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Mixxxer Review 2024

Mixxxer Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 78%
Popular Age 25-50
Profiles 278 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 6.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free and quick registration
  • The profile includes personal details
  • Profile browsing with the contact information is free to browse
  • Accepts all genders
  • Accepts single and couple (all types) registration
  • Mixxxer indicates that the site is for sex partners
  • No app download required for temporary sexual needs
  • Privacy can be protected with the shower door feature
  • Nudity is allowed
  • The quality of profiles is excellent
  • Less spam and fake profiles
  • Like-minded users
  • Good interface
  • No mobile app
  • It does not work on a desktop browser
  • No space for a long-term relationship
  • Messaging is a paid feature
  • The subscription rates are not very cheap

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Mixxxer Review – What Do We Know About It?

Mixxxer is one of the many dating platforms existing online today. But there is no reason to believe that it is the same as others. For starters, it is entirely for mobile users. Even though the dating site can be opened on desktop users, the users need to log in using a mobile browser to access the website in its entirety. The dating platform screams to be the one place with the potential to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies. With over 2 million global users registered on the mobile site, Mixxxer aims to be the platform for immediate sexual satisfaction. Although the dating site uses the tagline ‘find a sex partner,’ the detailed review below will reveal how successful it truly is in fulfilling its promise.

Mixxxer Review

How Does Mixxxer Work?

Following the tradition of compulsory registration, Mixxxer allows new users to enter its adult platform only after completing the signing up process. However, the site makes the process quick and fast for eager users and welcomes them to the forum. After registration, users get to create their profile and edit all the information. The profile section is attractive because it is neither too detailed but includes all the necessary information. The highlight is that Mixxxer is the only dating platform that openly reveals your contact information. Post setting up the profile with information and pictures; you can start finding users. The mobile site might give you Tinder vibes as swiping is how you find a partner of your choice.

Although the main communication feature is messaging through a chatbox, it is a paid premium feature. However, there are several other ways to connect with members. Mixxxer calls the features small communication and includes ‘Blackbook’ that involves saving the member to stay updated with their statuses on your feed. Also, what’s unique is that because the personal contact details of users are public for everyone, many people may not even require to upgrade their accounts to the premium version. However, if you upgrade your account, you get to directly get in touch with users near you and fix a quick date. A fantastic thing about Mixxxer is that the users are all looking for sex partners, so they do not require convincing or long conversations before going to the point.

Here is a quick look at the unique features available on Mixxxer:

  • Tease
    It is a premium feature to tell someone you like on Mixxxer that they mean special to you. It is an additional communication method that does not require you to do the talking.
  • Black Book
    It is a feed-like structure that shows the latest updates from your favorite list of people on Mixxxer, be it messages, statuses, or photo updates. It lets you stay on top of the people you like.
  • Contact Details
    Mixxxer openly shares the users’ contact details on their profiles, allowing members to connect with them even personally, in case they do not want to go premium.
  • Shower Door
    A privacy feature that restricts users from viewing your personal contact information on your profile.
How Does Mixxxer Work

Registration With Mixxxer – Is It Really Easy?

The registration on Mixxxer is a quick process that requires you to fill a tiny form on a single page to get started. The registration is open for both singles and couples, and besides that, all genders are included. It makes the platform a fantastic place for people who are exploring their sexuality. Coming back to the registration form, besides confirming what kind of account holder you would be, the registration form follows with questions about your birth date and location. The last set is for your email id and password that would create your Mixxxer account, but all on the same page. Once done, the mobile site sends you a confirmation mail on your email id with a verification link for you to click and verify your identity and finally enter the site. While the registration process hardly takes two minutes to complete, you will not be able to log in unless you are using Mixxxer from your mobile browser.

Registration With Mixxxer

What About Design And Usability?

The Mixxxer website is a mobile-only site. It both acts as an advantage and disadvantage for the users. The lack of a mobile app may make new users disappointed as most of its competitors have an app. The fact that it does not work on a desktop browser confuses many users as well. But, once you figure out that the site works on a mobile browser, you realize it gives users privacy to a certain level. It does not require them to keep an adult dating site on their phone for anyone else to see and face judgment. The design and interface, despite being on the browser, are similar to that of an app. The site’s experience is smooth, and the interface is modern and updated, which makes it easy for all users to understand and use.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality Of Mixxxer

Mixxxer is excellent for your sexual desire as the very first page treats you with photos of semi-nude photos while searching your choice. Post-registration, you need to set up a profile for yourself, and you can easily add your contact details. The profiles can be created as detailed as you want. Browsing through profiles is free, and so is making one. Upload as many photos as you like because photos make users believe that the profile they are checking out is genuine and not fake.

All in all, the quality of profiles is pretty good on Mixxxer and can be used with ease. However, most of the users are from the US only, so while it is an amazing choice for the US audience, user count from other countries can be disappointing. Although global users are of a considerable amount on the dating site, the fact that the site uses GPS to connect you with nearby members only may change your experience.

