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MeetMe Review 2024

MeetMe Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 93%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 56 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The shortest signup (single page).
  • Search filters are simple and just of the right amount.
  • Simple & classy app design.
  • User-friendly UI
  • Works fine with a free account
  • Quick profile setup
  • Free communication
  • Large and strong userbase across the globe
  • Free app downloads for both Android and iOS users.
  • Great for casual relationships and friendships.
  • No place for details in the profiles
  • No verification
  • Outdated website design
  • Poorly detailed profiles
  • Not an ideal space for people looking for long-term serious relationships.
  • Scores low on security and safety of the users.
  • Large numbers of scammy and fake profiles on the platform.

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MeetMe Review – The Dating Platform At A Glance

Neither a social media platform nor a complete dating site, MeetMe is a platform that can be called the combination of the two. It is a perfect place for everyone across age groups to use in their free time to socialize and have fun. Also, explore romantic angles if they work out without offending anyone. The platform is available both on a browser and mobile for free. MeetMe is a good place for even the introverts out there scared of making the first move. Developed by the Meet Group in 2005, the dating site is not very new to have user base issues and neither old to be out of style.

MeetMe Review

How To Find A Date On MeetMe?

Like any other dating platform, MeetMe requires registration. Complete the signing up process, which is short, and then enter the website into your dashboard. You can use the search filters to make a checklist. You can select age, gender, sexuality, and even location. You can also filter out all the offline users currently to make your feed better and connect immediately. One of the best things about MeetMe is that the communication on the dating platform is free of cost. Unlike most other popular dating sites that make sending messages to users a premium facility, MeetMe allows users to send messages right away for free.

The profile of users, including their images, is set to public by default unless the user wants to make them ‘show only friends’. While the search filters work fine to find nearby interesting potential dates, introverts who find difficulty in approaching first can even join the chat rooms. The chat rooms have users communicating on a topic that they like. You can be a part of an already engaging conversation and comment on an opinion-making thread. Many people find new friends from chat rooms and then go out on dates together.

How To Find A Date On MeetMe

Registration On MeetMe – How Easy And Fast Is The Signup As A New User Process?

If easy and fast needed an example, the registration process of MeetMe would set one perfectly. While you cannot skip signing up to enter the site, it is the shortest you will ever come across on any dating site. The registration is a single-page form with hardly four to five fields that ask for your basic information. Once you complete entering all the required details, you are good to go after hitting the register button. The entire registration takes about a minute or so, allowing you to get started with dating right away. The good thing about instant registration is that your mood to talk to a new person to flirt and date does not get ruined with the formalities. However, there is a bad side to it as well; the quick process does not allow users to create an impressively good-looking profile to stand out amongst the competitors.

Registration On MeetMe

How Does The Website Look And Feel In Hands?

The MeetMe dating website reminds you of old times, particularly of Facebook. The design is similar to the previous versions of Facebook. It may seem a little out of style for some because of the new designs on the latest dating platforms. However, to some, the simplicity would work as an advantage. On the contrary, the app interface is quite modern and new. Mobile users get the feel of using a new dating app. The interface on both the browser and mobile versions is user-friendly. The popularity of the MeetMe mobile app is larger than the browser. Thus, the makers concentrate on mobile users’ experience as the browser version hardly gets a few users these days.

How Does The Website Look And Feel In Hands

MeetMe Profiles – Quality & Features

MeetMe dating site is unlike any other in the industry. Similar to the registration form, the profile section is compact. Apart from gender, sexual preferences, and relationship status, MeetMe gives its users a small space to write their biography. So while creating the profile is easy, the quality gets compromised to some extent. The lack of information, strict guidelines against fake profiles, and any form of verification negatively affect the MeetMe user profiles’ quality. Also, users can add photographs to their profile which privacy settings can be controlled by the user.

MeetMe – The Mobile App

The MeetMe dating app is available on both Android and iOS devices at no cost for download. The app design is much better and user-friendly than the browser, making the users flock to the mobile app. The intuitive app design makes the users access the complete dating site in just a few taps. It is easy to handle and makes users of all age groups understand and operate the app easily. Also, the existence of app-only features makes things interesting. Here is a list of the exclusive services that one can enjoy only on the MeetMe app.

MeetMe - The Mobile App

Live At MeetMe

MeetMe offers its users to go live on the platform. Although conducting live sessions have become extremely common in the online world, the feature is slightly different on the MeetMe app than elsewhere. It allows the spectators to not just interact with the person going live with messages but also gifts. The gifts are mainly in the form of diamonds, and unlike other live dating sites, the diamonds do not go to waste. It can be later turned into credits or even cash by the receiver of the gifts.

Matchmaking With Quick Pick

Quick Pick is MeetMe trying its hands-on matchmaking. The feature works similar to the swipe game you see on modern dating apps these days. Mutual liking opens up the chatbox for the two and makes things interesting.

