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Bumble Vs. Tinder – Full Guide for Comparing

Bumble Vs. Tinder – Full Guide for Comparing

Choosing between Tinder vs. Bumble can be pretty baffling when you do not know their differences. Although they have the same goals and similar features, both of them work differently. Tinder is a well-known dating app from America which was released nine years ago. It has attracted youths and young adults to install and pay for its subscription.

Meanwhile, Bumble was established in December 2014. This American dating app focuses more on women and lets them take control of most conversations. Therefore, those who like to choose and pick potential hot men will choose Bumble.

In appearance, Tinder has a revolutionized and modern design, while Bumble is inclusive and fun. We will not only talk about the appearance but we’ll also bring to your view their features, price comparison, success rate, and other crucial factors so that you can choose which is the best dating platform for you.

How to Choose a Better One?

It’s not easy to find the right person to settle down with; sometimes, you can’t achieve what you have been dreaming of. Therefore, there are countless options of dating apps that you can rely on, such as Tinder and Bumble. We will make a comprehensive comparison between Tinder and Bumble to assist you in choosing the right one.

User Interface and Design

The interface and design of Tinder are modern and attractive. It looks equally great on desktop and smartphone. You can say it took a new level of online dating platforms. While the interface for Bumble is fun, it is designed to serve ladies’ convenience. Women take control from the very beginning.

Success Rates

Tinder is gaining users globally and can be used in 190 countries. It has a massive database of members. Tinder has been installed by more than 100 million users and has matched more than 55 million people. While millions of users have also downloaded Bumble, Tinder remains the winner in this category.

Tinder Vs. Bumble: What’s about Price Comparison?

One of the major comparisons that people need to comprehend before using Bumble or Tinder for a long time is price. Applying both apps are initially free; if you wish to upgrade your features, you can go for the paid subscription. The table below shows the price of subscriptions that you can choose.

  • Tinder

Tinder divides the subscriptions based on the advanced features that you need. This subscription helps users remove ads, have unlimited swipes, changing locations, and other beneficial features than what the non-subscribers don’t have. Besides, they will enable the users to enjoy their five daily Super Likes. If you use the free version of Tinder, you will only get 1 Super Like.

Subscription for Tinder Plus
1 months starts from $9.99
6 months $37.99
12 months $49.99

Subscription for Tinder Gold
1 months $29.99
6 months $112.99
12 months $149.99

Subscription for Tinder Platinum
1 months $39.99
6 months $149.99
12 months $199.99

  • Bumble

Different from Tinder, Bumble only provides two kinds of subscriptions available weekly or monthly. These subscriptions will also remove ads, provide unlimited swipes, and change your location, too.

Subscription for Bumble Premium
1 week $17.99
1 month $32.99
3 months $66.99

Subscription for Bumble Boost
1 week $7.99
1 month $14.99
3 months $29.99

Tinder Vs. Bumble: Who Can Join?

This part of the comparison Bumble vs. Tinder shows that both services welcome anyone to join. Tinder is free to download for people of all ages and all genders, especially youths or young adults. Meanwhile, Bumble is one of the dating apps that support women to make the first move towards men.

The reason why young adults like using Tinder is because it is a fun, exciting, and also user-friendly dating app that helps you meet new people. Meanwhile, Bumble becomes prominent, providing women with a right to start a conversation.

Tinder Features

If you are about to choose between Tinder or Bumble, getting to know each feature might help you make your decision.


Tinder will offer you an eye-catching interface that makes it able to get attention from the youths. It even can compete with other dating platforms due to its catchy interface.

Sign up process

Both Tinder and Bumble do not put standards on users’ age. Tinder requires your name, gender, email address, the preferred age range, and local search radius for the sign-up processes. It is considered an easy registration process as users do not have to deal with lengthy verifications or personality quizzes. You can even have your profile completed in less than 10 minutes.

Premium Features

Tinder has categorized its premium subscription into Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum. Tinder Plus has the cheapest cost among the three; however, the following information might help you decide which service you need.

  1. Tinder Plus

Here is what you will get during the specific duration of your choice.

