eHarmony is a dating platform that seeks to help singles find their matches using compatibility functionality. It also focuses on love and long-lasting relationships. Its operations are based on scientific findings. It also claims that through its founder Dr. Clark Warren, it better understands what it takes to create a long-lasting relationship. The site’s interface is straightforward, and users have an easy time finding what they are looking for.

How to Choose a Better One?

The choice of a dating platform determines whether or not you will succeed in your online dating venture. In previous years it was more straightforward to find an online dating platform.

However, there are numerous online dating platforms in the current online dating scene, making it hard to settle on the right one. Here are some factors that can help you narrow down to the dating site that can take care of your dating needs.

  • The relationship you are looking for. This is typically the first thing you ought to ask yourself before joining any dating platform. What type of relationship are you seeking? Are you interested in a long-term relationship that could lead to marriage, or are you looking for a fling? Whatever you are after will help you narrow down to fewer dating sites.
  • How much time and money are you willing to invest? Usually, the amount of time an individual is willing to spend dating online is also critical. Suppose you are looking for a serious relationship; you might have to spend more time on a dating platform. Moreover, you might also need to spend on premium membership to access better communication features to find a serious life partner.
  • Site Usability. It is also critical to determine the usability of a site before you decide you join. It would help if you went for a dating site that has a user-friendly interface. It should be accessible from different platforms, including mobile devices. A usable site will significantly improve your online dating experience.
  • The number of unique features. It is also advisable to go for a dating site that offers its members various innovative communication features. For instance, a site that provides voice and video communication is better than the one that does not.
  • User privacy and security. There are many stories of users who have become victims of online fraud through dating sites. However, there are dating sites that take the safety of their members seriously. Check out a site’s security measures and privacy policy before you join.
  • Popularity in your region. It is also advisable to go for a dating site with many users from your area. This is essential for users looking for serious relationships. It would be easier to find someone with whom you can quickly meet on a face-to-face date.

Elite Singles vs eHarmony: What About Price Comparison?

One of the ways to answer the eHarmony vs. Elite singles comparison is by looking at their membership plan prices. Read below a detailed breakdown of the prices and membership plans.

Free Services

Elite Singles eHarmony
New member registration New account registration and profile creation
Personality survey Sending winks
Receiving personality test results Viewing other members’ profiles
Uploading profile photos Sending 5 site-generated questions
Getting daily matches Adding people as your favorites
Sending other users smiles and likes Browsing matches outside your matches

From this comparison, it is evident that Elite Single’s free services might offer a user more than the Elite Singles site. Nevertheless, the difference between the free services on both sites is very minimal.

Fee Based Services

When you decide to upgrade to a premium account, here are the services you will unlock on both sites:

Elite Singles eHarmony
A comprehensive explanation of your personality test results. You can view other users’ photos.
You will be matched to premium members. Premium members can see who added them to their favorites list.
You can see who viewed your profile. You can also see users who visited your profile.
Premium users can also send and receive messages. You can browse incognito.
You can also view other users’ photos. You can get matches outside your matches.
You can comment on other users’ profiles

Based on the comparison table above, Elite Singles seems to be the better dating site. A premium member on Elite singles would get more benefits than that on eHarmony hence value for money.

Membership Plans

Elite Singles Duration eHarmony
104.85 USD 3 Months
119.70 USD 6 Months 59.90 USD
215.40 USD 12 Months 35.90 USD
24 Months 25.90 USD

From the table above, it is clear that you would have to pay more to enjoy the superior features listed in the previous section. eHarmony seems to have more economical membership plans.

Elite Singles vs eHarmony: Who Can Join?

Before you join a dating site, it is essential to look at the user demographics to determine whether you can fit. Read below the two dating sites’ demographics to help you determine the eHarmony vs Elite Singles duel.

Elite Singles Demographics eHarmony
Over 5 million members from around the world Total Members More than 29 million users spread across the world
900, 000 users active on the platform each week Weekly Active Members More than 16 million users active every week
The majority of members are aged between 25 and 54 Age The majority are aged between 25 and 44 years
There is an almost equal ratio of males and females on the site Gender There are more females than males on the dating platform
Long term relationships Types of dates Most of the users on the site are looking for serious relationships.
It focuses on elites only Other Users come from diverse backgrounds

Elite Singles Features

Elite Singles uses a straightforward interface that is easy for users to interact with. However, it also contains several unique features that make it stand out from its competitors. They include:

  • Personality analysis – Elite Singles boasts of having very detailed user profiles. The site’s “Big Five” personality Dimension Analysis is what makes the user profiles very comprehensive. This feature assesses compatibility between users and provides matchmaking results.
  • Match Recommendation – this is the site’s innovative feature that offers users match recommendations. The recommendations are informed by age, location, income, lifestyle choices, and physical attributes, among other features.
  • Have you Met? – this is a list of other members the site generates. It usually contains profiles of users you might have missed while checking match recommendations. It helps you to find a suitable mate quickly.
  • Wildcard Matches – this feature is available to premium members only. It offers users 20 additional matches daily.
  • Favorites List – this feature allows users to remember and check out profiles of users they like quickly. You can add a member as your favorite by tapping the star icon on their profile. The site also allows you to remove them from your favorites list.
  • Elite Singles Magazine – the dating platform also offers its users a blog-like magazine that lets you read other users’ thoughts and also shares online dating tips.

eHarmony Features

eHarmony does not offer many unique features, but it comes with all the essential features. Most of the site’s features are standard on all dating sites. Here are the features you will find on this site:

  • Send a smile – as you browse through your match list, you will see a small smiley icon on each member’s profile photo. If you like someone, you can click this icon, and the site sends them a smile. It is an excellent way of initiating contact.
  • Send Questions – eHarmony offers specific site-generated questions that act as ice breakers. The site provides all users this feature free of charge and does not limit the number of questions you can use in a day.
  • Add to favorites – eHarmony also allows you to add users that have left an impression on you to your favorites list. You can do this by clicking the star icon on the other member’s profile.
  • What if – this is premium functionality that offers members 30 additional matches who are not among your matches. This ensures that you get more possible matches.
  • Video Date – this feature allows you to meet other users through a video chat. It is an excellent way to get to know other members well as you can see them eye to eye as you talk.

And the Winner Is: Elite Singles or eHarmony

eHarmony vs. Elite Singles is a tough comparison. However, each dating service has done its best to offer its members top-quality services. Based on the findings from this review, Elite Singles comes out on top because of the following reasons:

  • Has superior features – as discussed in this review, Elite Singles evidently has better features than eHarmony, whose features are standard. Therefore, even though users might be forced to pay more, they will get value for their money.
  • It is more of a niche site – Elite singles is more of a niche site that targets elite singles. Therefore, elite singles can easily find their matches on this site than they would do on other sites.
  • Gender representation – the site has an almost 50/50 representation of both genders. This means that at least every single elite male can find a select single.
  • Comprehensive user profiles – using the “Big Five” personality Dimension Analysis, the site guides members to create a detailed profile. This ensures that users get accurate match suggestions. Moreover, it also makes it easy for you to start a conversation with other users as you can read their details on their profiles first.
  • Active members – the site also has hundreds of thousands of active members each week. This makes it easy for you to find someone to connect with.

These details make it easy for you to decide eHarmony vs Elite Singles with a lot of ease.

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