A Chance At Finding Your Secret Admirer

MeetMe has an interesting game going on for the users. It would suddenly notify an online user about their secret admirer. A secret admirer checks your profile once or more times. If you click on the notification, then you are given a few options to find your secret admirer from the lot. You have five chances to win and find your anonymous lover to give it a go before you lose it all and wait for the next notification from MeetMe.

Questions For The Introverts

Just what so many people on dating sites are looking for. Despite registering with popular dating platforms, most people struggle with finding dates because of either their lack of experience or their inability to charm people. Questions help in both cases. Pre-set responses help users to make conversation, and that too fast.

How Safe Is The MeetMe Dating Site For Users?

The one thing on the MeetMe dating site that gets completely compromised is the security and safety of the users. The Meet Group with their dating site only gives the audience a platform to connect and find dates easily; everything else regarding the information shared and the people registered is not their responsibility. There is absolutely no verification system and guidelines even to control the behavior of spammy and fake profiles. So it is highly recommended by the dating experts to be careful before sharing private information online on MeetMe. Also, there is no reason to trust someone online and give them money or meet them in private. Hence, MeetMe does not score high in this category at least.

MeetMe – Premium Account Cost And Exclusive Benefits

The key highlight of the dating platform is its free features. The platform works fine for free users. It is only when you need extra benefits for a better experience. However, for a better explanation, follow the comparison of free and paid features on the MeetMe dating site and app.

Free Features

  • Registration
  • Profile setup
  • Photo upload
  • Chatting
  • Search filters
  • Matchmaking
  • Connection
  • Live-streaming

Exclusive Benefits For Paid Premium Users

  • Get access to the names of profile visitors
  • See who viewed your photos and which ones
  • Ad-free platform
  • Additional filters in the Search section
  • Your messages get prioritized in the inboxes of receivers
  • Go anonymous and hide your activity on MeetMe.
  • Get exclusive access to profile to themes and happily stand out.

MeetMe Subscription Plans & Prices

Purchase Credit

Credits Cost in USD/credit Price
3700 $ 0.01 $ 24.99
2000 $ 0.01 $ 14.99
625 $ 0.02 $ 9.99
500 $ 0.01

$ 4.99
250 $ 0.01 $ 2.99

MeetMe+ Subscription Price

Validity Cost/month Price
1 month $ 6.99 $ 6.99
3 months $ 5.66 $ 16.99
6 months $ 4.17 $ 24.99

Helpline & Support

Helpline & Support

The MeetMe app and website have an inbuilt support system that allows you to connect to the team. The support team of MeetMe is quick to respond. You will rather be impressed by their answer and eagerness to help, so you can be sure of making smooth payments on the site and getting assistance at all times.

Quick FAQ’s

Quick answers to the most popular questions about the dating platform.

Can MeetMe Be Called Safe?

In simple words, the answer is no. MeetMe has no guidelines or process to keep away spammy accounts or even filter out fake accounts on the platform. With the lack of verification and system filtration, the platform is full of fake users. Also, because there is no background check conducted on the site, there is no reason to trust online users blindly.

Is MeetMe Really A Dating Platform?

Yes, absolutely. MeetMe, with its strong user base and simple user interface, makes an amazing dating platform, especially when you are not looking for anything serious. However, you may find your soulmate too; you can never be too sure about it. In general, it works fine for hookups and casual flirting, conversations, and a good time.

How Do You Use The MeetMe Platform?

You can either use the platform through an app by downloading it from your app store or use your browser to access the MeetMe website version.

  • As a new user, you will need to register with the dating site or simply log in if you are registered. The registration hardly takes a minute before leading you to enter the site where you can set up your profile and start connecting with users right away.
  • The search filters, Quick Pick, chat rooms, and live are some of the ways to find a potential date.
  • The next step is to connect with the one you like, which you can easily do by clicking on the message icon on their profile.
  • Talk, charm, and set a date.

Is MeetMe A Free Dating Platform?

MeetMe is not exactly a free dating platform, not completely at least. It offers a premium subscription and credits that the users can purchase for a better experience. However, you will not miss anything without a premium account. The platform is pretty good with a free user account as well, given the most important feature, messaging, is available for free on it.

Does MeetMe Dating App Really Work At Securing Successful Dates?

MeetMe is quite popular across the globe and boasts of a huge user base. A quality that makes any dating site good, better, or worse. So with a high number of accounts on the platform, you get more opportunities at connecting with a likable person worthy of going out on a date with. Thus, despite the lack of security, MeetMe can be a good option for checking out profiles near you and finding a quick date, virtual or physical.

Final Take On MeetMe

The MeetMe dating platform is a unique user-friendly, and rather cool platform for dating. Even though established in 2005, the app has managed to evolve with time, assuring a modern and smooth experience with its interface. One of the main highlights that make MeetMe different from its competitors is its free features. It allows messaging for free, which makes dating possible with a free account. Even though the site offers a premium subscription, the users can do without buying it. Also, some unique features make online dating so much fun on MeetMe, that you hardly feel like leaving the site. The safety on the platform has space for improvement, and so has its website design. Thus you will enjoy the experience if you are looking for a quick conversation or a casual date.

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