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eHarmony vs Christian Mingle — Full Guide for Comparing

eHarmony vs Christian Mingle — Full Guide for Comparing

Christian Mingle and eHarmony are two top-notch online matchmakers oriented on mature singles with spiritual values. Both portals are in colossal demand among Christians worldwide. Thousands of religion-oriented men and ladies managed to find love on these sites. Both services are efficient in people twinning, but which one is the best? Our expert comparison will show.

The first impression plays an integral role in determining a winner of the eHarmony vs Christian Mingle debate. eHarmony can boast of a user-friendly and well-polished website. It is easy to navigate even for not tech-savvy singles due to a convenient menu and well-crafted profiles. The portal is not overwhelmed with annoying banners or explicit content. The site visitors may check the Blog page and successful love stories of former members. Statistics say that eHarmony has around 4M new visitors from almost two hundred countries monthly. These are mature males and females searching for life-lasting unions, like in romantic movies.

The second opponent of this eHarmony or Christian Mingle’s battle is also well-known among millions of pious Christians looking to meet soulmates. Mingle can be proud of its almost 10M user base from over 30 countries. The site is also well-polished, though it is not so easy-to-browse as eHarmony. Seniors can find it challenging to grasp the service at first glance. Not tech-savvy people will require more time to figure out how the navigation works due to numerous sections, re-directing them from one page to another. It doesn’t mean that Christian Mingle is not user-friendly, but newcomers will need some effort to familiarize themselves with the platform.

It seems like eHarmony is a leader for now

How to Choose a Better One?

If you can’t decide between Christian Mingle or eHarmony, it will be wise to make a checklist of essential aspects that matter to you personally. Experts advise to pay heed to the following hallmarks when picking an online matchmaker:

  • The convenience of use: This nuance is fundamental for a site choice. It is always great if matchmakers have many excellent features, but daters shouldn’t waste too much time grasping how the service works. Technical bugs and other issues should not distract singles and ruin a joy from chatting with other members.
  • Pricing: It will be the right thing to make a pricing comparison when picking up an online cupid. Choosing between eHarmony and Christian Mingle, it is better to check both brands’ paid package costs. In other words, daters should opt for a service that will not hurt their bankroll while searching for sweethearts.
  • Active audience: Veteran daters know that a site’s community plays a vital role in successful twinning. Some matchmakers have multi-million audiences, but the percentage of active users is miserable. Luckily, eHarmony and Mingle are not in this case. Both sites have around 3-4M new visitors monthly, although eHarmony has a slight advantage due to the service’s accessibility in over 200 countries worldwide.

The absence of fake profiles, client-oriented customer support, and exclusive features are also crucial when making a service choice.

Christian Mingle vs eHarmony: What’s About Price Comparison?

The cost comparison will help detect a frontrunner of this eHarmony vs Christian Mingle discussion. Both matchmakers allow spiritual males and females to sign up for free. However, free members won’t get such extended services as paid subscribers. The table below reveals the subscription costs of each brand.

Pricing table

Christian Mingle eHarmony
1 month – $49.99 1 month – $59.95
3 months – $104.97 6 months – $179.70
6 months – $149.94 12 months – $239.40

The account creation belongs to the free services at eHarmony. Also, free daters may interact with others via winks and add singles of their interest to a favorite list. Free subscribers receive five matching suggestions daily. They can view other clients’ profiles but can’t get in touch via DMs. The good thing is that newbies may test the service at no charge within a trial period. A paid package offers more ace opportunities for singles.

Paid services at eHarmony:

  1. Unlimited interaction via DMs;
  2. Extended list with matching suggestions;
  3. Opportunity to browse profiles via an Incognito mode;
  4. Access to a photo gallery;
  5. VIPs may see who views them.

Christian Mingle and eHarmony both have a free sign-up option. In contrast to its opponent, Christian Mingle allows free members to participate in a lovebird search via standard filters. Free daters may also browse other people’s profiles, express interest via likes and smiles. The service also has a free testing period for newcomers. Those who seek closer interaction should consider spending a coin on a paid package.

Paid services at Christian Mingle:

  1. Unlimited interaction via DMs;
  2. Manual partner search via advanced filters;
  3. Option to switch on invisible mode when you are online;
  4. Opportunity to browse other profiles incognito;
  5. VIPs receive notifications about seen messages.

It’s a complicated task to detect a winner of this round of the eHarmony vs Christian Mingle debate because both brands have relatively equal pricing. Mingle is a bit cheaper, but eHarmony has a money-back guarantee. The decision is objective: this round ends in a tie.

eHarmony vs Christian Mingle: Who Can Join?

The audience quality is one of the most fundamental aspects when comparing matchmakers. People with religious values don’t want to match non-mature singles, looking for hookups. Thus, it will be helpful to evaluate the communities of both services.

eHarmony Primary Audience

Christian Mingle and eHarmony have a lot of things in common, including top-notch audience quality. eHarmony focuses on bonding intelligent, witty, and serious singles who put family values first. Males slightly dominate over female users in the percentage equivalent of 52 to 48. The service is suitable for same-sex partners, but the majority of members are straight. The portal is loyal to the LGBT community (though such users make less than 2% among the entire client base). The average age of the primary audience is 25-35 y.o. Most singles have college degrees and pay particular attention to their spiritual development. Males and females of different religious beliefs, but not only Christians, can join the online cupids. Hundreds of successful love stories point to the brand’s efficiency in connecting people.