  • Rewind: It brings the users some abilities to undo your last swipe. The users will have an unlimited count of use. You can redo doing the swipe right and choose swipe left instead.
  • Passport: This feature enables the users to change their locations to any location that they wish for. It gives you chances to meet or know people who are away from you.
  • Tinder Boosts: Your profile will appear at the top of the list for a total duration of 30 minutes.
  • Unlimited Swipes: The users will maximize their comfort and satisfaction by having an endless count of swipes.
  • Visibility: The members will be able to control what information is visible on their profiles.
  1. Tinder Gold

Meanwhile, Tinder Gold has two more benefits than Tinder Plus.

  • “Likes You” feature: The users can see the profiles of people who liked their accounts. You can easily auto-match with the one who liked your profiles. Moreover, you can further send messages without having to swipe them right.
  • Top Picks: Tinder will show a few profiles that have a high rating, and it will help you find the cool one for dating.

Tinder Gold will be suitable for users who live in an area with a lot of population that enables you to meet countless profiles, and you will find a perfect one out of those stacks of accounts.

  1. Tinder Platinum

Furthermore, Tinder Platinum has more benefits and comfort offered by Tinder to make your subscription work magically to find you the love of your life.

  • Super Likes: Send messages even way before you have matched with the potential candidates.
  • Prioritized Profiles: When you like some profiles, your account will be prioritized over the profiles of the free users. Therefore, you’ll get more attention, and the chance of being chosen will be higher than the non-subscribers.

Bumble Features

The features of Bumble vs. Tinder are indeed the measurements of whether or not someone is willing to install. Bumble comes up with excellent privacy and safety features; therefore, the users do not need to feel insecure about their information gets leaked.


While Tinder boasts having its modern and straightforward interface, Bumble keeps it fun and inclusive. When most dating apps require mutual acceptance to know each other, Bumble works distinctively. A man can choose women. It comes back to women whether they want to keep things further and how far things will go. Men can only like their profiles, and they have to wait for women to start the conversation.

Sign up Process

To sign up for Bumble, you have to provide your photo, name, age, and option of looking for a date, network, or friends. You may identify your gender choosing among various options. Compared to Tinder, Bumble has in-depth profiles, including a summary of what you are looking for, the education level, politics, and even pet ownership. By having the same interest and probably point of view, women will choose you over the others.

Premium Features

Comparing Bumble and Tinder, Bumble also has its subscription fee and premium extras:

  1. Bumble Premium

When you subscribe to Bumble Premium, you can enjoy these features:

  • Beeline: it is similar to the “Likes You” feature that Tinder has. Therefore, those interested in you will press the like button, and you will know who they are.
  • Incognito: Bumble also can hide your profile from anyone that you have rejected. In other words, if you are not interested in some people, you may become invisible to them.
  • Passport: Bumble has the Passport feature that works the same as what Tinder has. The location will automatically reset itself in a week, but you can change it to the place you like.
  • Bumble Advanced Filters: the users will unlock all the features, including the verified profile, exercise habits, types of ideal dates, ideal height and education of the couple to be, lifestyle choices, and many more.
  1. Bumble Boost

The features of Bumble Boost will also satisfy your needs. It has the following benefits.

  • Bumble Rematch: Rematching with someone to whom you have not responded yet helps you have another chance with a user. When you do not respond to any matches, they will expire, and you have to activate Boost to make it work. It also works for the users to extend their expiry time too.
  • Bumble Backtrack: The users can undo the swiping left just by shaking their phones. It works similarly to Tinder’s Rewind.
  • Bumble Spotlight: If you wish to increase your visibility, you can take the benefits of Bumble Spotlight and stand out from the crowd for a while.
  • Bumble Super Swipes: The users may also show their special interest in others using this feature – just tap the heart icon on their profile.

And the Winner Is: Tinder or Bumble?

Choosing between Bumble or Tinder can be indeed a challenging task to deal with. There are plenty of options to go for. However, when we choose between them, some considerations can be crucial.

If you are looking for a dating app with countless premium features that will improve your experience while using it, you can go for Tinder. Besides, it has a basic yet modern interface that you will fall in love with while looking at the phone screen. Meanwhile, if you are a woman, and you want to be the one that takes the lead on most conversations towards men, Bumble will be the recommended dating app to opt for. Moreover, Bumble has fun features to engage the users.

Generally, both Bumble and Tinder have the same appealing features and provide video chat services. They also have outstanding options for premium subscriptions. Tinder might still be dominated by men, while Bumble enables women to be the ones making decisions. Therefore, when you have to choose an app over another, it will be based on your needs.

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