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It can be tricky to find perfect romance, especially if you rely on the Internet. You’ll see thousands of dating websites offering different features. If you observe, superficially, every dating site looks just the same. However, that’s not the case.

If we consider the best dating platform for Christians, we will always struggle to choose the best from vs. These two have always been competing to get in top position. Both of these are ideal for Christians; however, some minute features make them different.

Common features like a messaging system, search options, and profile creation are similar in Catholic dating sites. But what’s so different in the best platforms – vs. Let’s dig in to find out!

CatholicMatch was founded by a Catholic and is run by Acolyte as the largest dating platform for Christians. What makes it different from other dating sites is that the platform’s foundation is a series of questions based on the church teachings.

The questions often start with ‘Do you agree with the Catholic church’s teaching?’ These revolve around holy orders, premarital sex, life issues, eucharist, papal infallibility, contraception, etc. Users can either agree, slightly agree, or not agree to these questions. The website uses the information to find a perfect match for people.

As a competitor, CatholicSingles is another large dating site that focuses on interest and activities rather than profile images. While setting up the profile, users must put down relevant information about their family background, personality, spending and prayer habits, etc.

Users can answer several questions on their profiles, including “How religion affects my daily life,” “What does it mean to be a Catholic,” “My ideal first date should be,” etc. Also, singles can use the filter option to get potential matches based on location and age. It’s different from CatholicMatch as it does not ask for your agreement on church teachings.

Let’s find out who’s the winner in this debate of vs. comparison!

How to Choose a Better One?

Even if there are just minute differences, they still count when the question is about the love of your life. A comprehensive comparison of both vs. is described below. Keep reading to conclude!

User Interface and Design

Talking about the user interface and design, let’s see which one is more convenient.

CatholicMatch comes with a modern field with an uncluttered homepage. The space throughout the homepage is used and designated wisely.

Most of the features can be seen upfront without opening multiple tabs. Users of all ages can access the functions as everything on the platform is user-friendly.

No third-party advertisements will pop out while you are searching for someone. And even if they do, they will be from church organizations. To sum up, the browsing and navigating experience on the platform is smooth and easy.

On the other hand, CatholicSingles doesn’t lack behind interface as well! The platform is easy to use with a clean design, so users do not feel jumbled up with too many options. It is not old school and somewhat modern, just like CatholicMatch.

Success Rates

Talking about the success rate, wins the trophy. The reason why it’s superior is that it’s dedicated to serving Catholics. Also, a majority of members are always active on the platform. Another rare benefit you get here is gender proportionality. Members get complimentary membership for several months.

On the other hand, CatholicSingles don’t wander around Catholic questions; hence it’s not very convenient for highly religious people. People who want a click in their relationship, especially about spiritual matters, should go for

Let’s find out other parameters in the comparison of vs. vs. What about Price Comparison?

Both paid and unpaid versions are available for both platforms. As both websites are quite similar when it comes to features, you will get some free version restrictions for both. However, to get benefits, you can always subscribe to any plan that suits your budget.

What does the site charge, and how convenient is it? To answer it all, below, we have laid out the price chart for each dating website. premium subscription:

Time Cost
1 Month $29.99
6 months $89.94
12 months $119.88 premium subscription:

Time Cost
1 Month $24.95
3 months $49.95
6 months $74.95

Based on the charts above, CatholicMatch is more expensive, but again we know why. It offers great transparency among all the users, and the whole concept revolves around the Catholic faith. Finding a mate under religious ideologies is easier with CatholicMatch. However, the difference is not a huge amount in vs. Even if you prefer a cheaper website, you will not save a fortune.

No matter which website, you should always begin with the free version as per the experts. Testing the unpaid version will give you an idea of how the platform works for you. If you like it, do not hesitate to get a subscription; else, you can always move on to test another website’s free version. vs. Who Can Join?

Catholicmatch is open for anyone who is dedicated to Catholicism. No matter how strict or lenient rules members follow, anyone who is fond of Catholic church teachings can join the platform.