Christian Mingle Primary Audience

Christian Mingle focuses on matching Christians only. The service is in colossal demand among religion-oriented men and ladies, who come in the percentage ratio of 50 to 50 on the site. Mingle’s members are heterosexual. Thus, LGBT representatives have zero chances to match someone on the portal. The average age of the active audience varies from 25 to 45. These are males and females dreaming about meeting potential spouses among singles of shared beliefs. One’s relationships with God play a vital role in successful matching. That is why the dominant share of profile information relates to this theme. Like its opponent, Christian Mingle may also boast of multiple romantic stories and happy marriages between former members.

Both opponents of this tense eHarmony vs Christian Mingle tournament have equally excellent audience quality of religion-oriented singles. Still, we will give a victory in this round to eHarmony. The service welcomes males and females of different religious beliefs, while Mingle focuses purely on Christians.

Christian Mingle Features

Almost 10M single Christians choose the matchmaker for finding their soulmates. The portal’s peculiarity is that it focuses purely on males and females of the same faith. All singles who come to the platform opt for marriage-centered relationships with like-minded individuals. Moderators strictly control the site’s audience and ban everyone from violating the Christian Mingle policy. When comparing the joining process at Christian Mingle and eHarmony, Mingle has a more rigorous approach, considering the registration phase.

Newbies need to spend around twenty minutes when signing up. There are many questions covering religion and its relation to God. Singles need to reveal how many times per month they attend church or how many times they pray. Statistics indicate that over 500 members manage to find matches weekly using the portal. The site creators don’t hide the fact that the service focuses on marriage first. Christian Mingle has many ace features aimed to make the interaction between singles more captivating and no-tense.

  • Discover feature: When choosing between eHarmony or Christian Mingle, daters need to decide if they want to take the initiative in their hands. Mingle allows singles to apply filters to search for sweethearts themselves, extra to match recommendations they receive automatically.
  • ‘Heart’ feature: This option works by a similar principle as swiping. Christians browse the profiles and send ‘hearts’ if they feel attraction to someone particular. This person sees who sends him/her a ‘heart’ and may reply by sending the ‘heart’ back. When members have a mutual interest, they may get in contact via messages.
  • Faith-based forum: Religion plays an essential role in the lives of people who register on Mingle. These are all people with high spiritual values who seek communication with like-minded users. That is why Christian Mingle has a forum where singles can participate in exciting discussions and make new mates in a loyal environment.

Christian Mingle has a forum where singles can participate in exciting discussions and make new mates in a loyal environment.

Christian Mingle doesn’t offer such features as chat rooms or phone calls. Still, the matchmaker’s unbeaten privilege is proven algorithms, aiming to match people who suit each other and can have relationships outside the online world. The site is mobile-friendly, meaning that Christians may chat with potential sweethearts even on the go.

eHarmony Features

Christian Mingle vs eHarmony debate is ongoing, and now it’s eHarmony’s turn to uncover its pros and cons. Registration on the website takes much longer compared to Christian Mingle. Newbies need to answer around 150 questions related to their interests, life goals, occupation, career plans, and many more. Many queries are covering faith-based topics. Newcomers also need to describe the character traits of their ideal partners. The entire process takes around an hour or more. Newbies can’t skip the questionnaire stage, but it is even a good sign. The more informative profile a person has – the higher are their chances to match a soulmate.

eHarmony is available in almost 200 countries. It is no wonder that the matchmaker can boast of thousands of happy love stories and healthy marriages (around 600,000 by now). Daters may check the brightest love stories among former members on the eHarmony website. It’s good to realize that both free and paid daters receive partner suggestions daily. Free users get five match suggestions, and VIPs receive dozens of more potential matches daily. The only miss is that singles can’t participate in the discovering process and search for partners themselves. Still, comparing eHarmony or Christian Mingle, eHarmony has more original interacting features than its competitor.

  • Ask Me: eHarmony members may interview other singles by sending them a list with personal questions. Daters figure out queries themselves, depending on what they seek in future lovers. These questionnaires enhance a matching algorithm as there are no limits on how many questions one can ask.
  • Extra matches: Premium members receive thirty match recommendations daily, additionally to those five suggestions within a free subscription. It boosts users’ chances to bond with the right person and form a couple.
  • Video date: eHarmony makes it possible for singles to arrange video dates with switched-on cameras. It is a brilliant option for two people to know each other better and create a closer bond in an intimate atmosphere.
  • Compatibility quiz: In-detail compatibility quizzes created by professional psychologists and relationship couches aim to boost matching algorithms at eHarmony and connect people of shared interests, tempers, relationship goals, and life plans.

The comparative analysis of the portals’ exclusive features shows that Christian Mingle and eHarmony both have many ace hallmarks, making them proven leaders in the online dating niche. It seems this round ends in a draw.

And the Winner Is: eHarmony or Christian Mingle

It was a challenging competition between two worthy matchmakers. Both faith-based portals stand for life-lasting unions among mature and serious men and ladies. People looking for one-night hookups won’t find it on any of these sites. It’s good to know that the number of fake profiles and fraud is almost zero on each platform. Still, comparing the primary audiences and number of successful marriages, it becomes clear that eHarmony has an advantage here. The online service connects males and females of different religions and beliefs, while Mingle focuses on Christians only.

The winner of this exciting eHarmony vs Christian Mingle debate is obvious. Congratulations to eHarmony!

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