Let's Talk About Profile Quality Of Mixxxer

The Mobile Application Of Mixxxer

Despite being a mobile-only site which means you have to have a mobile phone to access the Mixxxer dating site, it lacks a mobile app. So the traditional online users who are used to using mobile apps or website users may get initially confused. The lacking is bad for Mixxxer because many new users leave the platform thinking that it doesn’t work. So while it can be initially confusing, the mobile site is available to all mobile users with any operating system. The interface is smooth and like any other mobile app only on a browser that saves you from a download.

The Mobile Application Of Mixxxer

Safety & Security

Mixxxer doesn’t offer a hi-fi verification or screening system for new users. But, it keeps an eye on the user behavior. While the mobile dating site allows users to share their contact details with users publicly on their profile, they can control their privacy by using the shower door. It is a feature that shields their private information from people and can only be allowed after permission. Also, while the first email verification keeps the spammers and bots away, regular control on the site by the Mixxxer algorithm helps to keep the spammers in check. Users can block and report any user they do not like and have a negative experience with on the dating site. Also, the location is not shared with anyone, so your privacy stays protected with Mixxxer.

Safety & Security

Pricing And Benefits

Mixxxer, similar to most dating sites online, has a premium up-gradation for its users. And thus keeps many of its remarkable features protected only for them. However, before knowing the cost of the premium subscription, it is vital to know its worth. So here is a comparison of the paid services you can experience on Mixxxer with a paid account with the free features you get with the free registration.

Free Features:

  • Registration
  • Profile setup
  • Image upload
  • Profile browsing
  • Search filter
  • View personal contact information

Paid Services:

  • Ad-free interface
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Tease

Now that you know that the premium subscription holds the most essential feature of the app, that is messaging; you can judge if the cost of the premium subscription is worth it. Also, if you are unwilling to spend the money, you can get in touch with many members by using their contact details available online on their profiles.

Mixxxer Premium Subscription Pricing

1 Month $ 7.99 per month $ 7.99
3 months $ 6.66 per month $ 19.99

Pricing And Benefits

Help & Support

Mixxxer has a very modern and upgraded support strategy for all its users. Firstly, it offers a list of answered popularly asked questions like Google that solve common issues fast. For a problem besides the obvious issues, they provide an online form on their form. You need to submit the form with your issue & required details so that the team can get back to you personally on your email id. The team is agile and responds almost immediately, depending on the time.


Get the answers to all the commonly asked questions in the next section.

Is Mixxxer Safe?

Yes, the dating platform is safe for users. Firstly it checks the new users with email verification. Then the makers keep an eye on the user behavior with their algorithm screening. Also, they have features for users to protect and control their privacy. Besides, the Mixxxer team is very active in taking complaints and responding to them for the best user experience on the site.

Is Mixxxer A Real Dating Site?

Mixxxer is not for anyone looking for their soulmate. It is instead a platform to explore their sexuality. The site is full of willing sexual partners, and the variety of people concerning their body, age, sexuality, relationship status, and even gender will amaze you. And what serves to be an advantage for the site is the like-minded people who do not waste time in conversations; you can quickly set up a date and get moving without hurting anyone’s feelings.

How To Use Mixxxer?

First, as a new user, you need to register on Mixxer. The registration takes a minute to complete, followed by email verification. Once you get an account built, login to get started:

  • Set up your profile with photos and information, including preferences.
  • Start browsing through profiles using the search or the swipe mode.
  • Check some of the profiles you like to get their contact details and save them.
  • Alternatively, you can purchase the premium plan and contact the profiles you want.
  • Message and fix a date.

Is Mixxxer Free?

Mixxxer allows free registration on its mobile site. Amongst its free features, it lets you browse through profiles full of photos and contact information. So while the messaging feature is exclusively available to the premium account users, the contact details can be used to the advantage of free users.

Is Mixxxer Really Works?

It all depends on the location you are in because Mixxxer matches you up with local users that are easy to date. So the popularity of the mobile dating site in your country, and more specifically in your area, decides how great it would work. However, with the user base crossing 2 billion, you can expect to have a great time on Mixxxer as it assures popularity. Also, you need not worry about the audience if you are from the US because the site has its ground steady in the country and hence assures the quickest dates.

Is Mixxxer Really Works


Mixxxer, with its very name, announces how adult the content of the site is with the triple-X. And the site satisfyingly lives up to your expectations created by the name. Despite not being available on the desktop browser and mobile app, the mobile browser only is doing pretty well in the dating industry. The site has managed to get a rocking user base. While a good user base is enough to promise a good time, Mixxxer has a lot more good points to boast. One highlight of the site is its open contact information that attracts users to its platform; next is the sexuality acceptance on the site. Couples and singles of any sexuality, including transgender people, are welcome to find their sex partners on the site. Although Mixxxer can be disappointing for the ones looking for love, it never promises any such thing in the first place to break your heart.

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