This platform covers almost a million members from across the globe, and it increases day by day. English-speaking countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, or the United States form the most significant community.

As Catholicism is one of the most popular religious denominations globally, other parts of the world, like Ireland, Sweden, Poland, and other European countries, Latin American countries, also make a great addition to the community.

The one thing about the site is it has a well-balanced ratio of females and male profiles, convenient for every user.

When we talk about, it is focused on Catholics of any gender. Maximum members come from North America and several other continents.

When we compare it to other dating sites for Christians, this one falls short in members. It doesn’t make the platform unworthy or irrelevant. The most important part of the forum is that almost all the members are active most of the time, and the identification is confirmed for everyone. In simple words, it’s sporadic to encounter a fake profile on the website. Features

Considering all the factors we have seen, let’s look at the features that make different from other sites.

Sign Up Process

You can sign up for CatholicMatch by using your email or Facebook account. You will be asked to write a minimum of 150 characters as a part of your introduction. Users must answer all the questions on the signup page. You will only see one question per page. That’s why it can take a while to finish the process.

Most of the questions will revolve around religious practices, faiths, and beliefs. The next step for you is to upload a profile picture and select a unique username. That’s all you need to do to get signed up!

Mobile App

CatholicMatch sadly does not have a mobile app; however, the website is customized for mobile screens. You can have uninterrupted chatting with anyone, even if you are on your phone and not on the desktop!

Special Features

Here are some features which make CatholicMatch unique:

Temperament: The temperament quiz of the CatholicMatch gives you a quick insight into your personality. A psychological theory says people revolve around four fundamental characters: phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric, or melancholic. A display of your personality and traits on your profile is the process of finding a new mate.

Emotigrams: This is another exclusive feature of the platform. It lets you find the right words to break the ice with someone. It can be open nerve cracking to initiate a conversation, which helps you send a coffee or a bouquet instead of just ‘hello.’

Interview questions: The real ice breaker before you begin chatting with anyone are the interview questions. Also, you can do the same to other users. Just create a list of 20 MCQs about yourself and let other people answer. It is a great way to know who suits you best based on their answers.

These were the best features of CatholicMatch. Let’s shift our attention to Features

This platform is a little picky; however, it has its goodness, which is why people still love it for many reasons! Let’s find out how it is still standing among the best.

Sign Up Process

You get multiple options to create an account in You can use your email ID, Google account, or Facebook to complete your profile. The quick and breezy signup procedure makes an account in no time. Without even filling out the information, people can have their profiles ready.

All the information that you must put while registration is arranged in the MCQ pattern. Questions regarding your age, whether you smoke or drink, where you go to church, etc., are asked. A series of essay questions also need to be answered in order to get your profile ready.

Mobile App

Gladly, CatholicSingles offers a mobile application for both iOS and Android devices. To have uninterrupted chatting with members anytime during the day, you must download the app right now! The design interface of the application is just as beautiful as the website. You will have a good experience on the app, even if it’s just on mobile and not the desktop.

Special Features

Features that make unique are:

Compatibility test: The website generates a set 10-minute compatibility test for all the users. It creates a list of people who should match you.

Prayer intentions: People also love this platform as you can display your diverse concerns and have other users pray for your issues.

No real name is needed: You don’t have to worry about who may see you on this dating site. You are not required to upload your real name, and only the username is made visible to other members.

These were the only features that attracted the users and stick to the site for a long time! Now that we are at the end let’s find who wins the battle between vs.!

And the Winner Is: CatholicMatch or CatholicSingles

After analyzing almost everything about the two platforms, we agree on who the winner is between vs.! It’s Just for the negligible price difference, CatholicMatch offers much greater service than CatholicSingles. In terms of success rate and overall user experience, the CatholicMatch should win the trophy. It is for deeply religious people as it revolves around the same concept.

However, if you are not very much into religion and would settle with anyone less religious, you might set for It is just the expert’s perspective; what do you think will suit you best and why in vs. We can’t wait for your comments down below!

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